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YouTube Monetization Update 2023 Might Demonetize Your Youtube Channel.

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Starting a YouTube channel and monetizing it has been a popular choice for content creators looking to earn income online. 

However, with the constant evolution of YouTube’s policies and algorithms, it is crucial to stay informed about the platform’s latest updates. 

In this article, we will discuss an important update regarding YouTube Monetization Update 2023, specifically focusing on the demonetization of reused content. 

We will explore why starting YouTube channels centred around effortless content otherwise known as faceless channels may not be the best approach and provide recommendations for creators to maximise their chances of long-term success. 

Every content creator must try to avoid issues related to Reused Content On YouTube. 

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YouTube Monetization Update 2023 – Understanding Effortless Content

YouTube Monetization Update 2023

In recent times, starting a YouTube channel focused on “effortless” or Faceless content has become a popular trend among individuals and aspiring content creators.

Effortless content refers to videos that require minimal work and effort to produce. 

These types of videos often include fun compilations, simple animations, and gameplay from mobile games. 

In the past, many individuals and content creators saw this as an easy way to make money on YouTube. 

However, the landscape has changed, and YouTube now closely monitors channels that feature this kind of content. 

YouTube’s Strict Monitoring

YouTube’s algorithms are continuously updated to identify and demonetize channels that rely on such types of content which are reused or unoriginal content. 

Reinstating its commitment, the platform aims to promote originality and reward creators who put in their time and effort to produce unique and valuable videos. 

Consequently, numerous channels have already been demonetized, and YouTube continues to crack down on this type of this reused content.

 Starting a YouTube channel focused solely on effortless or reused content is no longer a viable path to earning a sustainable side or even a full-time income.

The Importance of Originality

With this YouTube Monetization Update 2023, YouTube strongly encourages creators to focus on producing original content that reflects their knowledge and expertise.

 It is highly recommended that you invest your time and effort in creating videos that have long-term income potential. 

By dedicating yourself to originality, you increase your chances of building a loyal audience and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

Creating content that engages and entertains viewers for months and years is key to sustaining success on YouTube.

 Instead of chasing short-term gains through reused content, prioritise building a library of videos that remain relevant and engaging over time. 

By focusing on quality and catering to the interests of your target audience, you can establish a loyal following that consistently returns to your channel for new content.

Aside from reusing content, here are 4 Key things to avoid if you want to get monetized or avoid getting demonetized.

YouTube has made new changes to its requirements for monetization, which is great,

 but it also comes with 4 new rules aside from reused content that will prevent you from ever getting monetization or lead your already monetized channel to get demonetized. 

Especially for those who are not yet monetized, you might end up not getting monetized after wasting so much time and effort on these channels. 

In order to be on the safe side, it is best to know and stay in compliance with the 4 new rules, which are as follows:

Rule #1. Avoid Profanity

Avoid using profanity at the beginning of your video or even in the entire content. 

The reason for implementing this is that YouTube is trying to ensure everything that is uploaded and monetized is as user-friendly as possible. 

Rule #2.  Using copyrighted music in your content 

Using copyrighted music and sounds for your content will definitely affect your monetization. 

It will definitely get you demonetized now or later in the future if you are already monetized or denied your access to being monetized. 

Rule #3. You upload repetitive content on YouTube 

Using the same title over and over again or reposting your content is not encouraged at all as it might get you demonetized. 

Rule #4. Not choosing the right settings before you upload your video 

If your content is sponsored or age-restricted, it should be stated, and you should use all the necessary settings

How Many Times Can I Reapply for Monetization?

How Many Times Can I Reapply for Monetization

If your channel has been demonetized or you have not yet been approved for monetization, you may wonder how many times you can reapply. 

YouTube allows you to reapply for monetization every 30 days. 

However, it is important to note that simply reapplying without making substantial changes to your content is unlikely to yield positive results.

 Before reapplying, take the time to improve your channel by focusing on originality, value, and meeting YouTube’s guidelines. 

Create high-quality content that engages viewers and showcases your expertise. 

By consistently producing exceptional videos and abiding by YouTube’s policies, you increase your chances of a successful monetization application.

Remember, building a successful YouTube channel takes time and dedication. Don’t get discouraged by initial setbacks. 

Learn from the experience, adapt your content strategy, and continue to refine your skills as a content creator. 

With perseverance and a commitment to quality, you can achieve your goals on YouTube and create a thriving channel that generates long-term income.


In conclusion, the YouTube monetization update of 2023 emphasises the importance of avoiding reused content and instead prioritising originality. 

Starting a YouTube channel focused on effortless or reused content may seem appealing initially, but it is unlikely to provide long-term success or substantial income. 

To maximise your chances of monetization and build a sustainable presence on YouTube, invest your time and effort in creating original and meaningful content in your niche. 

By doing so, you will establish yourself as an authority, attract a loyal audience, and create opportunities for long-term income generation.

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