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15 Apps That Will Pay You Real Money Daily Within 24 hours

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrase work smarter, not harder. 

Although it’s cliché, most people would agree that working smarter is better than working harder when it comes to success in business and life. 

To help you be more productive, motivated, and successful while spending less time on administrative tasks and chores, consider these 15 apps that will put money in your pocket within 24 hours of installing them on your computer or phone.

15 Apps That Will Pay You Daily Within 24 hours

With so many new apps on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are right for you and your phone. 

To simplify your search, we did the research and found 15 apps that will put money in your pocket within 24 hours. 

From paid surveys to app testing to mystery shopping, there’s something here for everyone looking to make some extra cash with their phone.

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15 Apps That Will Pay You REAL MONEY Daily

Here are 15 apps that will pay you daily within 24 hours and allow you to make money online from home. 

#1 Miles App


Miles is a mobile app that allows users to earn points for every trip. 

Miles’ app is free to download, and the user only needs a valid email address to create an account. 

All you have to do is to install the app, complete the setup and you’re good to go. 

Start moving, and walking as the app will do all the work of measuring all the distance you travel and then reward you with points. 

Points can then be redeemed for cash rewards, including PayPal cash and gift cards. 

Rewards are deposited directly into the user’s PayPal account or Amazon accounts daily within 24 hours after points have been earned. 

Miles also offers three tiers of rewards: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

#2 Peer2Profit App


Peer2Profit is an app that pays you just for the time that you spend online. 

This app pays you for installing it on your phone and doing nothing. Sounds too good to be true right?

What Peer2Profit does is that they sell all of your unused Internet power to advertisers, Internet companies and marketing agencies.

These companies will then take this data and use it to analyse competitors, validate ads and get market insights. 

These companies pay Peer2Profit and then they will pay you a percentage and the more devices you install the apps on, the more money you will make.  

On average, you can earn around $8.50 monthly per device. 

You won’t have to worry about running out of money again!

All you have to do is install the app, sign up, complete the registration and start collecting free money. 

#3 Observa App

Observa App

Observe is an app that pays you just for snapping photos and answering a few questions with your phone. 

What you are doing is auditing brand marketing at stores like Walmart, Target, Gas stations, eateries and many more, following instructions from the app.

All you have to do is take a picture of the location of the task you want to complete, follow the instructions provided and upload it to the app. 

The best part? There are no limits on how much money you can earn on Observa now

Just log on to the app when you’re free and perform a little task, snap pictures and ensure you follow all the instructions. 

An average job takes about 20 minutes to complete and You will earn between $4-$20 per task depending on where you are located. 

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#4 1Q App


1Q App is a mobile app that pays you for your spare time. 

Simply download the app, add your personal information, and start earning money by taking surveys and answering questions. 

With 1Q App you can make up to $50 per day. You can earn between $0.25 to $3 per task and the surveys are very short with the majority of them having just 4 questions. 

Your earnings are transferred directly into your PayPal account daily. 

A complete list of all participating companies and offers is available in the Offers tab of the app. 

The sign-up process takes about 5 minutes, and the tasks also take less than 5 minutes, so it’s perfect for people with busy schedules who need some extra cash on the side!

#5 Amazon Shopper Panel App


Amazon Shopper Panel is a free app that pays you for the purchases you make outside of Amazon, completing surveys and enabling ad sharing

All you have to do is by installing the app and sign up with your email address and take and upload pictures of receipts of purchases made outside of

You are required to upload 10 eligible receipts monthly and you will earn $10 towards your amazon balance which you can then use to shop on 

You’ll also get access to exclusive discounts on products, as well as be the first to know about new products coming out. 

Plus, there are opportunities to share your feedback about what you’re buying or not buying on Amazon so they can improve their products.

On average, you will earn $10 monthly and more if you start completing surveys and other tasks. 



The EUREKA app allows you to make money by completing simple tasks, such as taking a photo, answering a survey, and watching videos. 

You can also earn money by entering cash giveaways to earn a larger amount of money and also earn free money daily by completing the daily polls.

On average, you can expect to earn between $0.06 to $6 per survey that you take and keep in mind that these surveys are relatively short and can be completed within a short period. 

Points can then be redeemed for cash rewards through PayPal, gift cards, and more. 

The idea of Eureka is to give people an easy way to earn some extra cash in their spare time with minimal effort.

#7. Webull App


Weibull is a top-tier online trading app that offers several different investment options. 

You can make investments in stocks, forex, ETFs and more. The app’s user-friendly interface will have you trading like a pro within minutes. 

Webull trading app offers many different ways to trade – whether you’re the type who likes to make quick trades on the fly or those who prefer to meticulously plan out every move, Weibull has you covered.

Install the app, register and deposit one penny to get 12 free values up to $30,000. It’s that simple. 

#8 Mobee App


Mobee is an app that pays you to walk around your city and give feedback on the places you visit. 

Places like restaurants, and malls. By completing these simple missions, you can earn between $5 to $10 for each mission you complete in the Mobee app

You can make up to $100 a month just by walking around, answering questions and giving feedback about different businesses.

#9 HyreCar App


HyreCar is a car-sharing app that connects car owners with people looking to hire cars.

Car owners can set their rates and it’s free to sign up and post a car. 

HyreCar is great for making money in your spare time or as an additional income stream. 

According to HyreCar, you can earn around $720 and above per month renting out your car plus your car is covered by the HyreCar $1 million liability insurance. 

#10 MistPlay App


MistPlay is a new app that lets you play games to earn cash prizes! You can make money by playing some of your favourite mobile games. 

You earn points for playing games and you can then redeem those points for amazon gift cards, prepaid visa cards and many more. 

This app is only available on Android and can be downloaded from the Google play store

There are hundreds of games to choose from and it’s easy to sign up. 

Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is start playing and the app will track your progress for you. 

It only takes a few minutes a day and you’ll be earning money playing your favourite games. 

You can earn between $5 to $10 per day playing games on this app.

#11 MindSwarms App


MindSwarms is a mobile app that pays people to take surveys. The app is completely free, and it’s easy to get started. 

Surveys range from five to fifteen minutes in length and the minimum payment is $10 per survey you can even get as high as $50 per survey. 

The studies and surveys cover topics ranging from consumer goods and entertainment to technology and retail trends, so there’s something for everyone. 

Your videos need to be of standard quality and concise. Payout usually takes 24 hours and payments are made through PayPal. 

People who use the MindSwarms app have the opportunity to win monthly prizes of $100,000!

#12 Piñata App

Piñata- Crack-open-the-power-of-rent

Piñata is an app that lets you earn money simply for paying your rent and confirming that you have paid on time. 

All you have to do is log on to the app on the rent payment date and confirm that you have paid on time.

You’ll be rewarded with the Piñata cash which you can then redeem for gift cards and other rewards. 

To get started, download the Piñata app, sign up and complete the registration process. 

This app also has a unique feature that enables you to save money. Every month, you can expect to earn more than $20 Piñata cash. 

#13 Socialgood App


Socialgood is a free app that pays you up to 100% crypto cashback for shopping online.

A social good app is a new ambitious project based on blockchain technology. It is currently the world’s largest shop-to-earn app.

The SocialGood App gives you about 100% crypto cashback for shopping at about 1800 online stores such as eBay, Ali express and others. 

For example, you bought a TV which cost $1,000 on amazon. If you buy that same TV on the Social Good app, you will get up to 1000 SG which you can also stake and earn 15% interest for staking it. 

You can also exchange it for other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and others because it is listed on major exchanges. 

The social good app has over 2 million users and has given out over $50 million as cashback. 

It’s very easy to use, download the app, sign up and start getting up to 100% cashback for purchasing the same things you do purchase online. 

#14 Make Money App


The MakeMoney app is a great way to make money while you are on the go. 

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and you can sign up in less than five minutes. 

MakeMoney App allows users to take surveys, answer trivia questions, give their opinions, test apps and websites, and complete small tasks for points rewards which can then be converted into cash.

And even playing games, most of the games have instructions on what to do to receive your points. 

You get points for doing all of these tasks and you can then exchange those points for cash at the rate of 1000 points for $1.

Depending on how often you use the app, you can earn between $50 to $200 per month for using this app which can be withdrawn straight to your PayPal. 

This is one of the apps I won’t advise you to skip. 


Hopefully, these apps will help you put money in your pocket fast. All of the apps listed have been tested, so they are legit. 

If you want to make more than $100 a month with this app, then you can download and sign up for more than one and also put in a little effort in carrying out the task.

So there you go! 

15 apps that will put money into your pocket within 24 hours.

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