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InVideo AI Short Review – Create a YouTube Short with just Text Prompts.

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 In this digital age world, AI has made a lot of things easy, down to creating videos.

 InVideo is one of the best AI tools that helps content creators create short or even lengthy videos without the need to learn video editing.

Besides creating YouTube videos, InVideo has outstanding features, in that it adds “life” to the generated videos.

 This means that if you further edit some of the short scenes that InVideo will automatically add to the video, it will look as if the video was 100% created by humans.

In this InVideo AI Short Review, we will elucidate what one can achieve with InVideo, how to use it to create YouTube Shorts, etc. 

Let’s get started…

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What is New about InVideo AI Short? 

At the time of writing, there are quite new features that were added to InVideo AI which include but are not limited to improved natural language processing algorithms that better understand and interpret text prompts. 

This fantastic feature makes it possible for InVideo to generate more optimized and expressive videos.

Also, from research we noticed that the latest InVideo AI Short comes with an expanded library of templates, transitions, and graphics, allowing creators to tailor their content to match their unique branding or creative vision.

Furthermore, there are quite a lot of improvements in AI algorithms which will likely result in

more realistic AI Talking Avatars, Realistic AI Voice Generators, AI Faceless Video Generators, and expressions for virtual spokespersons or even the characters that are featured in the generated Shorts or long Videos. 

These AI features by default will surely elevate the overall quality and engagement level of the generated content.

How to Get Started & Turn Ideas Into Video

In this section, we will detail the steps needed for one to start using InVideo AI and turn creative ideas into cool, amazing, and fantastic videos.

Step 1: Go to InVideo AI Short website and create an account

Go to the InVideo AI Short website to get started. To create an account, you can either use a Google account or an email address. 

Either way, just ensure you create an account with the platform.

 In this guide, I’ll be using an email address to create an account with InVideo AI Short.

Go to InVideo AI Short website and create an account

After entering your email, a 6-digit code will be sent to your email. Look for the email in your inbox or spam. 

Copy the 6-digit code and use it to complete your account creation.

You may see a page after you have successfully created your account, asking you how you heard about InVideo AI Short. 

Choose any of your matched options and continue.

Next, you will be prompted to choose your reason for using Invideo AI. Select your matched intent and continue.

On the next page, you will need to enter the name you want InVideo AI Short to call you as well as the name of your first InVideo workspace. 

Then continue.

Step 2: Start your video creation

To start creating your video, you can select the type of video you intend to create with InVideo AI Short.

 Start your video creation

From the drop-down labelled “Select workflow,” you can choose either of the four (4) options namely:

 YouTube Shorts, YouTube Explainer, Recent Events video, and Scripts to video.

Before you get started, the AI will demand that you submit the topic you intend to generate the video for, as well as detailed instructions…

This will help the AI to know the type of video you need and the necessary styles and information that will be needed in the generated video.

Before you click on “Generate video,” let’s give you the important information you need for you to create an effective video. 

Note: An interesting feature of InVideo AI Short is that it allows you to reference any blog post or article from the web for creating the script.

Step 3: How to write a prompt

How to write a prompt on Invideo ai

Below is a simple and standard format that you can use to instruct the AI on how you want the video to be.

Create a video for YouTube shorts on ‘5 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life’. Keep the duration under 45 seconds. Start the video by introducing the topic and use the title as the intro text. Then give the 5 habits and illustrate each with relevant Stock clips. Keep the language super simple and easy to understand. Conclude the video by asking the viewers which habit they will work on first. Use the energetic American female voice for the voiceover.

Pick points from this article:

 Key details that we recommend that you include

  1. The platform – Always use YouTube shorts
  2. The topic of the video – we used “5 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life” (Ensure that your topic is as detailed as possible.
  3. The Duration of the video – We used 45 seconds
  4. The tone of voice & style of scripting – Ensure that your language is super simple so that the AI will generate your script accordingly.
  5. Type of the VO (VoiceOver) – We used an energetic American female voice

Step 4: Generate the video

When you click on “Generate,” InVideo AI will ask you a few details such as the target audience you want, and the look and feel you want in the video.

Once you click on generate, InVideo will create your first draft in just a few minutes.

Now, since we have already given it a pretty detailed prompt, there shouldn’t be a lot of changes,

 but like with any AI tool, the results might not always be 100% accurate and we might need to make a few minor adjustments. 

But before we do that, let me show you the first couple of seconds of the video without any changes.

Generate the video with Invdeo

This is extremely impressive. As you can see, InVideo AI has created a high-quality video that can be published on shorts as it is without any edits.

Step 5: How to make changes to the generated video

There are three ways you can make changes to the generated video:

#1. Change the overall feel and structure of the video

If you don’t like the overall feel and structure of the video, you can use the “+” icon to make changes to the video.

#2. Edit the media files

The “Edit” option gives you the ability to edit both the “Script” and the “Media” files.

When you click on the “Edit Script,” it will open the entire script that composed the video.

You can then make suitable changes if you wish.

If you want to change a couple of clips, you can use the “Edit media” button to replace some clips that you wish to change.

Step 6: Make more changes to the generated video

Here you can directly instruct the AI to make some changes to the generated video.

This is the best and the easiest way to make changes to your video.

How to make changes to the generated video

You can ask the AI to

  1. Add or delete scenes
  2. Rephrase the intro to be more impactful
  3. Change the music
  4. Increase or decrease the volume of the voiceover
  5. Change the theme of the scene
  6. Change the media of the first scene

Step 7: Download the video

To download the video, click on “Export” and select your favourite video quality.

Download  and export video from Invideo ai vs. which one is better? 


When it comes to features, both and have awesome features. 

As a matter of fact, both of them are currently the best in the market of AI video Creation

I personally used for longer YouTube videos most especially when making for YouTube automation or a cash cow channel. 

I use InVideo to make viral YouTube shorts for my channel.  Apart from Al prompts features added to InVideo that make video editing easier and faster 

 Also, comes with some specific unique features that make it outstanding among others.

Ease of Use

Both platforms have an easy-to-use interface.

Customization Options

Comparing and, has advanced customization options that allow users to directly instruct the AI on the custom features they need in the video vs Pricing 

Pictory and InVideo have different pricing plans for both monthly and yearly services

InVideo Standard Plan ($30/month) offers more value than Pictory’s Standard Plan ($23/month) which allows a single user to export 30 Videos Per Month. 

 Winner: InVideo

InVideo Pricing

InVideo has three (3) pricing plans:

  1. Free – which costs $0
  2. Business – which costs $15 per month
  3. Unlimited – which costs $30 per month

Invido Alternatives

Here are some InVideo alternatives:

InVideo Pros and Cons 

  • InVideo user-friendly interface that makes video creation accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • It has a large collection of templates
  • It simplifies the content creation process with its built-in media library, images, and music tracks.
  • It comes with AI prompt  innovative text-to-video technology
  • Although it has a user-friendly interface, it may lack some of the advanced features found in more professional video editing tools.
  • It is quite costly

InVideo Users review

Below are some of the user reviews from Trustpilot

The tool is excellent.

The tool is excellent. Above all, the company employs wonderful people who are always ready to support their customers. I had some trouble understanding the use and features. However, their team made sure I had no doubts left.

Thank you, Invideo customer service team. Special shout-out to Brandon (Supervisor)!

After going through so many video tools…

After going through so many video tools online, I have found InVideo which matches my expectations. It has all the tools which will let you create impressive videos without any technical knowledge.

InVideo FAQs 

How does InVideo AI work?

InVideo is a text-to-video that helps to Create videos with text prompts. Just enter any topic, and Invideo AI will search their database. 

It generates a script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, & tweaks the video at your command.

Does InVideo AI have a free trial? 

Yes! If you don’t have the money, you can begin with the free version.

Can AI-generated videos be monetized on YouTube?

Yes! You can monetize the videos you generate with the InVideo AI paid version. there are several AI text-to-speech videos currently in the YouTube Partner Program.

Can I get a refund on InVideo 

Yes! InVideo offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all our plans.


We elaborated in detail on how InVideo AI works and how to use it perfectly when creating videos.

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