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Printful Pricing: Reduced Prices + New Free Tool Updates

Printful Pricing -New Printful Subscription Plan
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Do you need a dependable print-on-demand service that provides reasonable rates and ongoing development of its tools?

 Printful is the one-stop shop you need.

 In this post, we’ll take a look at the fascinating world of Printful pricing, including the price drops and free tool updates that have just been released. 

Printful caters to anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit, whether they are small company owners, artists, or designers. 

Let’s dig in and find out why Printful is the best option for all your printing and shipping requirements.

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What is Printful?


Create, print, and sell your own bespoke products on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay with the help of Printful, a print-on-demand (POD) service. 

The website allows users to design their own t-shirts, tote bags, posters, notepads, and other printed goods, as well as electronic accessories. 

There’s also an integrated design tool for applying your own aesthetic to the company’s offerings.

Printful is a print-on-demand service, hence it follows the custom order approach.

 This implies that printing doesn’t occur until after you (or a client) have placed an order. 

Printful not only prints your products but also offers comprehensive fulfilment options. 

Printful not only prints products from orders made in your shop but also packages and ships them to the buyer, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Printful Pricing Structure 

From its design module and interfaces with e-commerce platforms to its product mockups and the underlying infrastructure needed to fulfil orders and distribute them to clients, Printful provides almost everything at no cost.

Only when an order has been made and fulfilled will you be required to pay Printful. 

As a result, it is a genuine on-demand printing solution since it eliminates the need to invest in hundreds or thousands of wholesale items.

Printful Pricing -New Printful Subscription Plan

Printful Pricing -New Printful Subscription Plan

Printful has updated its service, changing the Pro and Plus membership tiers in particular.

 All Printful customers should now have a more simplified experience thanks to these modifications. 

The Pro and Plus membership tiers were terminated on April 12, 2023. Customers will no longer have access to the features and advantages provided by these plans as a result.

Printful currently provides several features for free to all customers in place of the Pro and Plus subscriptions. 

These consist of the Custom Mockup Maker, Background Removal Tool, and Promo Maker. 

Customers will automatically have access to these tools as of the termination date without the requirement for a subscription.

Shipping prices

Over the past few years, Printful has seen shipping prices rise dramatically. Printful is changing its shipping prices for t-shirts and hoodies to meet industry norms. 

Despite the rise in delivery costs, Printful guarantees that the savings from lower product pricing, especially for best-sellers, will more than compensate for the increase.

 Their automated shipping profiles will update your store with the updated rates immediately. 

Here are the updated shipping prices for customers in the US.

Product GroupSingle productPrice from May 11Additional productPrice from May 11
T-shirts, tank tops, 3/4 sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, polo shirts, and crop tops are included in the shirt shipping fee category. All-over print goods are not included.$3.99$4.69$2.00$2.20
Hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants, joggers, and pants are included in the hoodie shipping rate category (all-over print goods are not included).$7.99$8.49$2.50No changes

Product Base Cost

For its most popular direct-to-garment (DTG) products, Printful lowered its pricing as of May 11, 2023. 

The Men’s Classic Tee, Unisex Staple T-Shirt, Unisex Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie, and other items are among those whose prices have been reduced. 

These price cuts will make these items more competitive on the market and provide clients with larger profit margins thanks to Printful’s superior printing quality. 

The T-shirt’s sale price is now starting from $9.25. 

Customers can download a spreadsheet that Printful offers for comprehensive information on product pricing adjustments. 

The support staff at Printful is also on hand to address any queries or worries in relation to these developments.

Bulk ordering discounts

Even though there are no order minimums at Printful, there are benefits to purchasing in bulk. 

Discounts of up to 30% are available for orders of 25 or more of select products. 

You still get the same price break if you customize the items in any way you choose, including with alternative colours, sizes, and layouts.

On the page for the item you’re interested in, you’ll see a field labelled “Bulk price calculator,” which you can use to calculate the exact amount you’ll save by purchasing in bulk. 

If you enter the number of units you plan to purchase, this calculator will provide the per-unit discount.

 It’s a great resource for calculating possible savings on bulk orders.

Monthly discount rewards

An internet business demands persistence, risk-taking, and perseverance to build and grow. 

Being able to set one’s own rules and be one’s own boss might be a benefit.

Printful recognizes the work entrepreneurs put into their businesses and wants to recognize and reward their achievements. 

Printful participates in this initiative by providing regular discounts based on sales volume. 

Account holders are entitled to discounts on Printful items whenever their account exceeds a certain threshold for monthly sales accumulation.

Every month, on the first, Printful uses a precise formula to determine the total sales from the previous month. 

The discount earned on Printful items in the next month increases in proportion to the number of sales made during a given month.

Printful Key Features and New Added Free Features

Background Removal Tool

The Background Removal Tool offered by Printful is a valuable feature that allows users to enhance their designs by removing image backgrounds and creating new and exciting designs.

 With just a single click, users can remove the background from an uploaded image and witness the magic unfold. 

This tool is now available for all Printful customers free of charge.

To utilize the Background Removal Tool, users need to follow a simple process. First, they select a product from Printful’s catalogue.

 Next, they upload their design, whether it’s a custom creation, a photo, or even a Getty Image, to the Design Maker. 

Then, by clicking the “Remove background” option at the bottom of the Design Maker, the image background is automatically eliminated. 

Users can further refine their design by adding additional elements or adjusting its placement.

 Once satisfied with the final edits, users can save the new design as a product template.

Custom Mockup Maker

The Custom Mockup Maker offered by Printful is a powerful tool that allows users to create unique and eye-catching mockup images for their products. 

By utilizing this tool, users can customize their mockups with ease, making their brand stand out and attracting more customers.

The Custom Mockup Maker provides users with a variety of options to customize their mockups. 

Users can choose from over 300 built-in backgrounds and layouts, allowing them to fully personalize their mockups and differentiate their store from competitors. 

Additionally, the tool offers over 100 design elements that users can incorporate into their mockups to make them visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

Promo Maker

The Promo Maker offered by Printful is an impressive tool designed to help users create original advertisements and posts to effectively market their products. 

By utilizing this Printful Promo Maker Tool, users can create visually appealing and engaging content to impress their followers and attract potential customers.

The Promo Maker provides users with a wide range of features and templates to enhance their social media presence.

 With over 100 templates available in six different sizes, users can easily customize ads and social media posts according to their preferences. 

These templates offer a convenient starting point for creating eye-catching content without the need for extensive design skills.

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business With Printful for Beginners. 

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business With Printful for Beginners

Interested in launching your own print-on-demand company?

 The search ends with Printful. Turn your ideas into reality with their easy integration and wide selection of products. 

Create an account with Printful and release your inner artist to come up with fresh designs that will impress your customers. 

Pick from a large catalogue of available items to feature your artwork on. 

While Printful takes care of printing, packaging, and shipping, you can concentrate on expanding your business.

 Follow our 7-step tutorial for a comprehensive guide on how to get started

Take advantage of Printful’s high-quality products, and efficient fulfilment services to turn your designs into profitable products. 

Printful Pricing FAQs

Does Printful Take Percentage as Seller?

Due to sellers’ freedom to choose their prices, Printful does not take a cut of sales.
 The base cost of the products and shipment to the customer’s address must be covered by sellers for each order.

Why Printful is better than Printify?

Print-on-demand services from Printful are of higher quality. 

It performs everything internally and makes advantage of improved printing technology. 

Additionally, it has additional foreign order fulfilment facilities and interconnections. 

Printify, on the other hand, provides trustworthy services with more affordable premium subscriptions.

Is Print-on-demand still profitable?

Yes, print-on-demand remains a viable business strategy.

 Print-on-demand is a low-risk and cost-effective approach to joining the market in light of the growth of e-commerce and the rising need for personalized and unique products.

 You may do away with the requirement for inventory management and up-front manufacturing expenses by using platforms like Printful.

How much money can you earn with Printful print-on-demand business?

Printful print-on-demand businesses generate different amounts of money depending on numerous criteria. 

These include design popularity, target market size, marketing activities, price tactics, and operating expenses.

 While exact figures are impossible to give, some business owners have made sizable profits from print-on-demand operations.


Printful’s price choices have been designed to help print-on-demand enterprises.

 Printful helps customers optimize revenues and stay competitive by lowering pricing on a wide range of items and updating their free tools.

 Customers can securely build their online companies and provide customized products to their target audience with Printful’s low pricing and a broad variety of services.

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