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Marketing Blocks Ai Review – Does it Worth the Hype? 

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In today’s world of online marketing, the best method of any lead generation campaign in online marketing is to deliver something of value to the public.

These items of value can be gotten from a wide range of things, it could be something to interact with, something to read, or even something they can learn from. 

These types of things are called Marketing Assets. If you have good marketing assets, you and your company can attract more customers and educate people all about your products, brands, and services.

You can also promote your craft by curating good website content, graphic designs, emails, and ad copies among other marketing assets.

However, to effectively do this, you will need to spend a lot of time and money on platforms like Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Instagram, Canva, and Twitter and even hire expensive freelancers and agencies to help you promote these assets.

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Table Of Contents

What is Marketing Blocks Ai? Best All-in-One Marketing Platforms: 

Marketing Blocks Ai Review - Does it Worth the Hype? 

MarketingBlocks is the first Ai powered app that allows you to create all the online business assets you need by just using keywords. 

It works like magic. All you need to get this done is a keyword for you and your client.

You don’t need to be a professional or have design skills to make use of this Marketingblock a.i software and it also prevents you from paying outrageously for expensive freelancers or online tools.

MarketingBlocks ai is a fantastic AI-powered tool that uses a keyword to help you digitally create marketing assets for you and your clients.

You can use your business to educate potential customers and clients and also make your services and products popular using marketing assets.

In MarketingBlocks you are provided with up to 8 types of online marketing tools which you can easily use to build online assets within minutes and you don’t need to be a tech professional.

How is MarketingBlocks AI Different From Other Marketing software:

MarketingBlocks AI is better than other Digital Marketing tools & software because it provides you with so many features in one app.

You don’t need to make use of any other marketing platform once you start using this one because it already solves all your problems just with keywords.

MarketingBlocks A.i Review – Who is MarketingBlocks for? 

MarketingBlocks A.i Review - Who is MarketingBlocks for?
  1. Business owners and marketers.
  2. Digital product sellers.
  3. All types of business start-ups.
  4. All types of Enterprise-Level businesses.
  5. Affiliate marketers.
  6. Social Media Marketers.

Honestly, anyone can make use of MarketingBlocks AI as long as you have a product or service you want to sell or promote.

How do I Make use of MarketingBlocks AI:

Having used this software, I am going to teach you how to make use of it so you don’t have any issues at all with it.

MarketingBlocks AI add project

When you log into MarketingBlocks, you will see its main Dashboard and if you want to start a new campaign, click “Add Project” in the middle of the screen to continue.

Fill in the name of your new project and click “Create New Project” and continue.

After this, you have to work hand in hand with the AI to help you build the project, in a matter of seconds your project will be created automatically.

Create New Project on MarketingBlocks

You can then choose between the categories available to start setting up your page or site.

You can use the “Copy and Ads” tool to create original copies that you can use in your business with this AI tool.

Also, MarketingBlocks allows you to create a landing page with so much ease. 

All you need to do is fill in the name of the page and click “Create New page” and it is all set up.

MarketingBlocks-digital marketing assest

After this, it will preview your site with AI with all the relevant texts and images, you can then instruct the AI to recreate any part you wish to change.

Another feature is called “Voice Overs” which allows you to edit the script and then have AI convert the script to voiceovers.

Also, you can create graphics that are useful for your business, business cards, or Google ads.

This software has a vast collection of stock images that you can use to find suitable images for your business.

What will you get Inside MarketingBlocks Ai?

What will you get Inside MarketingBlocks Ai

#1. Landing Page Builder:

This highly intelligent AI helps you create landing pages pre-loaded with relevant images and texts that fit your business.

#2. AI Graphics Creator: 

It helps you create professional and stunning designs on demand.

#3. AI Video Creator: 

MarketingBlocks helps you create promotional videos to help boost sales.

#4. Text to Speech Editor:

There are over 30+ high-quality natural-sounding voice artists which you can choose from.

#5. AI Copywriter:

MarketingBlocks AI can help you write marketing copies for your online business. 

If you experience writer’s block, you can create attention-grabbing copies for websites, blogs, and ads.

#6. Background Removal:

Instead of wasting time removing backgrounds manually in photoshop, you can easily edit the background out of an image just in one click.

#7. Email Writer:

This AI tool can write professional emails and help you attract more clients. 

Studies have shown that emails written by MarketingBlocks have a 90% chance of getting a response.

#8. AI Stock Hunter:

MarketingBlocks AI helps you find the best stock images for your project from the vast amount of pictures available on the platform.

MarketingBlocks A.i Review [The Complete Digital Marketing Tools Features Breakdown]:

The Complete Digital Marketing Tools Features Breakdown

#1. Inbuilt Translator:

This tool is very special as it lets you create marketing materials in so many languages.

 This feature is designed to eliminate the language barrier and saves you the stress of translating manually.

It can also help you to attract global audiences as there is no language barrier present.

#2. Advanced AI Machine Learning Software :

This AI has a solution to every problem you may have on this website. 

You do not need to spend lots of money paying for the services of freelancers like video editors, copywriters, graphic designers, and the like.

This AI tool does everything for you and also gives you 100% control over everything.

#3. Bulk Generate:

This AI allows you to create as many copies as you want just by using one click. 

This software is so accurate and it is so professional and fast. Bulk copy generation is one of the best features of this software.

#4. Resizing:

This Ai can help you resize any post to fit the specs of any social media platform. 

You can also change the shape to horizontal, vertical, or any shape you want.

You should also note that you do not lose clarity, depth, or sharpness while doing this.

#5. Editor:

This AI has the fastest editing feature I have seen, in a matter of seconds, you can select elements of your choice and upload them. 

These elements can be pictures, audio files, or video files.

Here are a few other Features Available on MarketingBlocks AI:

  • Photo Cropping
  • Image Background Removal
  • Instant Resizing
  • Mask Media into any shape
  • Swap out Alternate Backgrounds
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Color Picker
  • Undo and Redo

Benefits of Using MarketingBlocks AI:

There are so many benefits to making use of MarketingBlocks AI. It is very easy to use and you can get anything done in a matter of seconds. 

Also, you don’t need any skills to make use of this platform as the AI gets everything done for you. 

MarketingBlocks AI Pros and Cons:

Here are a few of them:

MarketingBlocks Pros:

  1. MarketingBlocks AI helps to solve expensive and important problems in online business.
  2. One of its standout features is its ease of use. It works so easily.
  3. This AI is so cheap and is worth so much more than it is priced. You are in luck.

MarketingBlocks Cons:

  • This AI is near perfect but if I want to point out anything disadvantageous now, it would be the number of updates and sales. 
  • However, you can use the platform perfectly without any updates.

MarketingBlocks AI Price:

MarketingBlocks AI Price:

1. MarketingBlocks AI Unlimited- $147 for 1 year, $47 monthly: 

You get access to unlimited projects and unlimited assets. You are also given access to turn any text into a spoken video. 

AI can write a script and turn it into a video, it can also add colour to black-and-white pictures and so much more.

2. MarketingBlocks Agency – $67:

Users are given everything they need to start a professional Marketing assets agency business.

This plan provides an agency website, and an MS word and PowerPoint proposal that has a 90% acceptance rate. 

They also provide you with professional graphic design templates to choose from. 

If you make use of this plan, this AI will lead you to success, they have a legal contract already vetted by an attorney and ready-made Facebook ads.  


MarketingBlocks AI FAQ

Can MarketingBlocks AI help digital marketing?

MarketingBlocks AI is already being used in the world of digital marketing. 

Data and information are assimilated better by this AI and there is very little room for error from them.

You can use MarketingBlocks to save time and resources if you are a marketer.

Who is the Creator of MarketingBlocks Ai?

The genius behind MarketingBlocks is Ifiok Nkem.
 He is a full-stack digital marketer and became a digital marketer after making a switch from the medical field.

He has created a multi-million dollar online business which he started with less than $200 and a laptop.

He also has other enterprises like Copyblocks and SnapiLABS.

Will Marketing Block AI Replace Marketing Jobs?

AI isn’t replacing humans, the emergence of AI has only made the job easier for humans. 
Humans can reach the height of their full potential now thanks to AI.

Is MarketingBlocks a Monthly Subscription like other Marketing AI Software?

Yes, you can opt for the monthly payment method for the MarketingBlocks starter and pro plan going for $47 and $67 respectively.

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Marketingblock AI Review Does it Worth Money: 

Based on the review above, it is pretty clear that MarketingBlocks is worth every penny. 

It saves you so much money with all the activities it carries out.

Normally you will need to pay different freelancers for those jobs but the AI does it faster and cheaper. 

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