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10 Best Legit Affiliate Programs That Pay You Per $25 per Sign Up

Affiliate Programs That Pay You Per $25 per Sign Up
Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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You have heard it time and time again; the best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs can indeed be highly lucrative, especially if you find the right niche and offer high-quality products or services that solve your customers’ problems.

However, simply finding an affiliate program isn’t enough. 

Affiliate Programs That Pay You Per $25 per Sign Up

You need to find the best affiliate programs out there that also offer high commissions per referral or sale.

Table Of Contents Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

JoinHoney is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers or affiliate marketers because it’s geared towards bloggers.

JoinHoney lets you promote your blog with banner ads, text links, and widget ads

They even have a widget that lets you share posts from other blogs on your site.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn up to $1 commission.
  • Extension install on a desktop browser: $1 per install
  • Registration on mobile: $0.25 per user
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Countries accepted: Global

To get started, log on to, on the homepage, scroll down to the footer and click the affiliate tab.

You’ll be redirected to, follow the prompt to get started. Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

USAA, or United Services Automobile Association, is a financial services company that offers banking, insurance and investment products.

Started in 1922 by Army officers who were returning home from World War I, USAA originally served as an auto club for military personnel and their families.

Today, the company is open to anyone who has served in the U.S. military (past or present), but membership is not required to use any of its services.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn up to $25 commission.
  • $5 for a rental insurance lead
  •  $10 for an auto insurance lead
  •  $25 for an enterprise deposit lead
  •  Higher commissions depend on the performance
  •  30-day cookie duration

The Affiliate Program for this is hosted on To get started, head on to and create a publisher account.

Use the search bar to search for USAA and follow the prompts to get started. Affiliate Program


Constant Contact is the leading provider of e-newsletters and marketing automation for small businesses.

Constant Contact has been voted as one of the best affiliate programs because it pays you per $25 sign-up.

This is beneficial if you are looking to make a passive income because the company doesn’t require any type of maintenance or upkeep.

It also provides a free trial, so you can see if it is right for your business before committing to anything.

About The Affiliate Program:

Earn $5 for each referral (US & CA) that signs up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.

They pay $5/lead for US and Canadian free trials. (60 days and no credit card required.)

To become an affiliate for this, log on to and scroll down to the footer, click on Partner with us and select affiliate.

On the next page, click on apply now and follow the instructions to get started. Affiliate Program


Robinhood is a commission-free brokerage. It provides access to U.S.-listed stocks, ETFs, and select cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Robinhood has a simple and intuitive design that is easy for anyone to understand and use.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn up to $20 commission.
  • Sign Up: $5 per user
  • Funded Account: $20 per user
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Each application is reviewed by their team.

To Apply and promote this product, scroll down to the footer on the homepage and click on affiliate.

Click on the Apply now button and it will redirect you to the registration page on where you will be required to provide all necessary information.

Once you are done and your account is approved, you can then start sending traffic to your link. Affiliate Program


DoorDash is an on-demand delivery service that operates in more than 60 cities in the US.

DoorDash has a partnership with Chipotle, where they deliver food to customers who order online or through their mobile app.

They are a great affiliate program because they pay $100 per sign-up and they pay per each order placed.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn up to $50 commission.
  • DoorDash Driver Acquisition Program: Earn $50 per driver (Account Activation)
  • DoorDash Consumer Acquisition Program: Earn $3 per first order
  • This program offers a 14-day cookie duration.
  • Countries Supported: United States

To be a part of this, head over to

Log in or create an account. Follow the instructions to apply and promote your DoorDash affiliate link to start earning. Affiliate Program


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses manage their finances in real time.

It’s an easy-to-use system, which also provides tools for payroll, invoicing and bookkeeping.

With Xero, you can work with partners like Intuit to get your accounting done quickly and easily.

They have a range of opportunities from affiliate program sales to management roles.

You’ll earn 20% of the fees associated with all the transactions generated by the people you refer who sign up and use Xero (and 10% on renewals).

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn up to $10 commission.
  • New Xero Subscribers: $10 per subscriber
  •  Free Trial Signup: $1 per subscriber
  •  Countries accepted: Worldwide

To Be a part of this, simply log on to sign up or log in to your account and use the search bar to search for Xero.

Follow the instructions to get started. Affiliate Program 

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game where you can create your virtual world and play with others.

Players come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, roleplay, build unique creations, and learn from one another.

With more than 16 million active players monthly and over 150,000 registered creators total since its launch in 2006, Roblox is the largest social platform for play.

Developers purchase Robux (virtual currency), then use them to give their items value and make their games popular by giving away or selling those items as they see fit.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • The Roblox affiliate program will help you Earn up to $0.80 in commission.
  • Up to $0.80 commission per registration.
  • Cookie lifetime: 30 days
  • Countries accepted: Global

To sign up for the Roblox affiliate program, you’ll need to create an account on, and submit all necessary information.

Once your account is activated, use the search bar at the top to search for Roblox.

 Follow the instructions to get your affiliate account ready to start promoting them. Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Grammarly is a leading provider of online grammar, spelling and punctuation correction services.

To use Grammarly, all you have to do is install the browser extension on your web browser and then start writing.

In one click, Grammarly will identify and correct any grammatical errors in your text.

Grammarly can be used for personal or professional writing. 

Grammarly’s grammar checker includes over 250 rules that cover everything from comma usage to sentence structure and everything in between.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Free registration = $0.20;
  • Premium plan purchase = $20
  • $25 activation bonus
  • 90-day cookie window

To Apply For The affiliate program, simply log on to Grammarly and scroll down to the footer and locate the tab labelled Affiliate.

Click on it and follow the instructions to get your unique link to start promoting and start making money. Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

HotelsCombined is a search engine for hotels. Through a partnership with numerous online travel agencies, and hotel chains. 

Users can search and compare hotel rates with HotelsCombined.

Additionally, it offers a compiled list of hotel ratings and rankings from outside sources. 

About the Affiliate Program

  • Earn $0.50 to $2.00 for each lead.
  • The typical affiliate commission ranges from $0.50 to $2.00 per lead, based on the cost of the hotel stay, the visitor’s demographics, and the past success of each affiliate account.

The Affiliate Program is hosted on KAYAK Affiliate Network. To get started, log on to the kayak and sign up. Use the search bar to search for HotelsCombined.

Click on it and follow the prompts to get started. Affiliate Program


Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing. Armand Theberge and Kapil Sharma established the business in 2012. 

It provides a cloud-based marketing communication software suite with email marketing, transactional email, marketing automation, customer relationship management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, SMS marketing, and more.

Paris (France), Delhi (India), Seattle (United States), and Berlin are the locations of the company’s four international offices (Germany).

The customer service, marketing, product, and technical departments are based in the Paris office, which also houses the headquarters.

About The Affiliate Program:

  • Earn 5€ for every account created
  • 100€ for every new paying customer.
  • Cookie duration is 90 days

To get started with this, log on to the Sendinblue official website, click on the sidebar and locate the partnership tab. 

Click on affiliate and follow the prompts to get started.


Here are the 10 best affiliate programs that pay you for each sign-up.

With these programs, you don’t have to worry about any of the low ROI that comes with running an affiliate marketing business.

And, as an affiliate, you get to focus on marketing products and generating sales without having to worry about all the other aspects of running a business.

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