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Rev Transcription Tutorial for Beginners – How to Make Money on

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Have you heard of but don’t know how to go about it? is simply a website, or you can call it a platform that allows registered users to convert speech into text and get paid for their job.

The majority of the people that make money from are freelancers who claim projects as they are being released and earn some cool cash at the end of the project.

This guide detailed all you need to know on how to make money on as a beginner.

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What is Rev?

What is Rev? is a famous online transcription and caption service that allows transcriptionists or freelancers to make money online from their homes. 

In this case, freelancers can bid on any work of their choice.

If you intend to make money from Rev, applying as a freelancer on their website is the best way to do this.

While working on Rev, you will enjoy all the benefits of freelancing.

 For instance, you will enjoy flexibility and comfort while handling your favourite projects.

In this case, you can decide to work for an extended period or even for a few hours, depending on your schedule.

Today, many people, from college students, moms, retired workers, etc., work on Rev from their homes.

If you are planning to make money with Rev, you should know that your job is to listen to audio or video and accurately type what you hear.

In this scenario, you need to have good knowledge of English and grammar to handle jobs on effectively.

However, if you meet the criteria for working as a freelancer on Rev, you will need a computer and a good internet connection.

Who is Rev For?

Rev Transcription Tutorial for Beginners

Rev is designed for anyone who intends to make money from his knowledge of transcribing or translating video sounds into text, probably in the caption.

If you can transcribe an audio file or caption a video, Rev is the best platform to make cool cash right from the comfort of your room.

One of the exciting things is that Rev is for everyone, whether you are a student, graduate, retired worker, or self-employed person who can work for a few hours in a day.

Regardless of your age or country, if you can listen to audio or video files and accurately type what you hear; 

then you are all set for the requirements needed to be a successful freelancer in Rev.

Unfortunately, Rev does not support some countries because of some reasons as regards transcribing and captioning a video file.

Do you Need to be Good at English and Punctuation?

English and Punctuation?

As regards this question, from my observation, you need to be very good at English and punctuation.

This is because you must pass a series of English sentence tests and fix the proper punctuations in a sentence before getting approved as a freelancer at Rev.

Perhaps, if you are not good enough at English and punctuation, you can utilize lots of tools online to assist you in performing some tasks while working as a freelancer at Rev.

For instance, you can make use of online tools like Grammarly software when editing some audio and video files.

What Does a Transcriptionist Do?

What Does a Transcriptionist Do?

As a transcriptionist, one major work is to listen to recorded audio (or video) files and type exactly what you hear from the audio or video file word-for-word.

The audio files a transcriptionist will be transcribing can range from zoom calls, podcasts, youtube videos, meetings, interviews, phone calls, etc.

A transcriptionist can use a word processing program or a stenotype machine while working on a project.

As a general rule, transcriptionists are expected to have a phenomenal order of language and sentence structure, a deep level of carefulness, and a PC with fast web access. 

Transcriptionists interpret and alter recorded reports.

Rev Transcriptionist vs. Captioner What’s the Difference? 

Rev Transcriptionist vs. Captioner What's the Difference

Suppose you are planning to work on Rev as a freelancer and have been searching to know the difference between a transcriptionist and a captioner (the difference between captioning and transcription).

 In that case, you are welcome to this section.

Moreover, the main difference between captioning and transcription is the type of material you’re working with.

For example, a transcriptionist is someone that majorly works with audio files.

 In this case, there is no visual component the person is working with, so the person only types what he hears.

On the other hand, captioning (or a captioner) works with video files involving visuals or images.

In captioning, there is something called “closed caption.” These words appear at the bottom of the screen when the video is displaying.

Moreover, while working on Rev, you will be eligible to use Rev’s closed captioning tool to transcribe the sound you hear in the video you are watching.

 These sounds can include song lyrics, sound effects, calls, etc.

Meanwhile, if you desire to work with Rev, you must submit separate applications for transcription and captioning.

This means that when you have a Rev Transcriber account, you still need to have another separate account for captioning.

How Much can you Make from Rev? (Rev Reviews)

According to, below are the range of money you will be expecting while transcribing or captioning:


Below are the functions of a transcriptionist:

Rev Transcriptionist Earning
  • You will need to listen to audio and video files
  • Rev expects you to type what you hear accurately
  • You will need to label each speaker as they are talking
  • Moreover, your earnings range from $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute


Rev Captioner
  • You will need to watch a video
  • You are expected to accurately type what is being said and creatively caption all the sound effects.
  • Sync typed audio with video
  • Your expected earnings ranges from $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute

How Much is the Average Amount to Make Per Minute, Hour, or Week?

From the data from, a transcriptionist can make from $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute, depending on the project rate and his ability to deliver excellent work.

Regarding captioning, your expected earnings range from $0.54 to $1.10 per audio/video minute.

On the other hand, from the information gotten from Rev, freelancers can comfortably earn between $30 and $750 monthly, depending on how devoted they are to the job.

Perhaps, if you fully work as a freelancer, you can make up to $500 per month by working about 20 hours a week.

Meanwhile, freelancers should know that the time required to deliver a project depends on the project’s difficulty and the freelancer’s typing speed.

If you are aspiring to be a freelancer on Rev, you should know that it can take up to four minutes to transcribe a minute file.

The good news is that as you continue working, you will be able to master the platform and complete projects within a few minutes.

As a freelancer on Rev, if you can work up to 2 hours daily upon claiming projects, you can generate up to $15 per day while working from your house.

One of the exciting things about working as a freelancer at Rev is that you can use it as a side hustle and continue your usual work that takes care of your bills.

When are Rev Transcription jobs always Available on Rev (Weekday or Weekend)?

According to findings, Weekends are always quiet at Rev, and freelancers mostly find it difficult to get jobs to transcribe.

On the other hand, the few jobs made available during the weekends are mainly distributed to US-based customers. 

But, perhaps, a few projects are sometimes shared with Indian and Australian customers.

Why is Rev not open to Non-English-Speaking Countries? (Nigeria, India, etc.)

Since Rev is one of the best text-to-speech platforms in the world, they need their customers to get the best from them.

In this case, they want to accept freelancers from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Most of the customers that submit their projects on Rev to be transcribed come from the top tier one countries. 

Because of this, Rev claims that they need people who are fluent in English and can transcribe perfectly all the projects they receive from their customers.

From my understanding, I think that Rev thinks that Nigerians or Indians will not function well in satisfying their customers. Transcription Test Application & Signup Process

This section will teach you how to sign up as a transcriptionist on

Moreover, all interested users should know that in transcription, you only need to listen to audio or video and type exactly what you hear; you don’t have to say anything.

Follow the steps below to achieve the signup process on (the images in this guide will help you see the exact things you are required to do at each step).

Let’s get started

Step #1: Go to

From your computer, navigate and scroll until you get to the section “Become a freelancer and work on your terms.” Now click on “Become s freelancer.”

Go to

Step #2: Create an Account

Depending on your location (country), you may likely receive a message as shown in the image below:

Create Rev Account

When you receive a message, as shown in the image above, “We are not currently accepting applications from your location,”

 it simply means that your country is not eligible to work as freelancers on

In this scenario, if you intend to continue your registration, we have a solution for you.

We recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and change your IP address to any countries accepted to work as freelancers on

In this scenario, I will change my IP address to Canada using Windscribe or other VPN services VPN, as shown in the image below:

freelancers on

When you have changed your IP address and reloaded the current page you are, you will be able to see the field where you can start your account creation process.

Step #3: Sign up to Become a Freelancer on Rev

When you have reloaded your page, you can scroll down to see the payment ranges for both transcriptionist and captioner on

Next, you need to fill in your details and click “Next.

Sign up to Become a Freelancer on Rev

From the image above, I chose “Transcriptionist” in the position I wish to work on as a freelancer on Rev.

Step #4: Become a Transcriptionist

Since Rev works on transcribing sounds to text (text-to-speech), they expect everyone to be perfect in English, speaking alone and fixing all the necessary punctuations.

In this scenario, Rev made it compulsory for every applicant to pass their test, which may take up to an hour to complete.

So you will need to be a master of the English language.

Before you choose an answer to each question, ensure that you take your time and carefully select the correct answer to each question.

Note: every applicant will be given different questions to answer. 

In this case, the questions you will see in the images here will indeed differ from those given to you when you create an account on Rev.

From the image below, you can see how we carefully answered the question.

Rev transcription application test

You should know that the test comes in different sections, which is one of the reasons why you need to be a master in the English language.

While answering your questions, you will come to a section labeled “Sentence Structure, Word Choice, etc.”

Step #5: Review Style Guide

While you are on the “Review Style Guide” page, we recommend you open the link with the text “Help Center Articles” on a new tab to see a hint on how to use some tools on Rev and how you can troubleshoot common editing problems, etc.

Rev transcription application test

In the image above, you will see two videos you need to watch to understand how this “Review Style Section” works.

Rev Application Style Guide

In the section that says “Rev Application Style Guide,”

 click on the play video button to see some quick guide that will help you get started in the freelancing job you are applying for at Rev.

In the video, you will see different sections such as: Welcome, About, Accuracy, Readability, Proper Nouns, Difficult audio tag, Punctuation, etc.

All these sections listed above will guide you on how you can effectively manage styles when transcribing audio and video files at Rev.

For instance, when someone says “Gonna or wanna,” as a transcriber, you are expected to transcribe it as “Going to or Want to.”

Rev Application Style Guide,"

These are some of the information you will get from the video with “Rev Application Style Guide” as its title.

Rev Transcription Editor in Action

The video in this section shows you how to use the Rev editing tool. 

If you follow the video, you will see the sample and how the user was able to utilize all the features such as adding speaker names, following all the timings of every speech spoken,

 how you can detect errors and managing spelling, etc.

Rev Transcription Editor in Action

While going through the video, as shown in the above image, you will see the available shortcuts you can use while working on projects.

Moreover, you will be given a quick short test where you can apply the things you have learned.

The goal of the test that will be presented to you is to ensure that you can transcribe an audio file to ensure that it is customer-ready.

When you are done, you will need to submit the video that you transcribed and analyzed.

Step #6: Submit the Provided Draft Transcript 

Ensure that all the text you type is correct because the human will mark it.

 When you are done, click on the “Submit” button to submit the draft file given to you.

When you click the submit button, you will be taken to a page where you will need to accept Services Agreement.

Submit the Provided Draft Transcript 

Carefully go through this and click on the submit button.

At this stage, you will be taken to another page, “Thank you for taking the time to….” 

Thank you for taking the time to complete Rev application teams will review your application.

 It may take a couple of days or weeks before they will give you feedback. 

You will need to check your email to know if your application was accepted.

How Do Seller Reviews or Rating Systems Work?

How Do Seller Reviews or Rating Systems Work

First, you should know that Rev is a freelance platform.

 In this scenario, companies and individuals that want their video or audio files to be transcribed or captioned will create an account with Rev and submit their projects to the platform.

Perhaps, the freelancers called “Revvers” now claim these projects and either transcribe or caption the tasks they claim.

Upon the successful submission of every completed project, freelancers will receive their payment.

Moreover, only freelancers (Revvers) who have written a test and submitted a sample project that Rev Team has approved are qualified to claim projects when they are introduced at Rev.

If you are new to Rev, you must apply either as a transcriptionist or a captioner to make money on this platform.

Moreover, every freelancer who has completed 60 minutes of work that meets the company’s standards will have access to more caption jobs with higher pay per audio/video minute. 

Also, anyone who maintains an average of captioning 1,200 minutes in 120 days will qualify to access Revver+.

Revver+ means a freelancer can apply to Rev’s quality control team and get paid for grading other freelancers’ completed projects.

What I like about Rev (Pros)

  • You can comfortably work from the comfort of your house.
  • Users can freely choose the hours when they will work
  • Users get paid upon completing projects regardless of the grade that they receive
  • Rev pays their freelancers every week through PayPal deposits

What I dislike about Rev (Cons)

  • Many people complained that some audio files are complicated to hear
  • In some cases, the time freelancers spend typing will take more than the estimated audio/video minute they are being paid for.
  • The number of available projects varies during the week, and usually, there are very few projects on weekends.
  • There is a lot of competition when claiming a project because many freelancers claim the same project as you.

How do you Get Paid on Rev (Rev Payments Method)

How Do You Get Paid On Rev (Rev Payments Method)

At, the only acceptable payment method is PayPal. On the other hand, freelancers don’t get pay stubs. 

They only need to have their PayPal account for them to get paid.

Rev Application Rejected? 2 Best Rev Alternatives

Below are the two best alternatives:

#1: 3Play Media

3Play Media rev alternative

3Play Media gives an all the more mechanically progressed and financially savvy inscribing good portrayal and captioning arrangement. 

We work with more than 2,000 clients across media and diversion, endeavour, and instructive foundations. 

3Playmedia strategies permit us to lessen expenses and work on the cycle while keeping up with premium quality levels. 

We give all significant subtitle designs, proficient work processes, an API, and an immediate circle back. 

3Play Media resulted from MIT in 2007 and works in Boston, MA.

#2: Alconost


Alconost has been giving proficient interpretation and limitations beginning around 2004. 

The organization works with various interpretations of the executive’s stages and expert CAT instruments and offers on-request redid mixes. 

We’re focused on conveying the most elevated interpretation quality through custom cycles, editing, QA, and committed project the board day in and day out. 

For more modest interpretation undertakings, Alconost has created Nitro, a web-based human interpretation stage that is additionally accessible utilizing API. 

For GitHub projects, Alconost offers GitLocalize, so proficient etymologists or networks can add to interpretations.


We detailed all you need to know if you want to make money from 

If you’re going to make a living by working as a freelancer on Rev, you can proceed by following all we explained in this detailed guide, including the images.

Moreover, we recommend that you should be very fluent, and also, you need to have a solid knowledge of the English language to be able to pass the test that Rev will pass you through before approving your request to join their platform.

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