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10 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins – Free & Paid Product Advertising API 2024

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Amazon’s Product Advertising API (PA-API) allows publishers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers to access Amazon’s product data and advertising tools to showcase items on their websites.

This Amazon Affiliate Plugins integration enables you to display targeted product recommendations seamlessly to your audience.

For example, if you publish reviews or content related to the best coffee makers, you can use PA-API to automatically pull beautiful images, prices, star ratings and other rich information on coffee brewers from Amazon’s database right onto your site. 

Visitors can then click through to purchase while you earn affiliate commissions on resulting sales.

PA-API essentially bridges the gap between Amazon’s treasure trove of shopping data and the independent sites that drive purchases.

It lets you tap into one of the world’s largest product catalogues without traditional advertising hassles.

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New Rules For Using PA-API For Advertisers and Sellers

New Rules For Using PA-API For Advertisers and Sellers

Amazon recently updated its operating agreement for PA-API users. 

Of particular importance is the guideline stating that sites must provide value to potential customers rather than focus exclusively on monetization.

 So what constitutes “value” according to Amazon?

Helpful, honest content that gives shoppers context for making informed buying decisions. 

This includes

  • Original product reviews based on first-hand experience
  • Comparisons discussing the pros and cons of similar items 
  • Research-backed buying guides outlining important features and considerations

Essentially, don’t just populate your site with Amazon links.

Create genuinely useful advice and recommendations supported by your knowledge and expertise in a subject area. 

This type of authoritative content not only provides the type of value Amazon wants – it also converts.

Top 1; Affiliatable

Best for: Quickly embedding affiliate product links 

Affiliated makes it simple for bloggers and affiliate marketers to insert Amazon affiliate links with relevant images and descriptions.

 If you want fuss-free affiliate modules without needing to hand-code shortcodes and templates, it’s a great free option.

This Affiliatable open-source Amazon Affiliate Plugins allows you to generate an affiliate link for any Amazon product with just the ASIN or URL.

 You can showcase these products in posts and pages using the recommended Affiliated box, or a more compressed Product Card.

 Both elements display product images, ratings, pricing and more.

Links automatically update if the product details change on Amazon. 

And handy stats let you track impressions and clicks right in your dashboard. 

Overall, Affiliatable removes headaches for basic affiliate links.

Affiliatable Pros and Cons

  • Easy point-and-click insertion of affiliate links
  • Automatic product data updates 
  • Built-in stats dashboard
  • Limited design customization
  • No advanced display formats
  • Can’t preview links before publishing

Affiliatable Pricing

  • Free Forever: Limited 
  • Pro – Standard – $9/ 1 website
  • Pro – Plus – $39/ 5 websites
  • Pro – Ultimate – $69/ 10 websites



Best for: Displaying products with affiliate links in multiple formats

If you’re looking for a premium plugin to integrate affiliate links, AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is a top choice. 

It enables you to showcase Amazon products on your site in various dynamic formats.

With AAWP, you can insert text links, custom product boxes, carousels, best seller listings, and more. 

The elements update automatically when product details change on Amazon. And you can customise the appearance to match your brand.

AAWP Features

  • Show affiliate links as text, images, boxes, grids, carousels and more
  • Fully customizable designs
  • Automatic feed updates from Amazon product API 
  • Detailed performance stats 

AAWP Pricing

  • €49/year (~$60/year, 1 site)
  • €129/year (~$155/year, 3 sites) 
  • €249/year (~$300/year, 10 sites)
  • €399/year (~$480/year, unlimited sites)

Lasso Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Lasso Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Best for: Automating affiliate links from Amazon, eBay and more

Lasso simplifies inserting affiliate links from not only Amazon but dozens of additional merchant programs like eBay, BestBuy and Walmart. 

The plugin detects affiliate-able products automatically.

When you add a link in a blog post or page, Lasso will scan the destination and convert it to your desired affiliate link with confirmation overlays. 

For example, if you originally linked to, it would become your Walmart affiliate link.


  • Auto-replace normal product links with your affiliate links. 
  • Support for links to Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart and other major brands. 
  • Real-time scan to check links as you publish content. 
  • Retroactively add affiliate links to old posts. 


  • Essential: $24/Month 
  • Advanced: $63/Month 

AzonPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins

Best for: Amazon niche sites and link management

AzonPress stands out for those building entire affiliate sites or stores dedicated to Amazon products. 

It makes light work of populating your WooCommerce store with affiliated products.

The plugin imports Amazon products using various search parameters that you define. You can then display items in archives, compare functionality, grids, carousels, and more.

 Formats are mobile responsive out-of-the-box.

Since AzonPress feeds directly pull Amazon ASIN data, product images, pricing, descriptions and more update automatically. 

This saves you manual maintenance down the line.

AzonPress Features

  • Imports and syncs Amazon products into WooCommerce. 
  • Showcases items in archives, comparisons and other dynamic formats. 
  • Mobile responsive display elements. 
  • Automatic data feed updates. 

AzonPress Pricing

  • Single site: $199/Lifetime
  • Agency: $319/Lifetime
  • Unlimited sites: $479/Lifetime 



Best for: Rapid global link localization 

Although you can access Amazon product feeds from anywhere, earnings and links should be localised to connect with readers.

 This is where ThirstyAffiliates shines.

The plugin makes Amazon affiliate link localization fast and frustration-free across multiple regions. 

For example, your Australian readers would see links, Europeans would see or links, etc.

ThirstyAffiliates also supports link localization for 1,700+ additional merchants via Skimlinks, making it a versatile global affiliate solution.  

ThirstyAffiliates Features

  • Localizes Amazon affiliate links for 10+ countries. 
  • Localizes 1,700+ merchants via Skimlinks. 
  • Link management for old posts. 
  • Real-time interface translations. 

ThirstyAffiliates Pricing

  • Basic: $99.60 / year
  • Plus: $149.60 / year
  • Advanced: $199.60 / year

WZone Amazon Affiliate Plugins


Best for: Affiliate sales funnels and email marketing

In addition to displaying affiliate products, WZone focuses on driving conversions through built-in sales funnels and email nurturing.

Create sequenced emails to engage visitors and automatically send campaigns when they interact with products.

 For example, if someone views a particular item, you can trigger a follow-up promo email for that product. 

Additionally, build multi-step sales funnels to persuade visitors to purchase over time.

 For instance, deliver an immediate coupon after they add their first item to the cart. The combination converts window shoppers into buyers.  

WZone Features

  • Drag and drop sales funnels. 
  • Advanced email marketing automation. 
  • Custom checkout opt-in forms.   
  • Affiliate link cloaking.  

WZone Pricing

  • Free Trial 
  • WZONE REGULAR LICENSE: $49/ install. 


Best for: Displaying curated products by interest 

Amazomatic simplifies showcasing products matched to your audience’s interests vs manually linking items.

The plugin lets you define topics like “gifts for cat lovers”.

Amazomatic will then automatically populates related affiliate products from Amazon in a visually appealing format.

Display curated products in sections titled by interest right within your content. 

For example, “You may also like these gifts for cat lovers“. This contextual approach converts casual readers into shoppers.  

Amazomatic Features

  • Curates products matched to interests you define. 
  • Appealing interest-based product sections. 
  • Contextual recommendations to drive sales. 
  • Hands-free automated feed. 

Amazomatic Pricing

  • $49: Regular licence 

Pretty Links

Best for: Cloaking and tracking affiliate links

Pretty Links camouflages messy affiliate links to keep your site UI clean. It also enables granular tracking of clicks.

Instead of showing long, ugly merchant URLs, mask them behind custom redirects like This enhances user experience.

Under the hood, Pretty Links tracks clicks by link ID, traffic source, location and other filters.

 This revealing data helps you optimise profitability over time.

Pretty Links Features   

  • Cloaks/shortens affiliate links. 
  • Custom redirects like 
  • Automated link tracking and analytics.   
  • One-click exports of click data. 

Pretty Links Pricing

  • Beginner: $249.00/YEAR
  • Marketer: $374/YEAR
  • Super Affiliate: $499/YEAR. 



Best for: Maximising earnings through smart links

Adsanity takes the guesswork out of displaying the most profitable Amazon products.

 Its artificial intelligence scans Amazon’s catalogue to detect items optimised for your niche and audience.

Built-in machine learning surfaces are likely best-selling products in real-time. Embed these optimised recommendations in contextual formats to boost clicks and commissions.  

Adsanity essentially functions as an ever-adapting recommendation engine pulling optimal products based on your content and readers. 

This automation keeps your site populated with maximum earning potential.

Adsanity Features

  • AI-powered product recommendations. 
  • Surfaces most profitable recommendations. 
  • Contextual formats to boost engagement. 
  • Constantly optimises suggestions. 

Adsanity Pricing

  • Basic: $59 USD/yr
  • Pro: $179 USD/yr
  • Extended: $429 USD/3 yrs

Affi-ai-The-all-in-one-Affiliate-plugin-for-Wordpress is an all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress.

 It generates product boxes that include tracked links that contain your affiliate IDs for popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Kelkoo, allowing you to generate revenue from purchases made through these links. Features 

  • AI Shopping selection. 
  • Comparison. 
  • Ratings & Reviews. 
  • For ALL areas and ALL affiliates. Price 

  • Singel: $39 per year
  • Essential: $119 per year
  • Pro: $229 per year
  • Maxi: $369 per year


The right Amazon Affiliate plugin transforms how you showcase and monetize products. 

Solutions like AAWP, Lasso and more make it simple to embed dynamic links while earning commissions on purchases. 

Focus on creating compelling content and let these plugins handle lifting products from Amazon’s catalogue automatically. 

Save time while increasing earnings over the long run.

Which plugin best fits your budget and site’s capabilities? 

With this breakdown of the top contenders, you have the details to decide what solution works for your affiliate approach.

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