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Otter Ai Transcription Tutorial – How To Use to Transcribe Audio Files

Otter Ai Transcription
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Welcome to the world of efficient and accurate transcription with Otter AI! 

In this tutorial, we will explore the incredible capabilities of Otter Ai Transcription, a powerful transcription tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to convert spoken words into written text. 

Otter AI has advanced speech recognition technology and a user-friendly interface which makes it possible for you to enjoy a seamless transcription experience, saving you valuable time and effort. 

In this guide, we will expose you to the features and functionalities of Otter AI, and teach you how to unlock the full potential of this remarkable transcription tool.

Table Of Contents

What is Otter Ai Transcription?

What is Otter Ai Transcription Transcription is a cutting-edge transcription service that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to convert spoken language into written text

Being one of the best transcription tools, it makes use of advanced speech recognition algorithms and natural language processing techniques

 to accurately transcribe audio recordings, meetings, interviews, lectures, and other related spoken content. 

With Otter AI Transcription, you can streamline your workflow and eliminate the time-consuming task of manually transcribing audio.

Whether you need to capture important meeting notes, create interview transcripts, or document lectures, Otter AI Transcription can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency.

One of the fantastic features of Otter AI is its speaker identification feature. 

This makes it possible for you to distinguish between different speakers in a conversation.

Also, Otter AI generates synchronized audio playback, enabling you to listen to specific sections of the recording while viewing the corresponding transcription.

How does Otter ai Transcription Work?

According to our experience with Otter AI, here is how transcription works:

#1. Audio Input

Audio Input helps users to record and upload an audio file within the Otter AI platform.

 The file can be a meeting recording, interview, lecture, or any other spoken content you wish to transcribe.

#2. Speech Recognition

When you have uploaded your file, Otter AI uses refined speech recognition algorithms to convert spoken words into text.

 This helps to analyze the audio waveform, identify distinct speech patterns, and convert them into written words.

#3. Natural Language Processing

Here, Otter AI utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques to enhance the accuracy and understanding of the text.

 Users should know that NLP algorithms analyze sentence structures, grammar, and contextual information to refine the transcription.

#4. Machine Learning Iteration

The amazing thing here is that Otter AI’s system continuously learns and improves through machine learning iterations. 

This helps Otter AI to integrate user feedback and data from a vast corpus of transcriptions to enhance its accuracy and adapt to different speech patterns and accents.

#5. Post-Processing and Formatting

At this stage, Otter AI performs post-processing tasks such as punctuation correction, capitalization, and formatting to make the text more readable and coherent.

#6. Speaker Identification

Speaker Identification helps Otter AI to identify and label different speakers within the audio recording. 

After analyzing voice characteristics and patterns, Otter AI can easily distinguish between speakers and assign names or labels to each speaker in the transcript.

#7. Synchronized Playback

This is one of the amazing features of Otter AI because it provides synchronized audio playback alongside transcription. 

On the other hand, this allows users to listen to specific parts of the audio while simultaneously viewing the corresponding text, making it easier to verify and edit the transcript.

#8. Editing and Collaboration

Here, the generated transcription is editable, enabling you to make corrections, add annotations, or highlight key points.

Tip to Become a Professional Transcriptionist

Tip to Become a Professional Transcriptionist

From our personal experience, here are the major things you need to do if you wish to be a professional transcriptionist:

#1. You need to develop excellent typing skills

We recommend that you practice regularly to increase your typing speed and accuracy. 

Here you can consider using online typing courses or software to help you improve your skills.

#2. You should be good at grammar and punctuation

Every professional transcriptionist should have a solid understanding of grammar rules and punctuation. 

This ensures that your transcripts are accurate and clear.

#3. You should be familiar with transcription tools

When you master some transcription tools and software, it will enhance your efficiency and productivity.

#4. Practice active listening frequently

Train yourself to focus on the audio and catch every word. 

You need to pay attention to details, accents, and any background noises that might affect the transcription. Transcription Pricing Transcription Pricing

Here are the pricing plans. Moreover, you can save up to 51% on Otter ai when you subscribe to a yearly plan.

Besides the FREE plan, has 3 major pricing plans:

#1. The FREE plan a.k.a Basic

This plan is designed for individuals who are just getting started. 

Below are the features you’ll see in the FREE plan.

  • AI meeting assistant records and transcribes in real time
  • Joins Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet to automatically write and share notes
  • Automatically captures slides and generates meeting summaries
  • 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation; Import and transcribe 3* audio or video files lifetime

#2. Pro

This plan is designed for individuals who need more minutes and features. It costs $8.33 USD per month. 

Users can save up to 51% when they purchase the annual plan.

Below are the features you’ll see in this package:

Everything in Basic +

  • Joins virtual meetings when you are double-booked
  • Advanced search, export, and playback
  • 1200 monthly transcription minutes; 90 minutes per conversation
  • Import and transcribe 10* audio or video files per month

#3. Business

This plan is designed for small teams and organizations that need to share & collaborate. 

It costs $20 USD per user/month. 

Users can save up to 33% when they purchase the annual plan.

Below are the features you’ll see in this package:

Everything in Pro +

  • Team features: shared custom vocabulary and speakers, assign action items to teammates
  • Admin features: usage analytics, centralized billing, prioritized support
  • 6000 monthly transcription minutes; 4 hours per conversation
  • Import and transcribe unlimited* audio or video files

#4. Enterprise

This plan is designed for large organizations that need additional security, control, and support. 

Below are the features you’ll see in this package:

Everything in Business +

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Organization-wide deployment
  • Domain capture
  • Advanced security and compliance controls

How To Create Otter Ai Transcription Account – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to successfully create an account on 

Let’s get started…

#1. Go to

From your browser, navigate to

From the homepage, click on “Start For Free” which is located at the top right section of your screen.

start for free on

#2. Select your plan

Depending on what you intend to achieve with, choose your preferred plan to get started. 

If you are an individual who is just getting started, you can choose the Basic (Free) plan.

However, for small teams (minimum 2 seats) and organizations that need to share & collaborate, we recommend that you choose the Business plan. 

In the Business plan, you are allowed to Start a 7-day free trial which will help you to be familiar with this AI tool.

Start 7-day free trial

#3. Create account provides multiple options that one can use when creating an account. 

You can use your Google account, Microsoft account or your email address.

Either way, you can proceed to create your account. I prefer using my email address.

Create account  on

#4. Choose a password

We recommend that you choose a strong password that you can easily remember.

Your password should contain a minimum of 8 characters, with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number (0-9) required.

choose password for

#5. Fill in your name

Here you are required to enter your first name as well as your last name. 

then click “Next” to proceed.

Fill in your name on

#6: Verify your email address

When you have successfully created your account with, you need to verify your account before you’ll be allowed to make use of your account.

However, you should check your email inbox and click on “Verify Email address” to be able to verify your email address successfully.

Verify your email address

#7. Welcome to the Otter Ai transcription dashboard

Here you can be able to start making use of your account. 

Moreover, if you are using the free plan, you will be given a limited space of 300 minutes.

Right from your dashboard, you can connect your calendar to organize your day, record your first conversation, etc.

Welcome to the Otter Ai transcription dashboard

Transcribe or Take Notes on

To transcribe on, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Log in to your account and record or import your file

Once you log in to your account, you can “paste the meeting URL to record or Record a new file or Import an already existing file.

In this case, you have 3 options to choose from.

Transcribe or Take Notes on

Step #2: Import your file

In this guide, I decided to import an existing audio file and allow to transcribe it.

To import your recorded files, first, click on “Import” and then select the file.

Import your file

Step #3: Transcribe your file

Once you have successfully imported your file, will automatically transcribe it for you.

In the image below, I imported a file and accurately transcribed it. 

You can listen to the audio file that you upload to to crosscheck if’s transcription is accurate.

Transcribe your file

How to Make Money as A Transcriptionist Using Otter ai

There are quite a lot of ways you can make money as a transcriptionist. Here are a few:

Start Freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork

Fiverr and Upwork are freelancing websites where you can register and bid for jobs.

 One can get transcribing jobs there and use to make transcription easy and faster.

Here, we recommend that you purchase a pro plan of so that you will have access to more fantastic features when handling your client’s jobs.

Apply for Transcription Job on and and are popular websites where you can get hired as a transcriptionist.

 You can as well bid for jobs on these platforms and use to transcribe them.

Otter Ai Transcription FAQ

Is possible to change the language? (From English to other languages)

 No! Otter currently only supports English (U.S. and U.K.) and regional accents.

What is the average time Otter takes to transcribe audio? takes about five to six minutes to transcribe a 15-minute audio file and the transcripts are pretty much accurate except for the minor details.

Does Otter Transcription have a free trial?

Yes! Although the free account has lots of limitations

What is the limit on Otter’s free account?

A total of 300 minutes for one month, only 3 imports are allowed in the free account, and lots more.

Otter ai Review Worth the Money?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Final Rating on Worth the Money: 5 Out of 5 Stars. Otter’s transcribing service has a basic core, but the intelligent real-time transcription feature is very well-done,and Ease of Use.

And also when it comes to Otter ai pricing it is worth buying the base plan for is free for transcription with the ability to edit and insert comments, as well as do all the transcription jobs but is limited to 300mins.

With this 300mins users would have makeup their minds if the software was worth getting or not.

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