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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website – 10 Hacks For Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to start an affiliate marketing business but you were scared by the idea that you would have to open a website which seemed so tedious.

Today, I am going to reveal to you genius ways you can start an affiliate marketing business and make huge profits without having a website.

It is however important to know that there is no system to affiliate marketing, don’t let people deceive you by giving you a predefined pathway you need to follow to earn affiliate commissions;

 The rule is as simple as shit, if you can drive sales, you earn commissions.

It doesn’t matter the method or procedures you take to drive those sales, as long as it is legal and you are not deceiving people, you are good to go.

After earning a lot of affiliate commissions from over 4 affiliate programs, today, I will show you how I have been able to make a killing in some affiliate programs without building or buying a website.

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What You Basically Need To Make Affiliate Commissions

The basics of any online business are necessary if you intend to follow a non-conventional process.

For affiliate marketing, the following are the basics

A Niched Affiliate Program

Pick Your Niche for Affiliate Marketing

By saying a Niched Affiliate program, I actually mean whatever affiliate program you sign up for must confidently know who your target buyers are.

The more Niched your affiliate program the better.

The last thing you would want is an affiliate program where everyone is a potential buyer.

To pick the right niche, you should follow these guidelines:

1 Pick a niche you are interested in. 

2. Pick a niche you have a whole lot of knowledge on; the last thing you would want is to give people the impression that you just want to sell to them so that you earn.

 The way affiliate marketing works best is by helping people solve their problems by or by offering them products (your affiliate product)

3. In as much as you can make some affiliate commission on generic niches, picking a narrowed down niche would reduce your workload as well as the chances of success

4.Picking digital products tends to pay far more than physical products, sometimes, you may earn as high as 80% Commission.

Traffic To Affiliate Link

Traffic Source for affiliate links

When it comes to any online business, whether it is social media marketing, e-commerce, blogging or whatsoever, traffic is key.

In fact, traffic is what translates to cash in any online business.

But did I not just say you don’t need a website?

Yes, I said so.

The lesson here is even if you have a physical store, you need traffic (people coming) into your store to make a dime; 

As such, you need people coming to your social media handles and other mediums that you shall use to promote your affiliate offer as I would be showing you soon.

A Convincing answer to the question “why should I Buy?”

How start affiliate marketing without a website

One thing you should know as an affiliate marketer is a fact that you are in charge of driving sales.

Forget the saying that all you need to do is drive traffic and they would convert it for you.

That basically works with brands that already have a huge reputation in the industry.

The whole truth from experience is that 75% of the traffic you drive to the merchant’s website would make their buying decision based on who referred them (you). I learnt this from personal experience and an affiliate marketing forum 

That is why you often see people reading multiple reviews after you tell them about a product.

The whole idea here is to give them a reason to buy instantly or at least have no doubt as to whether they should buy or not.

Getting Your Landing Page Ready

Landing page for lead generation

A landing page is a standalone page on a website to achieve just one purpose which could be to collect contact details (lead generation), sell a product (sale page) etc.

The whole idea is there is absolutely no distraction such as a menu bar or footer that would distract visitors to that page.

For your affiliate offers, you would certainly want to explain what your potential buyers tend to gain when they follow your recommendation and purchase the product.

This is why you would need a landing page.

So how do you get a landing page without building a website?

There several landing builders online, but it quite very expensive to get started as a beginner, personally I recommend Thrive Theme  all in one solution 

I am going to tell you; in fact, I am giving you three ways you can easily build your landing pages for your affiliate offers without having a website absolutely for free.

So let’s gets started

3 Ways To Build Landing pages For Free

Google site For Affiliate Marketing

Google site is a platform owned by the search engine Giant’s Google that allows you to build a 1 to a 3-page website hosted on Google servers.

You should have come across a lot of them, they all have a unique domain name ( as they are not allowed to change the domain name.

All you need to create such websites is a Google account and you are set to go

Medium For Affiliate Marketing

Medium Affiliate Marketing

Medium is a multi blogging platform that allows you to publish articles on their website for free.

Because of their high reputation and backlink profile, it becomes very easy for you to rank your page on Google search engine results.

I usually find it highly profitable to use reviews instead of sales letters whenever I am on medium.

This is because the trust level is high and you stand a chance of getting a lot of organic traffic over time if your blog post is highly valuable and optimized.

5 Guidelines to Crushing Affiliate Marketing with Medium

Knowing these platforms is not just enough, knowing how to use them is also very important.

That is why I am going to tell you some things you should have in mind and implement if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer using a medium.

Here are they:

  • Try to be as honest as possible: people hate being sold but love to buy. The more honestly they sense in your article, the more likely they are to purchase from you.
  • Reviews would overperform any other kind of method or approach you to try on the medium platform, so I would advise you to start with it.
  • Try to only review products you have used personally. This would automatically boost your trust level to 100 per cent. You can also use screenshot proof that you actually use the product. For instance, if you are reviewing software, you can screenshot your dashboard.
  • Lastly, place your affiliate link only at the end of the review. and add your affiliate disclosure, this would keep you safe from a ban or suspension on the medium platform as well as make your post not look too salty.

Convertkit For Affiliate Marketing

Convertkit landing page for Affiliate Marketing promotion

Convertkit is an email marketing platform and currently among the best you can see in the marketplace.

I would have to say that you are very lucky.


Recently, Convertkit launched their free plan that allows you to access their basic features for absolutely free with no credit card required.

The free plan would allow you to create a landing page on their website for free using their series of proven highly converting templates.

You can also offer a lead magnet to people to get their email.

So you can simply go create your Convertkit account Here for free and start building your landing pages

Ways to Promote Affiliate Products – Paid and Free Method. 

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if your promotion is not in the right place, you won’t make a dime.

In fact, promotion is king when it comes to business and affiliate marketing is not an exception.

So now you got your landing page up and running using one or more of the three free platforms I told you about earlier.

So remember what I told you about traffic? It is the life and breath of any business on platform earth today, whether online or Offline.

So how do you drive traffic to your landing page; there are basically two ways of doing so and they are:

  • Paid Method
  • Free method

Paid traffic source for Affiliate Marketing

This involves any method where you pay to get people on your website and they basically consist of ads.

It is based on one principle, the more money you spend, the more people you get on your website.

Advantage of using a Paid Method

There are a lot of advantages to using a paid Method of driving traffic to your website as I use them most of the time.

However, you have to have a plan so that you can make maximum profit out of your ads spend.

The advantages are:

  • It is a fast way to get started 
  • The traffic you get is guaranteed and predictable
  • You can scale extremely fast

Disadvantages of using a Paid Method

  • You need a lot of money to drive a reasonable amount of traffic
  • If you can’t convert your traffic effectively to buyers, you run at a loss

Below are the best and converting paid ways to promote affiliate products;

Solo ads For Affiliate Marketing

Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing

This is a paid traffic source that involves paying someone who owns a list of followers, commonly an email list, to send your offer to his list of subscribers.

The price you pay depends on the size of the list and how targeted the audience is.

According to the top affiliate marketer, Victory akp, the best way to utilize this technique is by offering them a freebie in exchange for their email address.

So instead of paying someone to send an offer with your affiliate link with it to his subscribers, you can easily send an offer to be added to your list in exchange for something of value such as an ebook, software or video course.

This way; you can always market to them via email marketing without spending a dime on ads.

So Solo Ads is a high-quality and niche targeted email traffic buying system by renting other people’s email lists, my favourite is Udimi Solo ads that always  guaranteed clicks

Instagram Influencer For Affiliate Marketing

This is another fast way of driving an insane amount of traffic to your offer as long as you can afford it.

It involves paying an influencer (someone with a lot of followers) to promote your offer to his followers.

Depending on your affiliate offer, you can get rich overnight if done right.

Also, you can choose to play safe by offering a freebie to build your email list, so that you can constantly market to these people over and over again

Free Method For Affiliate Marketing

Free traffic sources for affiliate programs promotion

These methods are not absolutely free as they sound, all it means is that instead of you investing your money to drive traffic, you get to invest your time.

And trust me when I tell you sometimes it is absolutely not worth it. 

One of the most popular examples is search engine optimization.

Advantage of using free methods

  • You don’t need money to start up
  • You get traffic over a long period of time

The disadvantage of using free methods

  • It is not predictable and therefore not guaranteed
  • It takes a lot of time to start seeing results compared to paid ads

Below are the best and converting free ways to promote affiliate products;

Quora Affiliate On Marketing

Quora Affiliate Marketing

Quora is a question and answer website with millions of visitors across the globe and therefore is a viable source of free traffic for those who know how to get the most out of the platform.

All you have to do is answer questions related to the niche of your affiliate offer and link back to your landing page.

YouTube Channel Affiliate Marketing

Youtube Affiliate marketing

Running a YouTube channel on your affiliate niche over time would send you massive traffic day in day out.

It all involves posting engaging and informative videos on the YouTube platform and then optimizing them for potential searched keywords.

The more your videos get viewed, the more traffic you stand a chance of driving to your landing page.

Starting a youtube channel from the scrap might be really overwhelming, especially if you are a complete beginner without digital skills. 

I recommend you read, how I Paid Fiverr To Create An Entire YouTube Business and implement the cases study

Providing Valuable Content on Social Media

Providing Valuable Content On Social Media
Shot of a beautiful young woman receives notifications on smart phone. Social media and digital online concept. Social media and people network technology concept.

Like I said at a conference meeting in 2019, the use of social media when it comes to marketing in the 21st century can not be overemphasized.

You can easily grow a dedicated tribe of loyal followers on all your social media handles ranging from Instagram to Facebook by providing valuable contents that produce quick results or benefit them in one way or another. 

You can join our Passive Income Streams Facebook Group to help from me and other experts inside the group 


Affiliate marketing is not rocket science or get rich quick scheme it requires consistent learning, the right mindset about selling your products and patience. 

From personal experience affiliate marketing is worth your time and effort because it is easier than other business models out there like dropshipping.

 You are not creating any product with all the promotional materials, so will encourage you to get into affiliate marketing right away

Thanks for reading through the end, if you have any questions or suggestions please drop it in the comments section below thanks 

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