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Thrive Themes Review 2021: Is All Thrive Products Worth the Money

Thrive Themes and plugin Review
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90 / 100

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Thrive Themes remain the most innovative and easy to use WordPress tools that suit your website.

Thrive Themes provide a variety of conversion-optimized plugins and themes to increase your business.

It is one of the best marketing tools for business owners. Thrive Themes stand out as a good and better solution for all your marketing needs.

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In this article of Thrive Themes Review, we are going to be focusing on two main products and sub-products of Thrive Themes.

We shall unveil all the most suitable template you should choose from. Now let’s get down to the business of why we are here.

Table Of Contents

What is Thrive Themes About? Thrive Themes Review

You may be wondering what Thrive Themes is about, or the originator of this great WordPress tool, don’t worry we have the answer to your numerous questions.

If we are unable to answer all your questions in this section. Please, do not hesitate to take a look at the Thrive Themes faqs listed on this Thrive Themes Review post.

Thrive Themes is originated in 2013 by Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh. Thrive Themes has become the most trusted and most reliable vendor in the affiliate and digital marketing world.

The primary objective of Thrive Themes is to create conversion-focused WordPress themes and Plugins for users.

What is Thrive Themes About

The core focus is to ensure that all your site visitors or target audience become your #1 client. Paul is a developer and focuses on the tech aspects whereas, Shane is a die-hard marketer whose brain is behind the marketing segment.

Thrive Themes Features

Thrive Themes cannot be discussed; without a detailed explanation of the various features. Several features resonate with the WordPress tool. We shall be looking at some features below;

  • Drag and Drop Editor Thrive Themes
  • Multiple Themes, Plugins, and Templates
  • Conversion Based Feature
  • A/B Testing Thrive Themes Feature
  • Fully Responsive Features

Drag and Drop Editor Thrive Themes

This feature allows users to edit pages, forms, and other templates within seconds or minutes. You have access to pre-launched widgets when designing multiple features for your website. Thrive Themes is the first WordPress theme to feature WYSIWYG.

The visual editor makes it simple for the user to track progress and changes. You have the advantage to customize your website to suit your brand.

Multiple Themes, Plugins, and Templates

thrive theme multiple Themes, Plugins, and Templates

Thrive Themes consist of multiple themes, Plugins, and templates. You don’t have to begin from scratch whether you are designing landing pages, sales pages, an opt-in form that resonates with your business.

Unlike most blogging solutions that have low-quality templates.

It offers multiple quality templates, themes, and plugins that suit your needs.

Conversion Based Feature

One of the outstanding features of Thrive Themes is that all the plugins, themes, and templates are optimized for conversion.

By using Thrive Themes, you are sure of 100% site optimization. Once your site is fully optimized, the site rankings become evident.

A/B Testing Thrive Themes Feature

The A/B feature allows you to achieve the best performing content since everything about Thrive Themes is conversion based.

Whether you are creating a new landing page, quizzes or forms, Thrive Themes help you create multiple options.

You then test these options and choose the one that is most appealing to you and your target audience.

It further gives you detailed reports on the best-performing pages and the ones to remove.

Fully Responsive Features

You don’t have to struggle to create forms, pages, and more on WP. The Thrive Themes responsive feature helps you seamlessly create your desire pages.

Whatsoever, you create with Thrive Themes is mobile friendly. This is so because most website traffic comes from mobile users.

Thrive Themes Products; Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes and plugin Review

Undoubtedly, there are numerous products whose main focus is to increase website and sales and also promote your brand reputation.

For the sake of Thrive Themes Review, we shall focus on two main products that are;

  • Thrive themes
  • Thrive Plugins

This would give us an in-depth understanding of why you should use Thrive Themes for all your marketing and digital needs.

Thrive Themes Builder- Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes Builder- Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Theme Builder is one of the newly introduced WordPress theme builder tools that allow you to create or edit footer, header, blog post templates, page layout, category pages, sidebar, search pages, and more.

Unlike before, you have full control of your site. You make your website stand out with a simple drag and drop knowledge.

The Theme builder has remedied the issue of poor customization and design options that were formerly associated with Thrive Themes.

It is a strong and versatile marketing tool for any business. Thrive themes builder is for anyone who desires to build a WordPress site from scratch or anyone who wants to edit an existing WP.

The Thrive Themes Builder is very equipped with multiple site features that can aid you to create a WP site without technical know-how.

You the ability to make changes to your website, and have the chance to view your site in real-time.

Thrive Themes builder comes with various templates that enable you to choose your most preferred themes. You can use the pre-built templates for your desired needs.

You can professionally customize your website from a scratch just by using this WordPress tool. It offers businesses the ability to create and control their business website.

Thrive Themes builder also comes with a supportive theme such as ShapeShifter. This type of theme is recommended for use for effective performance.

There are several templates you can choose from like homepage, header, footer, and more. You can easily integrate the Thrive Theme builder with Thrive Architect to allow you to make your desired changes.

Thrive Plugins; Thrive Themes Review

Under thrive Plugins we shall focus on two main areas;

  • Thrive Leads Review
  • Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Leads Review- Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Leads Review- Thrive Themes Review

Thrive leads remain the number one most powerful lead generation tool for WordPress users.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to grow and nurture leads like an email list or convince visitors to take some buy action or other actions that may promote your business.

Thrive Leads further boost your conversion rates. One of the primary goals of Thrive Leads is to enable you to display pop-ups on your site.

These pop-ups include but are not limited to products, images, text, videos, call to action, and email opt-in form.

With the help of the Thrive Leads editor, you have full access to how the pop-ups display. You can as well use an A/B testing tool to optimize the content.

Features Of Thrive Leads

Features Of Thrive Leads

Below are some features that stand out for Thrive Leads;

  • You have full control of a drag and drop editor. This helps you to create your desire pop-ups and forms that look appealing to your target audience
  • Email marketing integration; another feature that stands out for Thrive Leads is the popular email marketing software integration. This helps you to have control over your website visitors.
  • Huge Library of Templates; You also have access to multiple content modules, prebuilt forms, and pop-ups templates for your preferred audience.
  • Multiple opt-in– You have different opt-in form types like two-step opt-ins, in-content forms, content locks, Timing, scroll position, and more.

As stated earlier, Thrive Leads is the most powerful and suitable for digital and affiliate marketers. It is a viable choice among other WordPress plugins.

Thrive Leads is the #1 lead generation plugin for WordPress websites that cannot be ignored in the digital and affiliate marketing space.

Thrive Architect review; Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Architect review; Thrive Themes Review

Thrive, Architect, helps you attain the amazing landing pages you desired for your site. You don’t need to have any coding skills to utilize this Thrive Themes Product to your advantage.

With a simple drag and drop editor knowledge you are good to go. Thrive Architect and Thrive Themes differ. Thrive Architect is one of the numerous Thrive themes plugins.

It is one of the most popular choices among subscribers. It is the main plugin available all through your membership. Thrive Architect functions as a content editor. 

It further helps you to adjust your site design, and upload content. It is simple to use, but not flexible. Thrive Architect allows you to make quality web pages as quickly as possible.

You may be creating basic pages within 30 minutes to an hour of dedicated practice.

With the help of Thrive Themes Architect, you can create-

Thrive Themes Architect landing pages
  • Unique homepages
  • Better Landing Pages
  • Outstanding sales Pages and many more.

Each of the pages is optimized for easy conversion. Thrive Architect lets you include elements like flexible column layouts, effects, and also enable you to customize fonts.

The goal is to increase your page visibility and engagement through site visitors.

By using the drag and drop feature you can create a blank page, add elements, add content, and customize the theme without typing CSS or HTML word.

Thrive Architect remains one of the best and most efficient page builders you can trust.

Thrive Themes Pricing Options

Thrive Themes Pricing Options

No doubt, there are several alternatives like OptinMonster, but the reality is that Thrive Themes Membership plan worth every penny you intend to spend.

Thrive themes pricing is a good option for you when you are on a low budget.

Below are the pricing options;

  • Thrive Membership for $19 per month, paid annually for an individual or $30 per month paid quarterly
  • Agency’s price options for the Thrive Membership fee is $49 per month paid annually or quarterly at $69.
  • You get individual themes for $49 and $39 for plugins

Frequently Asked Questions- Thrive Themes Review

Is thrive architect a theme or focus page builder?

Thrive Architect is the latest WordPress page builder plugin created by Thrive Themes. It has multiple templates that perfectly suit your brand.

Is thrive membership cost beginners friendly?

The Thrive membership price for a beginner is very friendly and economical.

Can I download Thrive Theme Builder free?

Yes, you can download Thrive Theme builder for free, but be careful of malicious code when using a null plugin, it is important you go for the Thrive Membership plan

Is thrive architect compatible with any WordPress theme?

The answer is a big YES. Thrive architect is created for WordPress. Thrive Architect aid you build your website from the scratch with simple drag and drop knowledge. Thrive Architect efficiently works with most WordPress themes to your advantage.

Is thrive architect included in the thrive membership?

Yes, Thrive architect is included in thrive membership and other multiple features

Can Thrive Architect nulled plugin Kill Your Site?

Not really, if you use the paid version, but the free version is not advisable to use to ensure the security of your website

Which one is more better sales funnel builder thrive themes or Clickfunnels or or

Both tools are good, but Thrive Themes stand out because of the quality and multiple features and templates it offers to users. it highly recommended for WordPress users

What is Thrive leads email list building?

Thrive Leads is an all one email list building plugin for WordPress. It is very versatile and premium

How much is thrive leads is it free?

Thrive Leads is not free. You can easily get Thrive Leads for a $67 one-time fee. This is restricted to a single website. You gain access to limited opt-ins and other unique features plus lifetime updates. You can pay $40 if you have multiple sites.

Is thrive leads included in the Thrive membership?

Not just Thrive Leads that are included in Thrive Membership. All the plugins like Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Optimize, Thrive, Apprentice, Thrive Comments, and Thrive Ovation are all-inclusive. 

Is thrive leads plugin free download malicious code safe?

The paid version is safe, do avoid null plugin so as to discourage malicious code during downloads. 

List of Thrive Themes Templates

List of Thrive Themes Templates

Here we focus on the most standout templates on Thrive Themes;

  • Pressive
  • Rise
  • Focusblog
  • Perfomag
  • Squared
  • Storied

Pressive Thrive Themes Templates

Pressive thrive themes

This stylish WordPress theme strikes the balance of rich-feature. Without much addle, Pressive is a decent theme.

It is easy and seamless to use. You can easily make your design.

Rise Thrive Themes Templates

Rise Thrive Themes Templates

Is another outstanding blogging template. It is built on speed and easy usability. It has vast marketing features that make your business stand out.

It is one of the superior themes offered by the Thrive Themes membership plan.

Focusblog Thrive Themes Templates

Focusblog Thrive Themes Templates

The essence of this template is blog-driven. It helps you keep the focus on your blog posts. It is suitable for both marketing, business, and blog-driven sites.

Perfomag Thrive Themes Templates

Perfomag Thrive Themes Templates

Here is a magazine theme that keeps your business glowing. It is easy to use, but a very efficient theme that works well in WordPress.

It combines uniqueness and attractiveness at its best. You have access to the smooth style and fast loading.

This is an ideal option for news sites or magazine kind of blogs.

Squared Thrive Themes Templates

Squared Thrive Themes Templates

This Thrive Theme is absolutely designed for a business website. It is not flashy or fancy, but versatile and detail. It delivers all you need with speed.

It focuses more on calls to action than marketing and conversions. It also delivers all that marketing templates offer.

Storied Thrive Themes Templates

Storied Thrive Themes Templates

As the name implied, the template is a story-driven page. Storied use a tiled layout that is suitable for multimedia posts.

It further offers marketing and conversion options for users. It is very attractive and offers varied blog designs that are exceedingly great.

The above are some of the awesome templates you get by using Thrive Themes.

Why Choose Thrive Themes Over Others?

Are you wondering what Thrive Themes can do for you? Worry no more. Here we shall unveil some main benefits of why you should utilize Thrive Themes.

With the above explanation and features of Thrive Themes, you would understand it is designed for easy conversion. 

The primary focus of Thrive Themes is to drive more leads and convert the target audience into customers and subscribers.

Below are some of the advantages why Thrive Themes stand out;

  • Top-quality Themes and Plugins
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Customization of Website
  • Built and design for WordPress
  • Fast Email List Creation
  • Seamless and Multiple Choice

Top-quality Themes and Plugins

thrive themes Top-quality Themes and Plugins

One of the reasons why Thrive Themes is most preferred is the top-quality themes and plugins it offers to users.

Many blogging solutions claim to have a massive collection of templates but lack quality. Does not fit into the 2021 business brand model.

Thrive Themes is the most efficient, reliable, and seamless WordPress solution you can use for your everyday business needs.

User Friendly

Thrive Themes is one of the most user-friendly WordPress tools. It is easy to use and delivers quality results.

The multiple features and several template options make it seamless and easier to use. Using Thrive Themes gives you the needed push you require to create your website from the scratch.

Easy Customization of Website

You can easily build and customize your website from the scratch. With the help of Thrive Themes. 

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to customize or add your desired elements to your page. You have the opportunity to build your site to professionally suit your business brand.

Built and design for WordPress

The Thrive Themes works perfectly with WordPress. You can easily install plugins and register them with ease.

You have no difficulty or dependencies during installation.

Fast Email List Creation

thrive themes Fast Email List Creation

Another important benefits Thrive Themes offer to users is that it aids you to build an email list faster than you think. Making sure that your website visitors stay.

This further helps you to nurture leads. Your site visitors become potential prospects and therefore become customers.

Every 21st-century business needs an email list, in fact, email lists remain one of the most potent tools for digital marketing. With the help of Thrive Themes, your site engagement is increased.

Seamless and Multiple Choice

Thrive Themes offer users the privilege to maximize various template options for your site creation. Unlike other WordPress themes and plugins that have limited template options.

Thrive Themes provide users several templates that suit your business needs.

Irrespective of the page you are designing, either a landing page, a sales page, opt-in form.

Thrive Themes Testimonials From

Tsahi L

“A solid marketing/sales oriented theme framework for WordPress”

What do you like best?

Thrive Themes has a good solution for my marketing needs.

The Thrive Leads component enables me to manage and add popup messages along with rules so that I can engage better with my audience and potential clients.

The visual editor (Thrive Architect) is powerful and the whole Thrive platform gets updated quite frequently with new capabilities.

The support service is very useful as well. I have been using it when needed and always got good replies in a timely fashion.

In the past year, Thrive Themes have been hard at work in adding global tools that make the creation of designs easier to manage properly and conveniently.

Deb P

“Great web site solution for your business”

What do you like best?

It allows me to create the look I want rather than forcing me to adapt to a template and preselected options. It’s focused on speed. Their blogs and tutorials.

Russell L

“My #1 software recommendation – highest rating”

What do you like best?

Thrive Themes is the premier website and marketing software on the market.

I recommend this software daily. I constantly talk with business owners who spend thousands on small changes on their site when they don’t have to. Using Thrive you can create amazing sites, totally custom, and have all the tools necessary to have a modern marketing focused website. And for a minimal investment.

Thrive support is top notch too. They are always there to help.

I just think this is one of the best companies out there.

Final Verdict On Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes is excellent and unique for every business. The templates are made of high-quality templates that can suit your brand and fully responsive.

Thrive Themes is a top-notch tool for creating amazing websites.

It is the ideal theme and plugins for you. Click on this link to know more or buy Thrive Themes with our official link.

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