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The Wholesale Formula Review – Is Dylan Frost FBA Worth Money

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There are many widely known advantages of wholesale over retail sales and some of these include large profit-making, quick sales, and a bigger chance of expansion.

Although all this is true it is important to stress that if you are intending to go into the wholesale business you have to do it properly because you stand the chance of failing or losing if not planned out properly.

One of the best ways to carry on a wholesale business is by selling on Amazon, not very much can go wrong when you take this decision.

You can make a good amount of money from this and it can be done part-time or full time if you wish.

The Wholesale Formula Review

As you know if something is this good, it can’t be so easy and you need proper training if you are going to do this and do it right.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get the best training available and now the best you can get is the wholesale formula is going to be your Amazon training.

We are going to be looking at the wholesale formula and why you should be using it.

We would be proving to you why it’s the best and why you should not start your wholesale business without it.

Table Of Contents

What is The Wholesale Formula?

What is The Wholesale Formula

This can easily be described as a step-by-step guide or in a strict sense, an online training session and program which is entirely focused on teaching and guiding you on how to sell wholesale on Amazon.

This training session is carried out by experts in wholesale whose names are Dylan frosts and Dan Meadors. Totally they have garnered over $30million in sales.

This tells a lot about the effectiveness of this training. You can’t have this training and not talk about it to someone else.

It is mind-blowing and makes you an expert or something very close.

Take a look at The Wholesale Formula

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Amazon Wholesale Course

Amazon wholesale course is a series of teachings that educates an individual on how to start and run a successful Amazon FBA Wholesale Business.

It is a certified way to get acquainted with how to sell on Amazon without any private labeling or having to create your listings.

Amazon Wholesale has proven to be one of the easiest and best ways of making money online in 2020 and 2021

Amazon Wholesale in better terms is simply the business model of buying branded products from authorized manufacturers and then proceeding to resell those products on Amazon.

This course is very easy and stress-free. And can make a beginner a professional in less than 3-5 hours. It is very informative too.

Who is Eligible to Take This Training

Who is Eligible to Take This Training twf

Simply put, a person who hasn’t what the faintest idea of wholesale is, is eligible. It requires no experience or certificates or anything of such. It prepares you from scratch to the top.

Now, these individuals don’t just teach, they also practice so basically whatever you are being taught has already been practiced and can yield time and time again.

The wholesale formula review gives you everything you need to know about the wholesale formula. You can judge for yourself to see if it’s worth it or not.

The Wholesale Formula Workshop Event For 2022

the wholesale fomula workshop event 2021

Each year, we host an online workshop to teach our “formula” for finding & selling products on Amazon. Attend Our Wholesale Formula Workshop  I know you love to learn Learn How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products …

Benefits of the Wholesaler Formula Amazon FBA Course

1. Years of experience acquired in one training:

You acquire years of experience from both the trainers and people who have used this whole formula before.

This means you gather years and years of experience without literally failing and making these mistakes. You just know.

2. Total and complete:

Take it or leave it, this is the best and most complete guide on Amazon wholesale.

This Amazon wholesale course leaves nothing unattended to and it makes sure you are up to date with all the information you need.

 It makes sure and ensures that you never have to make any mistakes on your own without guiding some form of solution at every step.

3. Free course updates for life:

This simply means you buy it once and you never have to pay for it again in your life and whatever update that comes with it, you are automatically entitled and your course will automatically update for totally free.

The world is changing and this would mean you may be needing a new one every month or 2 months but as it stands with this course, that’s not a problem because you will surely get whatever updates made.

4. Reliability:

You need a guide you can trust, you have spent a good amount of money on training sessions and guides and all to no avail. Well, this is going to be your last stop.

You would not be needing any more training sessions or pdfs or anything you have been using because this particular training actually works and you can rely totally on it and it will never let you down.

 It is more like a guide, holding your hand every step of the way, walking you through the steps

5. Utilizing efficiency:

The best way to sell on Amazon is by wholesaling and, there is a guide that teaches you everything you need to know about that and even more and you not going to take advantage?

It is like a goldmine ready to be mined and the shovel is the Amazon wholesale guide and the miner is you.

Nothing is stopping you and nothing can, and you have to tap into this now.

What will you Gain from Amazon Wholesale Course?


The Amazon Wholesale course has a great number of benefits to the learner. Some of which are;

1. The Amazon Wholesale course teaches you everything you need to know about the Amazon wholesale business model.

2. It also gives you knowledge of all the necessary tools on Amazon and how to apply them effectively for maximum success

3. You will also be taught how to open a supplier account on Amazon with maximum ease.  

4. The Amazon Wholesale course offers appropriate teachings on how to add a sales product and also how to sell products on Amazon.

5. You will be taught how to find suppliers to kick start your business immediately after you are done with the training course.

However, the Amazon wholesale course has one disadvantage. It has proven to be expensive for an average person (its price is about $2497),

but it is totally worth it because you will earn it back and more under the span of 30 days or even less.

What you are Getting Inside The Amazon FBA Wholesale Training

In the Amazon wholesale course, what you are getting is quite a bunch. The wholesale formula training course is made of up to 6 modules.

It had an exhilarating amount of videos. These videos are 90 in number and every single one of them is packed with information so in-depth that it covers everything there is to be covered.

First Module: The Orientation


This of course would be the first. Familiarizing yourself with the environment and understanding the basics of the Reverse sourcing wholesale model.

This module is one everyone must pay attention to because it is the module teaches you how to set up an Amazon account.

It teaches both students in the United States and international students.

Second Module: Product Analysis


It is very important that you know how to analyze products on Amazon and how to find winners and also potential winners.

This module contains up to 10 videos to this effect. They are all detailed to every inch and surely covers everything you want to know and you need to know.

This module teaches you about competition and how to handle it. Of course, your competitor might have already read this book or maybe not but it is filled with knowledge enough for everyone and how to understand and grow above the competition.

This module also teaches you about the buy box and the sales rank.

Third Module: Scouting

The wholesale formula Third Module -Scouting

The third module teaches you its techniques for scouting systems. It also gives you its techniques for sourcing systems.

Topics such as Amazon filtering, leaf sourcing, and the steps to jungle scout are all covered in this module.

Fourth Module: Value Propositions


This module gives you different ways and techniques to be unique, different, and stand out above all others.

It makes you somewhat irresistible and places class to your brand. Potential brands find you irresistible and this of course has a big impact on the chances of the approval of your account.

This aside, it also teaches you how to build your websites. This is a high skill and yet it is included in this package.

It also teaches you to use PPC and optimize your listing to the highest possible rankings. All this you can get and many more.

Fifth Module: Sourcing


Earlier one advantage of this book was described and this was the years of experience gained in one book and this module shows so much of that.

In this module, you see and learn the words and sentences, and gestures used by Dan Meadors and Dylan when they contact certain brand owners and when they talk about price reduction and other negotiations.

 You will also learn everything about opening wholesale accounts and many others.

They also give you the necessary tools you need to learn how to accurately forecast sales and this will help you and give you a guide as to when to place initial orders and buy at the best prices.

It also helps you in your reordering strategies making sure you never miss a sale.

Sixth Module: Growth


This is the module of growth. As you implement the information and techniques in the previous modules you would see certain changes and growth.

Soon you begin to master the materials and the entire course itself and your business begins to take shape, then you start implementing the same techniques which are essential and automated to take your business to the next level

Your Enrollment Includes Lifetime Access to All Course Materials. Follow Along and Learn at Your Own Pace!

Wholesaling vs Private Label

With wholesale, you do not necessarily have to trade with foreign suppliers which can be terribly difficult and time-consuming.

You don’t need to make a brand new product on Amazon which has proven to be very difficult and expensive.

If you use a private label, your product is most likely to become invincible upon launch

When you use wholesale, you are selecting products that already have a fantastic sales history and have proven dominance so they will start selling immediately you begin, hence more chances of success.

Wholesaling is a much safer way than Private labelling because with private labelling you start from scratch, and there are a lot of risks involved, meanwhile, Wholesaling has less risk.

How Can You Make With The Wholesale Formula Course

Best Amazon Training Courses

You must have it in mind that before you make any attempts to buy an Amazon course you will be obliged to read our completely honest and unbiased reviews of the best Amazon selling courses available in the world.

This could help you save a lot of time and money and will also make sure you don’t get scammed by fraudsters on the internet.

We will be revealing some of the best Amazon training courses available. Some are focused on private labels, some are centralized on Wholesaling, and others Arbitrage.

However, there are some which cover all aspects of trading. Some of the best Amazon training courses include;



The wholesale formula is a detailed online training program that teaches you how to sell products focused on wholesale on Amazon.

The wholesale formula is being taught by two wholesale trading experts, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. They have now gained well over $30,000,000 in sales on Amazon.

The wholesale formula can also be taken by anyone with intentions to become a wholesale trader in any country regardless of experience.

The wholesale formula also offers one monthly refund guarantee, which means that for any reason whatsoever you don’t like their teachings, you can request to get your training fee back and it will be refunded to you.

The wholesale training costs approximately $2497. You can also get a 3 months payment plan where you get to pay $997 per month.

It is a highly recommended platform for anyone who wants to get involved in wholesale trading on Amazon.



Marketplace superheroes is a very detailed training program that consists of more than 100 highly educational videos.

They also offer a lot of valuable bonuses and also a ‘4S Product finder’ which helps to find new marketable products.

Marketplace superheroes can also be taken by any seller in any country. It is also well suited for beginners because it is relatively cheap to register.

Marketplace superheroes cost approximately $997, they also have an offer that allows you to pay 12 instalments of $97 each.

One of the major advantages is that it is more accessible to European sellers, unlike other Amazon courses which are more focused on the US market.

It aids European sellers to gain knowledge more easily too.

Marketplace superheroes like wholesale formula also offer a 30-day refund service, which allows you to ask for a refund if you do not feel satisfied with their services.



The amazing selling machine was founded in 2012 by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, they are very affluential e-traders who have developed numerous 7 and 8 figure businesses over the years.

It is an 8-week course that consists of more than 100 different videos that are easy to understand. One of the major advantages of the ASM12 is that it is 100 per cent proven and highly relatable.

The Amazon selling machine also has a peculiar feature which is called “The Private Resource Vault”.

It is a unique collection of resources that successful predecessors have personally used to develop and nurture their own Amazon stores to greater heights.

One of the downsides of the Amazon selling machine (ASM12) is that it is very expensive, unlike the wholesale formula and marketplace superhero.

The price is approximately $4000. However, it is highly respected in the FBA community as there have been numerous testimonies about its usefulness.

The ASM12 also helps you find 3 suppliers that help you handle negotiations and other related activities to avoid getting duped.

Its value goes with the pricing and this is why it’s not cheap.

The Wholesale Formula FAQ

1. What is the wholesale formula?

The wholesale formula is basically a detailed guide on how to effectively and successfully build a wholesale business on Amazon.

 It is utilized by many who want a successful business on Amazon and it has proven very effective and useful.

The Amazon wholesale course as it is popularly known featured in-depth training and videos for your successful endeavour.

2. Who is the creator of the wholesale formula course?


The wholesale formula course or popularly referred to ask TWF was created by two individuals by the names of Dan Meadors and Dylan frosts.

This program has been running for well over 5years and it is still operating and still useful as ever.

3. Is the wholesale formula the best Amazon training course?

Simply put, yes!! It is the best you are going to find out there. It is the most detailed, the most comprehensive, and the one with the most positive results. It’s something you can’t go wrong with.

4. How do I become wholesaler on Amazon?


 In a little summary, here are the steps you would be going through to become a wholesaler on Amazon.

A. You have to set up a seller account for yourself. You can find that in the tabs on the Amazon website. It also has the “become a seller” link all over the place.

B. Decide the product you wish to sell and if you don’t have any just check the list of products highly demanded and pick any of them that you like or suits your personality.

C. Product sourcing. You have to source the products you are going to sell, in order words you have to look for these products directly from the manufacturers so when you eventually find a buyer you would know where to go directly.

D. Aiming to rank above your competition and become top spot by creating an optimized listing. This is very important because the higher you rank the most likely you will get clicked and the most likely you will make sales.

E. Product launching and product promotion. Of course, this is one of the most important aspects, without this, it would mean you have been wasting your time with all the things you have been doing earlier.

F. managing and growing your business.

These are all the steps you need to take to become a wholesaler and a successful one at Amazon.

5. Is the wholesale formula legit?

There are tons of testimonies from different people from all over the world who have used this formula and are still using it to grow their wholesale business on Amazon.

It is 100% legit and it is totally dependable.

6. Is the Wholesale Formula enlisted on Best Amazon FBA Courses for 2021? 

 Yes, they are. For every list you find, you must surely find the wholesale formula Amazon FBA course as one of the best and you must surely find it above all.

It is the best you could get and still the best you can get. Selling on Amazon has never been easier with this course.

7. How much does the wholesale formula cost?

The wholesale formula goes for the price of $2497. It also comes with a refund policy.

If by any means you didn’t get what you want, or you think there’s a problem, or for whatever reason you are not happy, you can get your money back easily.

If this is too much to pay at a go you can be on a payment plan.

On this payment plan, you have three months to pay the entire fee. You are required to pay $997 at this time.

8. Is FBA still profitable 2021


Just in case you don’t know what FBA means, it simply means fulfilment by Amazon and asking if it is still working, perfectly and even better than ever.

It is very profitable and all you just have to do is sell on it and Amazon takes care of the rest.

If you haven’t started taking advantage of the FBA then now is a good time to start. It’s never too late.

9. How do I start Amazon FBA?

There are guides all over the place to start your FBA but you can easily check the Amazon website and get what you are looking for.

Amazon gives you all the necessary information and helps you need. Amazon FBA business is lucrative but does require a guide and what better place to get a guide than Amazon itself

10. Feedback? Good or bad?

In all, you really won’t get anything better than this package and the only disadvantage you will find is its pricing. But its value goes with the pricing and this is why it’s not cheap.

11. What are the benefits of using amazon wholesale course?

The Amazon Wholesale course has a great number of benefits to the learner. Some of which are;

1. The Amazon Wholesale course teaches you everything you need to know about the Amazon wholesale business model.

2. It also gives you knowledge of all the necessary tools on Amazon and how to apply them effectively for maximum success

3. You will also be taught how to open a supplier account on Amazon with maximum ease.  

4. The Amazon Wholesale course offers appropriate teachings on how to add a sales product and also how to sell products on Amazon.

5. You will be taught how to find suppliers to kick start your business immediately after you are done with the training course.

Final The Wholesale Formula Review Thought

However, the Amazon wholesale course has one disadvantage. It has proven to be expensive for an average person (its price is about $2497),

but it is totally worth it even better than the random course out there because it’s guaranteed you will earn it back and more under the span of 30 days or even less.

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