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5 Reason Why Hosting Migration from Bluehost to A2 Hosting Will Boost your Ranking

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Did you just hear that the web host that serves your website can have a drastic effect on your search engine ranking?

Do you believe it or you think it is just another search engine optimization myth propounded by attention-seeking search engine optimization gurus.

Well, it is true that the web host that hosts your website files can actually affect how well your URLs perform on the Google search engine result page otherwise known as SERP.

This is because there are a lot of qualities Google algorithms have to programmed to search for as a ranking factor that you have little to no control.

These can only be actualized by the hosting company you choose.

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So Should you Switch from Bluehost to A2 Hosting?

Migration From Bluehost To A2 Hosting

While switching from Bluehost? To be frank with you, Bluehost is the most popular and we’ll market web hosting company in the world but this doesn’t necessarily make them the best.

The reason why most internet Marketers tend to talk about Bluehost more often is due to the fact that they have a very enticing affiliate commission.

Check out some of their affiliates, over 69% of them don’t host their primary websites with Bluehost.

So is Bluehost the right choice for you?

I would say Yes if you are just getting started and No if you want to scale.

So I usually recommend beginners to get started with Bluehost because of the ease of use and they offer a quite fair standard but along the line,

when you start gaining some traction, you should consider migrating to a more professional web hosting company like A2hosting.

Pros of Using Bluehost

  • Very beginner-friendly, even a dummy can get started with it
  • High affiliate commission when you refer your friends
  • Excellent customer support (24/7)

Cons of using Bluehost 

  • Not necessarily the cheapest
  • Basic featured
  • Managed shared hosting

How Easy is it to migrate from Bluehost to A2 Hosting

There are a lot of easy ways you can migrate immediately from Bluehost to A2 Hosting without hiring a freelancer or web developer.

The easiest of which is using a WordPress plugin to migrate.

The plugin will help you backup your entire WordPress content and database.

In fact, the migration can be done under 30 minutes.

So moving on, I would show you 5 reasons why you should consider migrating to A2 hosting as regards the performance of your website on Google search engine as well as other websites aggregator and directories.

Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed
Website Loading Optimization, Page Speed and SEO.

The speed at which your website loads is very important. 

It is so important that it is listed as one of the vital search engine ranking factors that can be easily fixed.

The slow loading of a webpage is simply a technical issue that could be from your end or from that of your server which is managed by your web hosting company.

Slow loading could also be a result of inadequate server resources.

Bluehost has one of the best website loading speeds but not necessarily the best as hosting companies like A2hosting provide Lazer fast servers.

According to speed tests compared by NameCheap, Bluehost is not even considered in the top list of fast loading servers as NameCheap EasyWp loads over 3 times faster than Bluehost. 

So getting your hands on A2 Hosting services could impact your search engine optimization positively if that is a problem.

A2 Hosting Vs BlueHosting Uptime / Downtime

The more times your website goes down, it sends a signal to Google and reduces your authority especially when your pages are getting clicked on the SERP and they meet an offline website.

Although these are not quite common with websites hosted with great brands like Hostinger, Bluehost and others but they have a tiny glitch.

If you have a downtime monitor monitoring your website, you would notice that in a month, your website may be down for about 5 minutes.

If you can’t afford a paid tool, you may want to consider using the Jetpack plugin for WordPress to monitor when your site goes down.

If this is the problem you are encountering at Bluehost, you may want to lay a complaint at the technical unit or migrate to another hosting company like A2hosting.

Also, you may consider adding a caching system to your website to help reduce the server stress as static parts of your website would be stored on the user’s phone.

If your website is a blog, deploying the Google amp initiative would be a great option.

Flagged or Spammy Servers

Migration From Bluehost To A2 Hosting to avoid spammy ips

Being that a majority of websites have a budget based on a shared hosting capacity, 

The issue of spammy websites on the same IP address as your website seems to have a significant amount of threat to your search engine optimization.

Although Google hasn’t confirmed this, several research proofs are positive.

Just so you understand the scenario, using a shared hosting plan simply means your website will be sharing a single server as hundreds or even thousands of other websites.

If any of these websites on the same server as yours are run by spammers, scammers, or other nefarious types, the IP address has a very high probability of being flagged as a malicious one.

The only way a web hosting company can help prevent such cases is by carefully monitoring the activities of every single website they host on the server and websites with poor standards or are deemed spammy should be promptly suspended.

Web Caching

migrate from bluehost to A2 hosting for web caching

Caching is a web technology that allows static files of your website like your homepage images and design to be stored on the devices of people who visit your website.

Therefore, when they visit your website subsequently, it loads faster because most of the resources are stored on the local devices.

This also helps to reduce the strain on your web server and therefore increase the performance.

Web caching comes with a whole lot of servers but even if it does come with your own server, you can implement it for yourself.

If you use WordPress (a software that powers over 35% of the websites on the web), you can implement an effective caching strategy on your website by using a caching plugin.

I personally recommend you use the W2 cache if you don’t have much money to spend, but the results you will get with these plugins are not as good as WP rockets that will speed up your website 3x. 

Currently, in the market, WP rocket remains the best Caching plugin if you want to get a 20% discount. 

However, you have to be on an extremely fast server like A2hosting to get maximum results.

It is also very important to note that after implementing any cache system on your website, you would have to clear the cache whenever you make a major change to your website.

If you don’t clear the cache, returning visitors would keep on seeing the previous untempered version of your website.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network offered by cloudflare

If you have been around the web for some time, you should have heard of Cloudflare.

So actually, they offer a lot of services which include firewalls security as well as a range of content delivery networks also called CDN for short.

A content delivery network is a bulk of servers across the globe that help store a section of your website so that it can be easily accessible to people trying to reach your website from that region.

This helps to dramatically increase the speed of your website and therefore increase the ranking of your website on all Google country domains.

While most servers only offer a single content delivery server usually in the US or UK, top-notched Web hosting companies like A2hosting offer content delivery networks across the globe.

How to Boost Your Website Speed As A Beginner Even on Bluehost.

I guess you are on a budget and the ease of use may prompt you to stick with Bluehost or whatever hosting company you fancy.

You can use these 4 ways to increase your website speed.

Use Cloudflare 

Use Cloudflare  to speed up your website

Cloudflare is a content delivery network and would help you ensure that your website loads as fast as possible all over the globe.

All you have to do is, sign up on the Cloudflare official website for free and then redirect your website to their name server and that’s it.

Use a Caching Plugin

Use a Caching Plugin

This would ensure that returning visitors never waste time waiting for your website to load.

You can find a bulk of free and paid WordPress caching plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. 

I personally recommend the WP rocket plugin because it remains the fastest Caching in the market right now. 

Use an AMP Solution

Use an AMP Solution

AMP simply means accelerated mobile page and it is an initiative from Google that helps websites load with intensive speed on mobile devices.

 I will recommend you use AMP if you have basic tech experience in its implementation on your website. 

Use Nitropack

Use Nitropack to speed up your website

NitroPack boosts PageSpeed Scores and reduces load times for 61,000+ websites

Nitropack is a caching plugin for WordPress that reduces your website load time to have great result scores on GTMetrix and Google Page Insights and to help you do better with Google’s core web vitals. 

Hire Page Speed Optimization Services

Hire Page Speed Optimization Services

I am very sure you are probably not a developer to optimize your website to load fast. 

Then I will recommend you outsource your Pagespeed project and hire some talented freelancer to help you work on it and optimize it to achieve fast loading speed. 

For this type of service Fiverr remains the best platform to hire developers at a very affordable price as low as $5.

Wrapping Up Reason To Migration from Bluehost to A2 Hosting 

Ranking keeps changing from time to time, major changes to the Google search results were observed on 7th and 8th of February 2020 which they called 2020 Core Update

In 2021, Google page experience update and Google Core Web Vitals is the talk of the day which focus on user experience on your website. 

So will you allow slow loading hosting companies to kill your website? Obviously no, I think that is the main reason you need to migrate from Bluehost to A2 hosting to experience fast loading speed. 

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