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Top 8 Websites Paying USD Payments for Remote Jobs – Earn USD from Africa.

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Earning income in USD while working remotely is a dream for many professionals across Africa. 

Yet, finding legitimate high-paying remote jobs opportunities can be a frustrating challenge with so many dubious websites full of scams and empty promises. 

Fortunately, a select few established platforms worldwide offer reputable remote job positions available to African talent in fields such as software development, customer service, graphics and web design, content writing, video editing, and many more. 

If you have the skills and zeal to excel in a work-from-home job and want to get paid in a stable currency, these are the top 8 websites you should focus your efforts on. 

I’ve thoroughly vetted each one to include only companies with proven track records that frequently hire Africans for remote roles compensated in USD, not local currency subject to unpredictable inflation. 

Read on to access this exclusive list and gain the exact resources to begin earning first-world income from the comfort of your home anywhere in Africa…

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What are Remote Jobs?

Websites Paying USD Payments for Remote Jobs

Remote jobs, also called work-from-home jobs or virtual jobs, refer to professional positions that allow work to be done at a distance by leveraging technology to connect employers and employees.  

This typically involves working from home, a co-working space, or any location of the employee’s choosing rather than a centralised office or place of business. 

Everything from communication and collaboration to computing and data storage happens in the cloud or through secure telecommuting infrastructure.  

Remote positions confer flexibility and autonomy thanks to advances in Internet connectivity, enterprise software, cloud computing, and communications tools.  

Whether it’s 1 day a week, from a home office or fully location-independent, international travel to a central headquarters is not required for those in fully remote roles. 

As long as the completed work meets set deliverables and communication is responsibly maintained, many jobs today can be executed remotely through effective delegation and project management technology.

8 Websites to Land Remote Jobs in 2024 and Earn USD $$

1. RemoteOK. 


Best for: Experienced professionals seeking transparency and community in remote work.

RemoteOK boasts itself as the #1 remote job board, featuring over 55,729 remote jobs across various fields like programming, design, sales, customer support, and more!

 Notably, you can find jobs with open salaries, giving you transparency about potential compensation.

Open salaries, global reach, community features, and focus on fully remote roles are some of the things that make RemoteOK stand out. 

Some other Unique features are Company reviews, statistics and insights, and worker profiles for discoverability.

2. Toptal:

Toptal freelancers

Best for; Top-tier freelancers and professionals seeking premium remote jobs with leading companies.

 Toptal is an exclusive network that connects top freelance talent with high-paying jobs at leading companies. 

As part of the top 3% in their field, Toptal freelancers take on challenging assignments, earn competitive rates, and receive dedicated support, allowing them to work anywhere while advancing their careers. 

While joining Toptal has high requirements for entry, the focus is on enabling talented professionals to access meaningful opportunities and thrive through freelancing.

Toptal is known for its Exclusive network of top talent, high-paying projects, streamlined experience, and dedicated support.

Some of its Unique features are a Rigorous screening process, guaranteed work quality, and career guidance.

3. Wellfound:


Best for Tech professionals seeking fast-paced, innovative opportunities in startups.

Wellfound (Formerly Angellist Talent) is a job board and recruiting platform that focuses on connecting talented individuals with startups and fast-growing tech companies.

Focus on startups, tech talent, transparency (salaries, stock options), and advanced search filters are some of the things that make Wellfound a great option for Tech-Savvy individuals.

Some of its unique features are as follows: Skill assessments, company culture insights, and career resources for navigating the startup world.

4. Flexjobs:


Best for; Job seekers across various industries seeking diverse remote opportunities with flexible schedules.

Flexjobs is a premium job listing platform that focuses on remote and flexible work opportunities at a very low cost. 

This platform has put together a large number of remote jobs, scam-free guarantees, career resources, and flexible schedules all in one place.

Advanced search filters, a resume builder, company reviews, free trial are some of the features that will make you want to check it out.


Best For; Remote workers seeking flexibility, personalised interactions, and a supportive community.

Nodesk is a special remote jobs board that connects companies with talent around the globe seeking flexible job opportunities. 

This platform Focuses more on Flexibility, direct connections with companies, and catering to diverse needs.

Its User-friendly interface, curated job collections, and growing community are some features that make it stand out. 

6. JS Remotely:

JS Remotely: remote opportunities

Best for; JavaScript developers seeking remote opportunities in their field.

JS Remotely is a unique job listing board that is dedicated to developers.

 It stands as one of the few boards with a dedicated listing of jobs Focused on JavaScript and related technologies.

Some of its Unique features include Job board specifically for JavaScript developers, curated listings, community forum.

7. TryRemotely:

TryRemotely remote job listings

Best for; General remote job seekers across various industries and experience levels.

TryRemotely is a versatile platform where you can find various remote jobs and also publish your own if you have any. 

It houses a Large number of remote job listings from various companies all over the world, and it is always accessible no matter your location. 

Its main unique features are an Easy-to-use search interface, company reviews, and salary range filters.

8. Virtual Vocations:

Virtual Vocations job seekers with remote jobs

Best for: Remote job seekers seeking a curated selection of verified jobs and additional support.

Virtual Vocations is a membership-based job board that provides job seekers with remote jobs in over 40 categories including healthcare, education, and data entry amongst others. 

They are more focused on verified remote jobs, hand-screened listings, and subscription services with additional resources.

Some of its Unique features are Safe and trusted jobs, career coaching, job search tips, and community forums.


The top 10 websites listed above open up legitimate opportunities for talented Africans to secure remote jobs that pay in USD. 

With remote roles spanning fields like software development, design, writing, customer service, and more, those with the right skills and mindset can thrive in this digital work landscape. 

While preparation is key, through diligent searching, applying, and self-marketing on these vetted platforms, Africa-based talent can gain fulfilling work with top companies worldwide. 

The income potential also empowers greater financial security for remote workers and their families.  

Don’t let scams or outdated notions about remote work hold you back. The jobs are real and available right now. 

So refine your skills, build an impressive online presence to stand out abroad, and start actively putting yourself out there. 

With the right drive and utilisation of resources like the websites above, earning income in USD while working remotely from Africa is an achievable feat in 2024.

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