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Vidtoon Review, Features Pros & Cons, Alternative & More [worth It?]

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This is all about Vidtoon Review. In this age, video content gets more engagement when compared to text or infographics content. 

Because of this, lots of influencers, bloggers, online businesses, industries, etc. stick to using video content in most of their content and campaigns.

For instance, a guide that is documented in a text format is likely going to get fewer views that the same content in the video format.

We can see this today on some platforms like YouTube. Some YouTube video gets millions of views, likewise video content on social media, and blogs.

This resulted in a lot of competition in the video industry. Perhaps, if you intend to stand out and have outstanding videos that will engage your viewers, you will need good video animation software that will help you in whatever field you find yourself in.

With Vidtoon video animation software, you can easily scale through your freelancing career, video production company, or even your YouTube channel.

In this VidToon review detailed guide, we will reveal to you all you should know about VidToon video editing software and how you can go about using it.

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Of recent, VidToon released another version of their software known as VidToon 2.1 and it came with lots of advanced features and a lot of users rated Vidtoon as one of the easiest 2D video animation software.

Table Of Contents

What is VidToon™ 2.1 Animated Video Software?

What Is VidToon™ 2.1 Animated Video Software?

VidToon is quite an animation video maker software that makes it possible for content creators to easily create a fantastic animated video without much hassle in a short period.

VidToon has assorted ready-made animated characters, graphic texts, built-in audio tapes, etc.

Being an awesome video maker software, it has diverse rigorous video creation tools.

One of the fantastic features of VidToon animation video maker software is that even with no technical knowledge, users can easily create amazing videos by utilizing the built-in features that are available in the software.

VidToon allows users to make use of the easy drag-and-drop tools while creating eye-catching animated videos, and the most interesting thing is that you can create lots of videos in minutes.

Being an easy-to-use video creation software, videos created with VidToon tends to capture viewers’ attention and engage the audience right from the introduction of the video.

This is what everyone is looking for in every video creation software because it will enable viewers to spend more time watching your video; thereby helping your audience to know more about your product.

As an ad-don, VidToon comes at a reduced price.

This makes it possible for users to save huge money in purchasing software or in paying professional freelancers to create amazing videos for them.

Furthermore, if you want to create explanatory videos, you intend to advertise or sell products or create related tutorials for your business or agency, 

VidToon is quite an amazing recommended software that you can use to achieve all these efficiently.

With VidToon you can easily create fantastic animations which can help you reach digital marketing at a reduced cost.

Who is Vidtoon 2.1 For?


Are you just hearing about VidToon or you don’t know who can use this software or probably the people that VidToon is designed for.

VidToon being an animated video creation software is designed for people in diverse industries.

Regardless of your industry, VidToon is designed to help you gain more than what you expected from a marketing video.

 For instance, VidToon will help you to generate leads, and sales, and also it will help you to make a huge profit in turn.

One of the amazing things is that this video creation software is designed for everybody regardless of your niche, your country, or the channel that you are intending to promote your video on.

VidToon is designed for affiliate marketers, digital marketers, YouTubers, e-commerce owners, coaches, social media marketers, local consultants, bloggers, etc. add it to your digital marketing tools

As you can see, you can use VidToon animation software regardless of your industry and you will be able to have a good and expedient result in the long run (in return).

The result shows that animated videos help to grow any type of video.

 The truth is that even if you have a video that is not engaging, you will still not grow your business with those videos.

Moreover, by using VidToon video maker software, you will easily create fantastic and highly engaging videos in your niche without much hassle.

 Have you seen a lot? You can go ahead and purchase this amazing video creation software.

Besides VidToon’s cheap pricing, the company is offering a massive discount, so if you purchase this product now, you will enjoy a lot of discounts.

To grow your business using quality animated video, we recommend that you purchase VidToon today and secure your audience engagement with ease.

By using VidToon, you can easily create animated videos without the need to hire a professional video editor to coach you on how to use the software.

How Does Vidtoon Work?

Below steps shows how you can use Vidtoon:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step #1 Activate

Go to their site and buy your month-to-month membership.
Then, at that point, download the VidToon programming and add your email ID to enact it.
Presently you are prepared to make your most memorable video.

Step #2 Customize

Create dazzling vivified recordings utilizing the colossal assortment of pictures, designs, sound, and different assets on offer.
Simplified things, add inscriptions, tweak text styles and form your extraordinary tasteful into a completed video.

Step #3 Publish

With the snap of a button, you can send out your video rapidly.
Recordings made with VidToon are delivered immediately. Your recordings are currently prepared to distribute, use, share and adapt.

VidToon Features You Are Getting Inside?


Vidtoon has lots of features and in this section, we will share with you the most interesting features of Vidtoon.

They include:

Generates Videos in Minutes – 

Want to make alluring recordings quick? With VidToon you are perfectly located. 

It permits clients to move things, add advances and impacts, and change foundations and product recordings quickly. 

It’s in a real sense as quick as counting 1, 2, and 3!

Massive Royalty Free Library 

 VidToon has a broad library of designs, eminence-free pictures, HD foundations, sound tapes, and more to make incredible recordings.

 This large number of items are prepared to use at the bit of a button. These are remembered for your paid request.

No Learning Curve – 

As referenced prior, you don’t need to be a plan proficient to make astonishing recordings utilizing VidToon. 

With their instant components, you can simply move them to make activities that leave an effect.

No Extra Server Fee –

 Unlike other video creation programming, VidToon charges no extra video playback expenses. 

At the point when you have wrapped up making your video, simply click the download button and you are finished. 

Your video is promptly prepared for use or distribution at no additional expense.

Perfect Pixel Positioning –

 Get each component of your video precisely where you maintain that it should accompany VidToon. 

This video programming accompanies a free Roam Canvas. This permits you to relocate objects, energized characters, and so forth and put them anyplace you need on the screen. 

Assuming that the feel of the brand expects that a specific component is a specific way, VidToon makes it essentially conceivable.

What Makes Vidtoon Unique or Different from Toonly (VidToon vs Toonly)

Vidtoon Unique or Different from Toonly (VidToon vs Toonly
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, AndroidWindows, Mac
AudienceCompanies that need a 2D video animation solutionAnyone who wants to create a beautiful animated explainer video
SupportBusiness Hours, OnlineOnline
Pricing$49 per month$39 per month
TrainingDocumentationDocumentation, Webinars, Live Online, In Person
Comparing both Vidtoon and toonly animation software

Vidtoon Pros

  • 100+ Animated Characters
  • The software has an easy-to-use interface
  • The software is compatible with both mac and windows operating systems.
  • There are free audio tracks.
  • Payment is one-time, and the license is used forever.
  • It saves time and energy.

Vidtoon Cons

  • There are not many options for video exporting.
  • For some industries the character animations are limited.
  • The software is not cloud-based

Vidtoon Pricing


VidToon 2.1 costs only $49 for lifetime access. Moreover, VidToon Deluxe incurs extra charges of $67/month or $149/ yearly.

 With VidToon Deluxe, you can easily access all the premium features of Vidtoon video creation software.

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Vidtoon bonuses worth 10k

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VidToon FAQs

how use vidtoon animation software

What are new features added to VIDTOON™ 2.1?

Adding Videos – Vidtoon is a liveliness video producer, with each choice to make your video from beginning to end. 

With pre-made assets like energized characters, foundation pictures chosen soundtracks, and admittance to limitless stock pictures and symbols, you can make any sort of video without needing tech expertise or foundation in video altering.

Pixabay videos – On the off chance that you’re not enthusiastic about bringing in and involving your recordings in Vidtoon, you can utilize Pixabay recordings to assist you with settling your task.
These recordings are without business and can be downloaded directly to your venture. 

To look for recordings, you can utilize the pursuit bar and type any catchphrase that compares to what you’re searching for.

Split and Cut videos – Now that Vidtoon 2.1 backings adding recordings, it’s an easy decision that video altering devices ought to be added too to boost its utilization. 

Out of the different video-altering devices on the lookout, the two most mentioned ones are split and cut videos.

Which animation Maker is good and easy for a beginner? (vidtoon2.1, Videoscribe, Toonly, Doodly create a studio, etc)

VidToon 2.1 is more preferred for beginners because they have website documentation, Webinars, Live Online,

In-Person support to help beginners get to know everything about the software including how they can create fantastic videos with the software.

Can Clickbank Ban Country Get Vidtoon?

Unfortunately, ClickBank banned countries cannot be able to access the Vidtoon checkout page that is created by ClickBank.

Perhaps, banned countries cannot be able to make payments directly from ClickBank when purchasing Vidtoon video creation software.

Moreover, since the software is on Clickbank, unsupported Clickbank Countries can make purchases on the Clickbank network by using a VPN or directly get a lifetime deal on Appsumo …. or better they have the option to choose from Vidtoon 2.1 alternative.

Top 4 Best Vidtoon Alternative

Finding it difficult to get VidToon? below are the VidToon alternative but we still remain our favourites animation software is recommended for beginners

Create Studio

Create Studio

Create Studio is astonishing programming that permits you to make eye-catching explainer recordings, video promotions, and social substance all inside one basic point of interaction.

No tech or plan abilities are required.

Make the ideal deals video or character explainer to drive your business forward and mark your business as specialists!

Help your commitment by matching the ideal video size for your web-based entertainment channels. Drag and drop extraordinary 3D impacts and change the point of interaction for both Facebook and Instagram



Doodly is the sole doodle video creation programming to permit anybody, paying little heed to specialization or plan abilities to make proficient, and reasonable doodle recordings in minutes.

Never again will you be compelled to pay over-the-top expenses, and hang tight weeks to months for proficient architects and videographers to make hand-portrayed, doodle recordings for you.

You’ll have the option to make your own proficient doodle sketch recordings with little, to no plan or specialized abilities.



With Toonly, you can make proficient enlivened explainer recordings in minutes regardless of whether you’ve ever made a video.

Also, the product accompanies lots of usefulness, so your recordings turn out astounding — equaling those set up by the geniuses.

Not a video creator? Not an issue! Simply select a foundation for your video, then snap and-drag characters onto it.

Enliven them by tapping on your mouse or by holding the Control key down, if you’re on a Mac.



VideoScribe is a simple animation software to make whiteboard recordings quick.

From a plan to a full storyboard, use VideoScribe to make show-halting 2D liveliness, and video introductions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The conceivable outcomes are inestimable! With a couple of snaps of a mouse, you can rapidly add energized pictures, messages, music, and a voice-over.

You have a legendary enlivened video. Intuitive your approach to wonderful explainer recordings, whiteboard activities, promotion recordings, schooling recordings, and advertising recordings.

Vidtoon Review: Final Verdict (Worth it?)

Of truth Vidtoon video animation software is worth purchasing. With only $49 you will have lifetime access to creating fantastic videos that will engage your audience.

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