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Stockdreams AI Review – Is the Best MidJourney Alternative worth it?

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89 / 100

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized image creation in recent years and it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Rather, from available data, there will continue to be an upward trajectory in how AI improves image creation in the future.

Here’s why:

  • A recent LinkedIn article revealed that 20 million images are generated by AI every day using AI image generation tools like MidJourney, DALL-E, and Stable diffusion. 
  • Also, for the past 1 year to date about 15 billion AI images have so far been created with AI tools, as reported by research site, Fstoppers. 

So, AI image creation is here to stay and this. In fact, the breakthrough in image creation and editing that we’re seeing today with AI is just the beginning!

Now, if you’re already familiar with popular stock graphics websites and tools, like Pexels, Canva, etc. or advanced AI image creation tools like MidJourney, DALL-E, etc., 

then you’ll certainly love (nee Stockdreams AI) for what it does.

Stockdreams AI takes things to a whole new level with AI image and graphics generation!

Besides being simpler to use, compared to stock graphics sites and AI image creation tools, has better features and potential.

I’ll tell you more about these in a minute and also compare’s pricing to other tools.

For now, let’s have a sneak peek into what is and how it differs from the rest of the AI image-creation tools out there.

Table Of Contents

What is is an online graphics creation tool (or, graphics generator) that leverages AI technologies to create different types of high-quality still graphics like:

  1. Stock Images (Flat 2D and 3D images)
  2. Logos
  3. Icons
  4. Characters
  5. Vector/ illustration graphics

Within a few seconds! is a next-level AI image creation tool, that helps you unleash your creative powers to create unique images that best suit your needs and that no other person has.

So, bye-bye to using existing stock images used by millions of other people, and their dogs!

This tool is a step ahead of traditional stock image sites/tools because it helps you to create high-quality images and photos which are unique and non-existing elsewhere.

After you’ve signed up for and activated your Stockdreams account, you:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Tell Stockdreams the image you like to create (i.e., give it an instruction (i.e. prompt)
  3. wait a few seconds, and
  4. Your high-quality, unique image is ready.

This is arguably the easiest way to get a highly professional-looking image produced for you by the app:

  • no installation is required, and
  • no monthly subscription (at least for now).

However, at the moment, compared to stock graphics download tools like Canva, Pixabay, and Pixels, you can’t create motion pictures with

But then, if all you need is a simple tool to create high-quality pictures and artwork in minutes is the tool to use.

Why Should You Use Stockdreams AI?

Here’s why you should use

  1. Easier to use. Compared to other tools like MidJourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, is much easier to explore and deploy.
  2. Cheaper. Stockdreams pricing is cheaper than Stable Difussion and DALL-E but costlier than MidJourney’s
  3. Shorter learning curve. Anyone can use it without the need to undergo extensive training
  4. Beginner friendly. Even if you haven’t used a graphic design tool or AI image generation tool before, you can use it.

Stockdreams A.I Key Features & Benefits:

Stockdreams A.I Key Features & Benefits

Stockdreams has many features and benefits for different use cases. 

Below are the top tools featured in Stockdreams AI:

  • Background Remover tool
  • Brand Characters tool
  • Doodles creator tool
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Export to ANY Software!
  • Illustrations creation tool
  • Image Color Palette Tool
  • Image Compressor Tool
  • Image Descriptor Tool
  • Image Object Removal Tool
  • Logos and icons generator
  • Preset Images to use
  • Product Backgrounds Inserter
  • Product Images designer
  • Stock Images database

Other pro features of the tool included in the Pro version of the tool include:

  • Image Enhancer
  • Variation Generator
  • Image Upscaler
  • Image Vectorizer
  • Image Deoldifier
  • Image Cartonifier

Benefits of these features:

With these features of Stockdreams A.I, you can create:

  1. Custom Illustrations: create high-quality graphic-illustrated objects, scenes, crafts, artwork, etc. 
  2. Doodles: effortlessly create coloured or black & white doodles.
  3. Logos and Icons: use this to create visually appealing and unique icons and logos for branding or use on web projects.
  4. Product Backgrounds: remove, replace, or modify image backgrounds.
  5. Stock Images: effortlessly create high-resolution portrait and landscape stock images you can use for all types of web and non-web projects.

Stockdreams A.I Competitors

The key Stockdreams A.I Competitors are:

  1. DALL-E 2
  2. Deep AI
  3. Deep Dream Generator
  4. Dream by Wombo
  5. Jasper Art
  6. Midjourney
  7. Nightcafe
  8. Pixray Pixel Art Generation
  9. Starry AI
  10. SynthesysX

However, most of these are for creating artwork (i.e., MidJourney), and not for creating high-converting images for users specific needs.

Besides, some of these AI generators have high price tags, and require a monthly subscription fee yet offer limited/fewer features.

  • Dream by Wombo costs $9.99/ month
  • Nightcafe costs $5.99/ month
  • SynthesysX costs $12/ month
  • Pixray costs $0.0002/sec
  • Jasper Art costs $39/month
  • MidJourney costs $10/month
  • DALLE-E 2 costs $0.016/image
  • Deep Dream Generator costs $19/month
  • Deep AI costs $4.99/month

Looking at these prices, Stockdreams AI price is the cheapest at $27 one-time payment, no monthly subscription.

Furthermore, some of them are complicated to use and require a longer learning curve.

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution, cheaper, yet highly effective graphics generation tool, Stockdreams AI is the answer.

No prior experience is required!

You don’t need prior graphic design knowledge or experience with AI image generation tools to use this tool!

Stockdreams A.I Vs MidJourney

Compared to MidJourney,

  1. Stockdreams AI produces concise images with little prompting.
  2. No need for a Discord account. You can access Stockdreams AI directly via your account. 
  3. No need for extensive configurations or setup processes and lengthy steps like in MidJourney.
  4. No need to learn or generate complex ChatGPT prompt formulas which MidJourney uses. Simply type your instructions into Stockdreams’s prompt box and get your images within seconds.
  5. processes output FASTER than MidJourney because it’s used by fewer people with fewer loads on its server compared to MidJourney which is used by over 15 million people.

How Much Does Stockdreams A.I cost? Pricing and Upsells

Two plans are available: 

  • The Stockdreams A.I Standard plan 
  • Stockdreams AI Pro plan

Stockdreams A.I Standard Plan

The Stockdreams A.I Standard plan costs $27 one-time fee. No monthly subscription. 

With the standard plan you get:

  1. Image Generator
  2. Drag & Drop Editor

Stockdreams AI Pro Plan

Stockdreams AI Pro plan is a one-time offer (OTO) that costs $47 one-time fee for people who already have a Stockdreams AI standard plan and $67 one-time fee if you don’t have the free plan. No monthly subscription.

OTO #1: StockDreams PRO ($47)

If you need more you may consider upgrading to StockDreams OTO #1: StockDreams PRO. 

Upgrading to the StockDreams PRO plan allows you to create more professionally looking, unique, and highly appealing images.

With the Pro plan, you get everything in the standard plan plus the ability to:

  1. Enhance Images
  2. Create Variations
  3. Upscale Images
  4. Vectorize Images
  5. Deoldify Images
  6. Cartonify Images
  7. Access an extensive image library (over 15,000 stock PNG images and 15,000 backgrounds)

OTO #2: Banner Generator ($37)

Would you like to create next-level eye-catching banners and ads easily?

Then you may want to consider the StockDreams OTO 2: Banner Generator. 

This is especially suitable for graphic designers, marketers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs who want to create stunning banners for their advertorials (i.e., on social media) to boost conversions and sales.

OTO #3: StockDreams Agency ($67)

Do you have a huge clientele and wish to streamline your workflow and expand your client base?

The StockDreams Agency plan is a powerful feature that can help you to achieve this effectively.

This feature can help you manage your clients and teams’ graphics creation tasks and businesses in one place thereby allowing you to focus on other key aspects of your business.

Upgrading to the OTOs is optional. 

How to Use Stockdreams AI?

To use Stockdreams AI, 

  1. Login to your Stockdreams account
  2. Type into the prompt box what you want the tool to create for you and wait a few seconds.
  3. Stockdreams goes to work to produce the image for you.
  4. Review the produced image and download it to your device.

If you don’t like what you see no problem. Revise it by:

  • Using the revision tools on the topmost section of your dashboard, or
  • Use another prompt that gives more details on what you want.

N/B: a prompt is an instruction that you type into an AI tool.

Once you get the image you like, download it and use.

You can use the image generated on your site, blog, social media platform or even upload to your print on demand store.

Meanwhile, all images you produce are stored in the history section of the tool for you.

Besides image generation, you can do other things with this tool like editing, background removal, image customization, etc.

To learn more about how to use Stockdreams ai to create various appealing graphics, please watch this tutorial on YouTube.

Who Should Use Stockdreams A.I?

Who Should Use Stockdreams A.I?

Anyone may use Stockdreams.

Stockdreams is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It’s designed to produce images quickly without sacrificing the quality.

Stockdreams A.I is suitable for anyone, especially entrepreneurs who need premium quality images quickly to use in online or offline projects.

However, if you’re in any of the following industries you’ll find this tool highly useful

  • Marketing Agencies: for creating compelling and quality marketing visuals. 
  • Ecom Agencies: for creating appealing product visuals to optimize ad campaigns, enhance shopper engagement, and improve conversion rate.
  • Local Businesses: for creating quality, high-impact to boost the brand’s presence, increase customer engagement and boost sales 
  • Social Media Influencers and Content Creation Platforms: for creating stunning graphics to improve visuals, boost reach, and enhance audience participation.
  • Lead Generation Companies: to enhance lead magnets and landing pages, boosting conversion rates.

It’s a tool for anyone desiring high-quality and unique images at a low price.

Stockdreams A.I Pros and Cons

  1. Generates up to 5 types of image forms including flat images, vector graphics, logos, icons, and illustrations.
  2. Suitable for everyone in all industries. 
  3. Easier to use compared to other tools.
  4. Cheaper than most of its competitors.
  5. No monthly subscription compared to the completion.
  6. Quicker learning curve.
  7. No Tutorial and pieces of training on how to use it.
  8. Nothing to install.
  1. A bit higher pricing compared to other AI image generation tools like MidJourney and DALL-E
  2. It’s a web-based app. No mobile app is available yet.

Ways to Make Money Online With Stockdreams.

  1. Design AI Art and Logo for Clients.
  2. Sell Children’s Coloring Books.
  3. Create graphics and social media images for influencers, local businesses, ecom agencies, and marketing agencies.
  4. Create graphics to generate leads for clients.
  5. Make money creating and selling AI-generated Images ebooks on Amazon KDP and other platforms.

Stockdreams A.I FQA

Is Stockdreams A.I worth the price?

Yes, Stockdreams A.I is worth the price compared to other AI image generation tools with fewer features and difficult-use terrain.

Do I need to install any software?

You don’t need to install any software to use Stockdreams A.I. 

Stockdreams A.I is a direct access cloud-hosted and web-based tool. 

You can access and use it on the go from anywhere and at any time, no third-party accessibility/interfacing app installation is required.

Is Stockdreams A.I a scam?

Stockdreams A.I is a real image generation tool and not a scam. It’s used by thousands of people worldwide with real, legit reviews online.

Do you have a 100% money-back guarantee?

Yes, Stockdreams will refund your money 100% within 24 hours if within 30 days you are not satisfied with the tool and need your money back. It’s that transparent and simple.

Should You Get Stockdreams AI?

I think you should.

I highly recommend the tool for its simplicity of use, low pricing (no recurring payments), and capacity to create stunning images for all projects quickly.

Is the Stockdreams a Good MidJourney Alternative?

By many dimensions, Stockdreams is a better MidJourney alternative compared to other AI image creation tools like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

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