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How to Paraphrase & Avoid Plagiarism with Quillbot

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Given the opportunity to write in your field of expertise, wouldn’t you prefer to present your ideas as original thoughts instead of using someone else’s work? 

Paraphrasing is a great way to stand out and build up your reputation as an expert in your field, but you have to do it correctly or you might risk getting in trouble with a plagiarism lawsuit. 

A powerful ai paraphrasing tool like QuillBot is the best tool for this task.

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What is Quillbot A.I Tool

QuillBot is a powerful Ai, yet easy-to-use free paraphrasing tool. You simply input text and it returns a paraphrase with the same meaning and intent as the original. 

This makes it easy to create content that’s free of plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning. 

Whether you’re a student or business professional, You can use QuillBot to paraphrase text for your college, company, or blog that will be free from plagiarism. 

However, you do need a QuillBot account (paid version) to use the full features of the tool. 

What Is Plagiarism?

What Is Plagiarism

Plagiarism occurs when an author or writer takes someone else’s work or ideas and passes them off as their own. 

It is unethical, and dishonest and can lead to severe consequences or lawsuits.

To avoid plagiarising, you must paraphrase the original text by restating it using your own words. 

Paraphrasing helps to avoid plagiarising because it rewrites someone else’s work, generating an entirely new version that’s better than the original, with the same meaning.

What is Paraphrasing?

What is Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the process of rephrasing a source text while maintaining its original meaning. 

It can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the help of this powerful Ai paraphrasing tool QuillBot, it has been made super easy. It also has a good number of benefits. 

The most obvious benefit of paraphrasing is that you avoid plagiarising someone else’s work by giving credit where it is due. 

That’s not all though: When done correctly, paraphrasing will help you understand what your source text says better than when reading the original version.

Can Paraphrasing Avoid Plagiarism?

Yes, with the help of QuillBot paraphrasing tool. As you type in words, it automatically rewrites entire sentences for you.

 All the synonyms and paraphrases are highlighted for easy reference. 

You can change the word order, substitute words from the synonym list, or use some of the pre-programmed phrases like I am not kidding or It goes without saying

You’ll never have to worry about plagiarising again! Whether your paper is for school, work, blog, or just an idea that needs developing – QuillBot has got you covered. 

It’s quick and easy to get started. 

How TO  Copy and Paste without Plagiarising in Quillbot (Step By Step)

Step #1

 First off, using a browser on your smartphone, desktop or pc, log on to

log on to

On the homepage, click on the account icon on the right-hand side of the header. 

sign up to

Step #2

If you completed the first step, you’ll be redirected to the login page. Click on “Don’t have an account” and you’ll be taken to the registration page. 

fill in details on

Fill out the form carefully with your Email Address, password and your name. 

We advise you to carefully read QuillBot’s “terms and privacy policy,” as seen in the above image, before pressing the proceed button.

A verification mail will be sent to your email. Open your email and click on the link sent to you to verify your account. 

 Step #3

skip quillbot personalize quiz

When you complete step #2, You’ll be redirected to the personalization page where you’ll be asked some questions to help personalise your account. 

quillbot personalization page

You can either choose to skip or answer the questions. 

link google doc with quillbot

Click on continue and you’ll be redirected back to the homepage. 

quillbot paraphraser homepage

On the homepage is the paraphraser. All you have to do is paste in the text or upload the text file you want to rephrase and then click on the paraphrase button. 

add text to quillbot paraphraser box

It will automatically generate an entirely new article but with the same meaning as the original. 

charge original text meaning with quillbot paraphraser

How Many Words Can You Paraphrase on Quillbot?

QuillBot’s free version has a limit of 125 words per session. It means you can only paraphrase 125 words at a time while the premium version is unlimited. 

QuillBot is easy to use and very flexible. 

The tool gives you the freedom to write creative content by allowing you to rewrite the content in seven different ways, each of which generates a unique version of your text:

Features of Quillbot 


Standard rephrasing mode: This is the normal rephrasing mode. Only a few words from the original text are paraphrased. The general context is still the same.

Fluency mode: In this mode, QuillBot enhances the context’s fluency and more widely paraphrases it. Grammar mistakes are also fixed in the course.

Creative Mode: Only premium members have access to the creative mode. The entire material is rewritten using concise language while maintaining the context of the original work. 

We can’t guarantee correctness, even though it attempts to produce original information.

Simple Mode: This mode is comparable to the inventive mode, but it makes higher-level alterations to the original text and makes more creative attempts to paraphrase it.

Formal Mode: Those who want to paraphrase their information in a more formal tone should use the formal mode. 

It rewrites the majority of the commonplace passages to create a piece that is written expertly.

Shorten Mode: To make your sentences shorter and earn a higher readability rating, use the shorten mode.

Expand mode: This mode increases the word count by elaborating your text and breaking up a few words into explanation phrases.

The rest are only available to premium members, except for the standard, fluency, and creative modes.


QuillBot is the best paraphrasing Ai tool. It takes your input, rephrases it, and returns the new sentence. 

You can use QuillBot to paraphrase whole sentences at a time or individual words for quick paraphrasing. 

To use the tool, enter a sentence into the text box and click the ‘Paraphrase’ button. 

QuillBot will automatically generate a brand new sentence for you, complete with synonyms and grammar corrections.

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