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Make $350 Per Day With TikTok in Africa with Just 4 Step

Make $350 Per Day With TikTok in Africa
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Have you ever wondered how some TikTok stars rake in good incomes from content creation on their TikTok account? 

Well, for most of them, Their secret lies in affiliate marketing. This monetization technique allows regular users to earn commissions promoting products on the accounts. 

By following a simple 4-step formula, you can easily start generating over $350 per day with TikTok through high-quality affiliate programs.

The process works by partnering with brands as an affiliate to share links to their various products to get compensated with a commission for every successful purchase. 

When viewers you’ve referred to make a purchase, you receive revenue share payouts. 

The more you grow your audience and direct traffic, the bigger your potential profits. 

It just takes finding winning products optimised for TikTok trends and creatively showcasing them to an interested audience.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Started:

Table Of Contents

Step 1: Pick a Profitable Niche and Hot Selling Product.

Pick a Profitable Niche and Hot Selling Product  to
Make $350 Per Day With TikTok in Africa

When starting affiliate marketing on TikTok, the first key step is to select a high-potential niche and high-quality products to promote. 

Some niches you might consider with high-quality products with good commission include:

  • Beauty & Cosmetics: Lip gloss, nail polish kits, hair accessories etc 
  • Fitness & Wellness: Resistance bands, smart watches, athletic shoes
  • Pets & Animals: Toys, treats, cute accessories 
  • Gifts & Crafts: Scrapbooks, candles, decor items

Analyse trending topics and products within these categories that align well with TikTok formats and audience interests. 

Once you have selected a niche of your choice, the next thing to do is to find good quality products with high commissions that you can promote. 

Selar is a good platform where you can find products with high commissions.

 An easy way to identify current bestsellers is to browse through the affiliate marketplace. 

Filter by niche and sort by top-earning products. Look for items with strong average order values over $50  and consistent monthly sales volumes. 

Step 2: Sign Up as an Affiliate Marketer

Now that you’ve selected high-potential products, it’s time to officially become an affiliate partner to get your affiliate link. 

Simply sign up and complete your profile. Then on your selected products, simply click on the affiliate tab to get your unique link.

This means that you will start earning commissions from the company whenever someone purchases the item from your shared links. 

So affiliates receive a percentage of the revenue generated on each referred sale. makes it easy to find and join thousands of affiliate programs in one place for free. 

Just set up your profile, browse the products chosen already, and submit applications to their offerings. Make sure to have a complete page and social links ready. 

Get accepted faster by highlighting your TikTok follower count and content plans tailored to the niche. 

Be patient and persistent through multiple attempts if needed.

The end goal is to have your affiliate links tied to hot sellers so earnings can start ramping up through TikTok views and traffic.

Step 3: Research Trending Content Ideas Around Product

Research Trending Content Ideas Around Product

To promote your links and start earning, creating videos aligned to trending topics and viewer search intent is key for getting conversions. 

For this, you need to know the exact questions people interested in your niche are asking.

 An invaluable tool for finding these topics and questions is Answer The Public.

This tool lets you enter a product niche or main keyword to see the actual queries, and questions people are asking search engines about it.

 By analysing the results, identify engaging content angles and video types around your chosen niche and products.

Most times, you might have little or no idea about those topics and questions. 

All you have to do is search for any of those queries on Google, you will get an instant answer and ideas on what to talk about in your video. 

For example, competitive comparisons, product demonstrations, buying advice, best features, tutorials, how-to guides etc. Look for specific search volumes to quantify demand and interest.

Compile the highest potential ideas into a content calendar, mapping out what video content you’ll produce on which days. 

Align to seasons, events, or news capturing the attention of the niche for better reception and possible virality.

Step 4: Make and Promote Engaging Videos

Now for the fun part – producing quality short-form videos showcasing your niche and the products you are promoting in a way that entices clicks! 

Make the video with Capcut, Use eye-catching text overlays, scene transitions, and captions integrated seamlessly to highlight features and value while keeping the pacing snappy. 

Experiment with viral audio, hashtag challenges etc aligned to affiliate offerings when it makes sense. 

Provide affiliate links prominently in the TikTok bio so it’s clickable. 

Inside the video descriptions, add cues and captions, it remind viewers of the bio link and to purchase for themselves. 

Interact heavily with other influencers in the space through duets, stitches etc to expand reach.

 Jump on trending challenges especially related to your niche. Optimising video SEO via captions for discoverability is vital too.

The creative possibilities on TikTok for engaging users are endless. 

Maintain a consistent brand image across videos but keep experimenting with formats and angles until you unlock the secret working formula!

Recap Steps Make $350 Per Day With TikTok

Building a highly lucrative TikTok account that can fetch you good income through affiliate marketing is straightforward by following this four-step guide:

  1. Identify top-selling niche products to promote
  2. Sign up as an affiliate partner through networks like Selar 
  3. Research video content ideas around products using Answer The Public
  4. Create engaging short videos with integrated affiliate links (Add the links to your bio).

Implement this strategy and you too could start earning over $350 per day with Tiktok requires consistency and dedication.

 African creators of all backgrounds can use these exact tactics to great results in a short time.

The income possibilities on TikTok abound thanks to affiliate monetization.

 Why not tap into this model to amplify your reach, passion and purpose through creative content? 

Follow the steps outlined above to pave your path towards financial growth and freedom today!

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