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Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners – $1000/ Day Affiliate Marketing Strategy.

Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners
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Are you interested in making money online through affiliate marketing? Look no further!

 In this Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners, we will put you through the process of using Digistore24, an affiliate marketplace, to kickstart your journey towards earning $1000 per day. 

With step-by-step instructions, we will cover everything from setting up your Digistore24 account to implementing effective marketing strategies. 

So let’s dive in and unlock your potential for affiliate marketing success!

Table Of Contents

What is Digistore24? 

Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start an online business with no upfront investment and no need for a website or product. 

All you need is an affiliate link and the right traffic source.

Step 1; Sign up for Digistore24

Digistore24 is a popular affiliate marketplace that connects product creators to affiliates, it provides all the necessary information required in the form, reads and accepts their terms and conditions before you hit the sign-up button, and gets your account verified. 

Sign up for Digistore24

Once signed up and your account is verified, you can set up your payout account and select your currency and payment method from the available options.

Step 2 – Start Promoting Offer on Digistore24 

To start promoting offers as an affiliate, you need to head over to the marketplace on Digistore24. 

Start Promoting Offer on Digistore24 

At the top right corner of your dashboard, click on the marketplace 

digistore24 dashboard, click on the marketplace 

There are various categories to choose from, but I will suggest selecting and focusing on the personal development niche, which is currently the new trend. 

digistore personal development niche

I will also recommend you select offers with commissions higher than $20 as it will take the same effort to promote an offer with 5 dollars commission and also an offer with 40 dollars commission.

Also, consider the refund rate when choosing these offers. 

Products with high return rates are not worth the hard work as you might end up not getting any commissions even after making sales because they will end up returning it.

People who buy high-value products are less likely to ask for a refund so it is better to go for high-value products with at least $20 commissions. 

Select any category of your choice and select the best products to promote. 

Step 3 Get Your Affiliate And Start Promotion. 

Once you have selected an offer, you can grab your affiliate link by clicking on the “Promote Now” button and copying your affiliate link to start promoting. 

Get Your Affiliate And Start Promotion. 

You can just promote these offers using a faceless YouTube channel if you don’t already have an existing traffic source or use any of these 2 options.

Must Watch! 

The first option is to log on to Facebook, use the search bar to search for the same niche you selected, use the filter, and select only groups. 

join facebook groups

Join as many active groups as possible, and then you can start connecting with people, building relationships, growing your audience by being a good member, and also providing value. 

Rather than spamming your links all over the internet. The second option, which is not free, is very simple.

 Just create a post on your Facebook account promoting that offer you selected, for example

  •   – Write something nice
  •   – Get a nice image online 
  •   – Create a call to action 
  •   – Leave your affiliate link 

Post this to your timeline, and don’t worry, you don’t need to have any friends or even followers. 

Step 4 Use Social Media Marketing

Use Social Media Marketing

Copy the link to this post and head on to the SMM panel. SMM stands for social media marketing, and this is a platform that offers so many social media services, including Facebook shares at a very cheap rate.

SMM stands for social media marketing

This panel mostly supplies to big companies, and only a few people know about them, their services are effective as your task will be done by real humans. 

Simply post your link and select the number of shares you want, and the number of people you want to share that post to their timelines with most of them having a lot of friends and followers. 

This link can be shared with others to earn commissions when they make a purchase.

Wrapping Up Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners

Congratulations! You now have a solid understanding of how to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey using Digistore24. 

Remember, success in affiliate marketing comes from a combination of strategic planning, consistent effort, and continuous learning. 

By implementing the step-by-step instructions provided in this Digistore24 Tutorial For Beginners, you can pave your way to earning $1000 per day through affiliate marketing.

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