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Vidjack Review – Is Vidjack Reloaded Software Worth Buying [Pros & Cons]

Vidjack Review & Massive Bonus
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In the business world today, the importance of packaging and branding cannot be over-emphasized.

 Having to sell your business in the eyes of your customers as a high-class business even without them knowing the exact value your product brings is a great skill or rather requires a great strategy. 

One way to sell your business right is by making sure you use quality or at least things that look like quality. 

When making adverts, you have to make sure they look great and something that a lot of work has been put into. 

One way to do this is by making great videos and one way to make great videos is using vidjack reloaded. 

Vidjack has been reviewed by a lot of people, giving you the pros and cons here and there. In this article, 

we are going to be giving you all the information you need on vidjack review and giving a full & in-depth review on it. 

Vidjack is simply a video creator used by professional businesses and entrepreneurs for making quality videos for their business. 

These videos included promotional videos. Advertising, marketing videos, and many more.

 If you are advertising on Facebook, vidjack helps with your video optimization, increasing the chances of your video popping up in search results and thus increases the conversion rate. 

Table Of Contents

Vidjack Reloaded Review – The Overview

CreatorIfiok Nkem
ProductVidjack Reloaded
Launch Date2022-July-30
Launch Time11:00 EST
Official websiteClick Here
Front-End Price$47
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
GuaranteeMoney-Back Guarantee
NicheTools & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly Recommend!

What is the vidjack video creation suite? 

Vidjack demo review & bonuses

Vidjack video creation suite is a platform that lets you build your professional video.

 It is a drag and drop interface, letting you create almost anything you want with ease. 

Who Owns vidjack Reloaded? 

Ifiok-2021-Forbes vidjack creator

The owner of vidjack in the person of Ifiok Nkem also owns a 7figure worth company in the name of snapilab Inc. 

It has other smaller businesses within too. Vidjack has proven to be very successful and as a matter of fact, can be considered as the most successful of all.

Why do you need vidjack Reloaded?

Why do you need vidjack ?
Young woman comparing with two things.

Vidjack is the new technology that hijacks and  turns any Youtube & Vimeo Video into a profit pulling machine. It will help you with the following;

A. You need vidjack Reloaded for professionalism.

 If you want your videos and ads to look professional and really inviting then vidjack is the tool for you. 

Vidjack Reloaded adds class to your business, helping you create videos that are on the masterpiece level and this doesn’t matter if you are a new business or not. 

B. Variety of possibilities 

When vidjack is involved there’s no limit to the kind of video you can make for your business.

 You can make promotional videos, informative videos, sales videos, adverts, promo videos and many more and the above reason for why you need it still applies, they will all look very professional 

C. Conversions and customers 

With vidjack, you will turn your viewers into conversions and customers and ultimately profit. This is the aim of almost every business. 

To make a profit. Making profits is dependent on how many loyal customers you have and with vidjack, you are most likely going to have a lot. 

D. Facebook ad optimization 

Vidjack helps you optimize your ads and helps your search results position a lot better on Facebook.

 It brings your ads and videos to the most potential customers or groups of people. 

It uses relevant keywords to make sure your ads pop up in the right places. 

How does vidjack work? Vidjack Demo Review

Vidjack Reloaded is actually very easy to use. You have to go to YouTube and get the link to the video you want and paste it on vidjack. 

You can begin to edit and optimize the video with simple drag and drop features.

 It lets you add all sorts of things to your video to add to the information on the video. 

What types of videos can you create with vidjack Reloaded

What types of videos can you create with vidjack

There are different kinds of videos you can create with vidjack which gives all top results and effects on your business. 

There are different types of videos a business needs at certain stages and luckily for you, vidjack can produce them all.

 Here are the types of videos that can be created using vidjack Reloaded

1. Introduction videos: 

Introduction videos with vidjack review

These are videos that introduce a product or a business. It is a video that enlightens people on a business, what to expect and what not to. 

2. Product demo: 

eCom Product demo with vidjack review

this kind of video teaches you how to use a product or tells you more about a product. 

This isn’t an advert as some may see it has one but it is more of a guide on how to use a product and understanding it. 

3. Advert videos: 

Advert videos with vidjack review

these are videos that bring a product into the market. Videos that show a product existence or a company existence. 

Putting it out there on the screens of people. 

4. Sales videos: 

7-timer Sales videos with vidjack review

these are videos that are aimed at convincing viewers to buy a product. 

They are aimed at making viewers want to purchase a product by telling them how much they need the product and its usefulness. 

5. Training videos:

11-reviews & trainning video with vidjack reviews

 these are videos that are aimed at teaching viewers or training them. It could be on how to render a service or how to use a product. 

It could even be used to train for a professional course. 

VidJack Reloaded Pricing 

Vidjack Pricing

Vidjack doesn’t come alone, it comes with tons of bonuses which. Unlike many others, vidjack doesn’t require a subscription, 

it just requires a one-time payment and you would be able to use and access it for the rest of your life. It comes for a very little fee of $47. 

With vidjack, you are able to create 20 different interactive videos with unlimited views. 

This is a feature that users can get access to and do whatever they want with. 

This vidjack Review gives both the upsides and downsides and this is definitely one of the upsides.

 Take it or leave it, this is a price too vague when the actual value of vidjack is considered. 

This aside, the potential income and profit your business will make and will be making with vidjack as its video maker is really great and nothing compared to what you would be paying. 

Vidjack also gives you a 14day guarantee. You can use vidjack and then if not satisfied, you can get your money back after 2weeks. 

Vidjack Pros and Cons Honest Vidjack Review


The lifetime deal: we have spent time reviewing this product and at this point of the article you should be feeling that it’s worth it already

 and it would serve you and your business a great deal and yet it goes for a price so cheap it could easily be seen as free, especially when expectancy and result are considered. 

Guaranteed video conversions: with vidjack, you can be rest assured that your videos will get to the right places, the right customers, and potential customers and you will be able to get more conversions, sales, and profits. 

This is the aim of any business and with vidjack, you can achieve this aim with all surety. 

Maximum global reach: with vidjack, you can reach the full potential of your business with you standing a chance to reach your worldwide possible and potential customers. 

This would mean your business would have assured profit and it would be limitless. 

Vidjack gives your business the opportunity to grow and become better. 

Ease of use: with the expected result from vidjack and what you may be expecting vidjack to look like after reading this vidjack review, 

you may think it would be very complicated to use or a bit too much for a small business.

 As a matter of fact, what makes vidjack stand out is its ease of use. How it can be used by anyone without any skill or professional knowledge. 

Surely continuous usage helps you get better but this is not a factor of any knowledge or skill learned priory. 

Apart from the ease of use of the app, it is also super easy to set up. 

Awesome customer care and support; the Vidjack response team has a wonderful response time.

 They are always available to listen to your complaints and resolve any issues that you are facing.

 It is proven to be one of the strongest features of vidjack by reviewers. 

Device friendly: vidjack works perfectly and seamlessly on almost any device.

 It is easy to use and you don’t have to find the classiest of devices to use vidjack. 


Too deep a funnel: it features too many upgrade options. 

This can be seen as a con but not too much of a con to be honest because the upgrades are not necessary and the product in itself can work without the upgrades so it’s all good.

 The upgrade gives you more features and more abilities to do more for your business. It isn’t important but it is advisable to do it.

 [wp-review id=”1386″]

Vidjack FAQ

Is vidjack video creation software good?

 Yes, it is, absolutely! Perfect for your business and the best way to make sure your videos serve you the best purpose.

They are almost as useful as an ad on television if not more. 

How much is vidjack Reloaded ? 

Vidjack in itself cost $47. This is a lifetime fee and you don’t have to worry about paying this over and over or ever. 

Is there a vidjack lifetime deal? 

The vidjack deal is a lifetime deal. You pay once and you don’t need to pay ever again. All features and the product will be yours. 

What are Vidjack Upsells?

Upsells are more like a part of vidjack that doesn’t come with vidjack itself but you have to purchase to keep using. 

It’s like buying a car but you keep having to get fuel all your life.

There are 4 Upsells on vidjack Reloaded
Upsell 1 — Vidjack Pro Unlimited — $37/month — $197/(One Time)
Upsell 2 — Consultant ToolKit — $67
Upsell 3 — VideoTours360 Lifetime Deal — $67
Upsell 4 — Vidjack Reseller — $297, $497

You can check all Vidjack pricing module Now!

Vidjack Review: Final Thoughts

It is important that I say that the product vidjack Reloaded is important for all businesses, especially the ones in infancy and the ones who aim to get their product out there.

 I strongly advise that you get on to vidjack immediately before it’s price comes up.

Like I know you will like have added bonuses to this software, I added my exclusive huge bonuses worth $1k which will deliver after purchasing vidjack software


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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