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How to Extract Targeted 100k US Email Address Lists For Free (Beginners Guide) 

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Do you know that obtaining an email list that contains your targeted audience is quite tasking and most times it takes a lot of time and hard work?

Moreover, if you’re on this page because you want to learn how to extract a targeted 100k US email address list for free, then you are in the right place.

Meanwhile, before we proceed, do you know that purchasing a customer’s email list from some third-party platforms such as freelance websites or some other companies that provide data-driving services such as selling of email list?

Hereunder, from our findings, we noticed that getting an email list from such platforms involved so much risk because you don’t know what the email list contained.

Concerning this, we recommend that you only purchase an email marketing list from the best-trusted platforms that have lots of positive reviews from users.

When you purchase an email list that contains a targeted audience, it will help you as a digital marketer to attract some cool leads.

This leads won’t just cover the cost of purchasing the email list but it will also generate much income for you as a digital marketer.

Moreover, if you are going for cheaper email marketing lists, it may surely contain hundreds of abandoned email addresses and also you may not know if the remaining email addresses in the list are valid or relevant.

In the subsequent sections, we will show you how to extract a targeted bulk email address list for your digital marketing use.

 Let’s get started.

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What Does Extracting an Email Mean?

What Does Extracting an Email Mean?

Extracting an email simply means software that can be used to extract email addresses and other related text data from emails and file attachments for example PDFs, CSV files, etc.

This email extracting software is also known as a scraping tool which helps to harvest emails from platforms like search engines, social media, PDFs, websites, and email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.

Also, this software helps to extract local files and folders that are right inside our local computer.

When extracting an email address list, email extractor software helps to make the job easier and reduce the time it will take to extract all the email addresses in the email address list.

The majority of these email extractor software comes with an easy-to-use user interface and setup process which makes it possible to extract thousands of email addresses within a short period.

One of the fantastic features of the email extractor tool is that it allows users to generate diverse file formats, depending on what the user intends to achieve with the extracted file.

Hereunder, you can decide to save the data you extracted from your email list as a text file and later you can decide to link the file to your CRM software which will, in turn, help you in your email marketing strategy.

You can as well decide to extract the emails directly to your inbox and create a bulk contact list with them.

The AI tools that email extractor software comes with help to verify the emails in the list and also remove duplicated email addresses to ensure the best result for your email marketing.

Meanwhile, if you properly set up the email extractor software, it will help you to filter out spam emails during extraction.

This email extractor tool searches diverse layers of the internet and also offline sites during the process of generating files that contains the email addresses that it has fetched from these platforms.

Users can as well integrate this email extractor software with other applications which will help to send out messages to the email address to a large group of recipients.

What is the Best Way to Collect Targeted Email Addresses?

How to Extract Targeted 100k US Email Address Lists For Free

One of the best ways to promote your newsletter signup throughout your website.

As website owners, one of the best ways you can use to collect targeted email addresses from your visitors is by promoting your newsletter signup throughout your entire website.

When promoting your newsletter on your website, you should include encouraging words that will trigger the visitor to subscribe to your email newsletter in order to have free delivery of all your latest content directly to their email for free.

Another tricky method of using this newsletter signups is to display this newsletter to strategic positions on your website by using floats and popups.

As visitors keep scrolling through your website, you can display a popup that contains your email newsletter, telling them to signup to have free access to all your next products or services upon release.

How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn for Free?

In this section, we will show you how to extract emails from LinkedIn in Bulk.

Follow the below steps to see how you can achieve this:

Step #1 Create An Client Profile 

Create an Ideal Client Profile for the exact person or company you intend to collect emails from. 

For instance, we can consider searching for Chief Marketing officers probably in the United States.

Step 2 Search For the Keyword 

Next, navigate to LinkedIn and type Chief Marketing Officer in the search button.

To ensure that your search result comes out exactly what you expected, we recommend that you use filters based on the keyword you typed in the search button. 

You can use filters like Keywords, Job, Location, Title, Company, Industry, and so on.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is quite an option because you can achieve what you are looking for with the normal free LinkedIn.

All you need is to use advanced search filters to enable you to target your company page followers or any LinkedIn Group.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Step #3 Install Chrome Extension 

When you filtered your search result, we recommend that you use a powerful tool known as GrowMeOrganic Linkedin Email Extractor chrome extension which helps to crawl through all the pages of search results and extract emails from profiles. 

This Chrome extension is AI-based and it can automatically collect emails from different profiles without visiting those profiles separately.

Step #4 Extract Your Data to Your File 

When the results are ready, you can easily download the emails in different file formats such as CSV, XLS, etc.

Extract Your Data to Your File

Below is what the extracted emails look like in the excel sheet.

what the extracted emails look like in the excel sheet.

What is Google Maps’ Scraper?

Google Map scraping which is also known as Google Map harvesting or extracting is the process that one can use to obtain information about places.

 Such information could be name, address, coordinates, site, phone, working hours, and so on, directly from the Google Maps site or app.

This Google Map scraping software automatically extracts all this information right from the Google Map site.

Google Maps Scraper tools remain the best way to extract data from Google maps and also to get the company’s contact as well as their direction.

Google Maps Scraper being integrated with AI tools, works as a real user when fetching details from the Google Map.

By using Google Map Scraper, you will be able to extract some useful information from Google Maps such as business IDs, names, postal codes, email IDs, fax and phone numbers, longitude and latitude, states, source links, categories, addresses, website URLs, etc.

Another fantastic feature of Google Maps Scraper is that it allows users to scrape data by using some specific keywords which will in turn help you to get a wide range of data from your search result.

Also, with Google Map scraping software, you can be able to export your extracted results to some file formats such as CSV or JSON files.

Furthermore, Google Maps Scraper is capable of extracting up to 5000 records in a single day.

How to Extract Data from Google Maps?

If you have been using Google Maps for some of your projects, you must have come across an instance where you intend to extract data from Google Maps.

Follow our below steps and screenshots to see how you can extract data from Google Maps:

Step #1: Create an Account with Outscraper Platform

Create an Account with Outscraper Platform

To get started, you need to create an account with a popular platform known as Outscraper and verify it.

Although Outscraper gives new users some day’s free trial, you will need to verify your account with credit card details.

This free trial is up to one month. 

Tips: Since it’s a free trial website I will recommend you use a temporary email address and credit card checkout-free credit card generator here:

During this process, you will be allowed to test the platform and access other features which you can use to extract data from Google Maps.

Step #2: Choose Categories With Locations

When you are done creating an account with Outscraper, go to Google Maps data extractor page and choose categories with locations, depending on those that you need.

Choose Categories With Locations

Step #3: Inspect Other Additional Options and then Begin your Extraction

Here, you may intend to specify the size of each organization for every search query.  Also, you can set the language, location, etc.

Inspect Other Additional Options and then Begin your Extraction

Step #4: Inspect the Queries and Confirm the Extraction

The platform allows you to crosscheck your selected queries upon clicking on the button that says “Extract data from Google Maps.

Ensure that everything you have selected remains the same by opening some queries to ensure that everything is okay.

Extract data from Google Maps.

Step #5: Watch and See How the Extraction Works

Here you can open the tasks page to view the progress of the extraction.

Watch and See How the Extraction Works

Step #6: Download your Results

When the Outscraping platform has finished scraping, you will receive an email with the results of your extraction.

What is The Best Scraping Tool for Google Maps?

What is The Best Scraping Tool for Google Maps?

Bright Data is one of the best scraping tools for Google Maps. This tool helps clients to make ready their data sets, this will in turn helps them to become experts in data collection even with a little knowledge.

Bright Data handles most of the scrapping processes for you as a user. 

To get started, you just need to have an account with them and set up a few things on the information you intend to extract, and then wait while the platform handles the rest for you.

When the extraction is completed, you can easily choose the file format you want your extracted result to be converted into.

When perusing the web, if you intend to collect the most strategic public web information that you need, Bright Data is quite an amazing platform that you can use to achieve that.

Moreover, Bright Data comes with diverse features which make it possible for everyone to use the platform regardless of their tech knowledge.

One of the most interesting features is that as a new user, you can decide to test the platform by using their demo version before subscribing to a package.

Bright Data gives their users data sets, which enables them to benefit from features like pre-collected data sets, large scale, etc. which makes it possible for them to view an entire website including its Google Maps.

Is it Illegal to Scrape Data from Google Maps?

The answer to this question is simply NO!

 But you have to follow all the basic rules of Google Maps data scraping to scrape data from Google Maps before it can be considered legal.

From findings, Google Maps scraping is designed for B2-B businesses and also for content growth.

By default, extracting data from Google Maps is quite legal when you use Google Maps Crawler to extract only the public information that is available on Google Maps.

When all the information you collected from Google Maps Scraping is publicly visible, then your data scraping is quite legal.

Also, when you collect contacts from companies that are available in Google Maps, it is quite legal as well.

Best Ways to Validate Extracted Email Data

Best Ways to Validate Extracted Email Data

One of the best ways to validate extracted email data is by using a popular tool known as ZeroBounce.

ZeroBounce which is one of the leading online email validation systems allows companies to send a large volume of emails to different addresses without encountering issues alongside its delivery.

This platform helps to eliminate invalid email addresses as well as bounced email elimination. It also validates IP addresses and verifies the key recipient before delivering the emails.

ZeroBounce which is GDPR compliant has an accuracy guarantee of about 99% and it is part of the US-EU-Swiss Privacy Shield.

ZeroBounce uses Artificial Intelligence to handle every task from different users.

Although the ZeroBounce extracted email validator tool is a premium tool, it has fantastic features such as a free trial for users who wish to explore the platform first.

They offer real-time API which can be integrated with other external platforms and apps, users can upload different file formats such as. CSV, .TXT, etc.

Also, you can upload files in the format of. CSV, PDF, and so on. One of the fantastic features is that this AI-based tool automatically removes duplicate emails while sorting your list.

What is the Easiest Way to Send Bulk Extracted Emails?

One of the easiest ways to send bulk extracted email messages is to use a mailing list service.

Moreover, there are lots of mailing list service that is available in the market today and some are free while others are paid version.

Either way, with this  GetResponse email marketing tool, you can be able to send email up to 5000 subscribers at once by just clicking on a few buttons as you will be directed by the platform.

Meanwhile, if you intend to send or disburse a one-time message to about 500 addresses, you can easily use a normal email app to achieve what you want.


We hope that you learned how to extract thousands of US email address lists for free in this guide.

By following the screenshots and the answers to the questions we discussed in this guide, you can be able to extract lots of emails from LinkedIn and other files with ease.

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