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5 AI Side Hustles You Can Do As Beginners ($150+ Per Day)

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In the modern digital age, the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow exponentially.

 AI is transforming many industries, making tasks more efficient and automating various processes. 

As a result, AI-related skills are highly sought after, creating lucrative opportunities for individuals to explore AI side hustles and earn extra income. 

5 AI Side Hustles You Can Do As Beginners

This article will delve into five AI side hustles that beginners can undertake to earn $150+ per day with AI doing 95% of the work.

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1. Selling Digital prints on Etsy 

Selling Digital prints on Etsy

If you have an artistic flair and a passion for creating digital art, selling digital prints on Etsy can be a rewarding side hustle.

All you have to do is use erank and search for digital downloads and sort for the least competitive ones. 

Then, you can use this ai image generator called midjourney to create these various kinds of images with prompts you like.

Edit the images to your taste and upscale them, then connect your Printify account before uploading them to your Etsy account for sale so that they will take care of the printing and shipping for you. 

This will not take more than 30 minutes, and it can be a great source of passive income for a very long time.

2. Creating Websites for Local Businesses using

Creating Websites for Local Businesses using

In today’s digital age, every local business needs a strong online presence. 

If you have a passion for web development, creating websites for local businesses using can be a profitable AI side hustle.

The reason why you should target local businesses when it comes to using Ai to create websites is because the majority of these businesses are far behind when it comes to ai trends curve, most of them don’t know about it while others don’t want to learn about it.

To get started, take your time to explore the main and major features and functionalities of, a user-friendly website builder powered by AI.

 Next is to conduct market research to understand the needs and preferences of local businesses in your area.

Creating a great website for them is very easy and simple. All you have to do is enter the business details and click on Create. It will generate an entire site in seconds, which you can edit to your taste. 

To find clients, you can use a new ai tool called

 It will allow you to select a specific location and send out mass emails to local businesses within those locations, this tool will do that for you after finding their emails. 

3. Starting a Faceless YouTube Channel using a Tool called VidIQ. 

The rise of YouTube as a content platform has opened up incredible opportunities for content creators. 

If you are camera-shy but still want to make money on YouTube, starting a faceless YouTube channel with the help of an AI is an ideal option.

This might sound very difficult to do, but it’s super easy to do. With the help of this ai tool called vidIQ, you can get the whole process done within a few minutes.

First is to decide on a niche that aligns with your interests and passions. It could be anything from educational content to product reviews. 

These videos can be whiteboard videos, b-rolls, slides and Storytelling.   

VidIq will help you with the entire process, starting with title ideas and script generation, all with just a few clicks. 

4. Kid or Adult Colouring Books using Mid-Journey 

Kid or Adult Colouring Books using Mid-Journey

Are you passionate about art and love to see your creations bring joy to others? 

Designing colouring books for kids or adults using Mid-Journey’s AI-image generator can be a delightful and lucrative AI Side Hustles.

First, you need to decide whether you want to create colouring books for children or adults. 

This will determine the kind of prompts you will be using.

Then, use Mid-Journey’s AI tools to create intricate and visually appealing images and colour book designs. 

Continue testing and modifying your prompt until you get the results you want, and then repeat the process. 

Edit and modify all images to your taste before compiling them into a book for publication. 

A great cover is also very important. 

Self-publish your colouring books on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Etsy and promote them to reach your target audience.

5. AI Side Hustles Offering Voice-Over using Eleven Labs 

AI Side Hustles Offering Voice-Over using Eleven Labs  

If you have a pleasant and captivating voice, venturing into the world of voice-over services can be a rewarding endeavour.

With the help of this powerful AI tool called eleven labs, creating voiceovers has been easier than ever. 

This Ai tool can mimic almost anyone and create a great voice-over in their voice. Great, right?

Well, to get started, you will need to provide the AI with a script and a two-minute clip of you talking or the voice of a person that you want to use. 

Now, Eleven Labs will learn from the sound uploaded and create a voice-over using the script provided in that voice. 

It’s very easy. 


With AI technology at your fingertips, embarking on a side hustle has never been easier or even more rewarding. 

The five AI side hustles we’ve explored – selling digital prints on Etsy, creating websites for local businesses, starting a faceless YouTube channel, designing colouring books, and offering voice-over services. 

Offer the immense potential to generate a steady side income while unleashing your creativity.

Don’t wait any longer; seize these opportunities and turn your passions into a profitable venture. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced creative, AI-powered side hustles can pave the way for your success in the digital landscape and also build a good stream of passive income.

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