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Commission Hero Avengers Review; Robby Blanchard ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Training

Commission Hero Avengers Review
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Affiliate marketing has proven to be the best way to market any product and also get people to believe in your product and gain popularity fast. Learning affiliate marketing for any business is the key to growth on an exponential level and it has been proven time and time again.

 If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing from the beginning then you are at the right place. Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to build a business from nothing to a multi-million dollar business with the right strategies and steps.

 You may think you are a smart person and you can think about these yourself but honestly, it is a lot more precise to learn. Your marketing results and revenue generated will be multiplied and you will see true business growth.

The big question for most startups is, how do I start and what kind of training do I get. The truth is, setting up an affiliate market on your business isn’t an easy or small feat and more so making it successful. 

Commission Hero Avengers Review

It has proven to be successful many times but this is only when done right as it has proven to fail many times also when done the wrong way. The great thing about this is, you necessarily don’t need to have a physical business as you can make this money from your home.

 So how do you get it right one time? How do you get it right the first time? Simple answer, Commission Hero Avengers. The product is so efficient that it can make you a wonderful marketer in just a few days.

Table Of Contents

How do I get started with Clickbank in the right way? 

Get Started With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

  1. Step 1: Get an EIN.

    All Affiliates earning over $600 are required to obtain a taxpayer identification number. This number can either be your personal social security number (SSN) but affiliates are most encouraged to obtain an employer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    Getting an EIN is free and easy and can be completed at this IRS official website. 

  2. Step 2: Choose your desired product:

    The next step will be to decide what kind of products you’re most interested in and enthusiastic about.
    Then you’ll eventually find products to promote using the ClickBank Marketplace. You can search for ClickBank Vendors and find the various items that you’re passionate about

  3.  Step 3: Build your platform.

    Once you have made up your mind on what kind of products you want to promote, build a platform to promote them on. 
    Once you have built the platform, create HopLinks to help you monitor sales that were facilitated via your platform. 

  4.  Step 4: Grow your audience.

    This is one of the most important parts of excelling as a ClickBank Affiliate. There are various ways to reach more people.

  5. Step 5: Promote your products.

    Once you’re all set to go, start promoting the products. Once you discover what is working and what isn’t, you can adjust your methods accordingly.

  6. Step 6: Ensure that you Track Your Data

    ClickBank offers various analytics tools to help you simplify your methods as an affiliate. Check out these features when you’re ready. 

  7.  Step 7: Get Paid

    When you facilitate sales, your commission is paid straight into your account. Once you reach your agreed payment limit, your funds will be sent to you via your desired method. The default method is by cheque, however, you can adjust that.

What is Commission Hero Avengers

What Is Commission Hero Avengers

Commission hero is a program that was built with the aim of teaching people how to make money online. It teaches you how to make money online using affiliate marketing. It teaches you and educates you with the power of affiliate marketing and how to harness this large amount of possibilities. 

Commission hero’s main aim is to show you how to use ClickBank products to produce sales and eventually commissions and cash for yourself. The aim is to teach you to make up to a thousand dollars in a single day.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. You can have it as a side job or a main job, it has the ability to make you enough money as a main job and enough as a side job and no matter how little the effort you put in. There will always be results.

If you are familiar with website design and how it works you would know what a landing page is and how much value it comes with. With commission hero, you would get a free landing page for your products. 

There are many secrets with ClickBank and some of them can only be found by professionals in the affiliate marketing industry, where else can you find the best professionals than commission hero.

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 It makes available the strategies that top affiliate marketers make use of to stay at the top of their game. It makes you a professional in almost no time.

Another thing about the commission hero is, it teaches you how to make use of Facebook ads to generate cash for yourself. It takes away all the hard jobs like owning a website or owning an email list. 

Many money with affiliate marketing doesn’t need all those with commission hero. As you know the quality you get from something is highly dependent on how much time you put in it so, the results you would be getting from commission Hero and Clickbank are dependent on how much time you choose to invest in it.

 Your financial target also requires you to invest time in it before you can attain these targets.

Advantages of commission hero avengers

Advantages Of Commission Hero Avengers

Earn Money:

Of course, that’s the point of all this. To make money. Commission hero avengers teach you and give you a step by step guide on how to make money from the comfort of your home and just following steps followed by professionals in the past.


 You would make mistakes when trying something new but with commission hero avengers, all the mistakes which you are likely to make have been sorted out and solutions to these problems have been created so you need not worry about this at all. 

Commission hero provides you with mentorship, holding your hand every step of the way, showing you where to go and how to solve every problem that comes your way

Understandable and comprehensive:

 This is another major advantage of the commission hero avengers program. You don’t need to be a guru to understand it. It’s very basic and easy to wrap one’s head around. 

You don’t need to have prior knowledge about affiliate marketing and other related stuff to have a grasp on it. It is as basic as it gets.

Disadvantages of commission hero avengers


it’s on the high side when the price is concerned. This is quite understandable especially for someone who has an idea of how much value they are getting from this product. The problem is someone who cannot afford the price would miss out even when they know the value and this is a big disadvantage.

Commission Hero Background Information

Commission Hero is one of the various online money making products to arrive on ClickBank. It was created by a super-affiliate named Robby Blanchard.

It is a simplified 3-step system that makes use of Facebook to advertise various digital products so you can earn big commissions.

In order to earn big commissions, you have to choose certain products that have lucrative affiliate programs that pay commissions in the 50% or higher range.

There are 3 big secrets that Commission Hero reveals to all its students, and discovering those high-paying affiliate programs is the first, the second is How you’ll use Facebook to run ads to those offers and make your profit, the third is known as Robby Blanchard’s 3-Step system that psychologically entices people to buy your offers.

Who Is Robby Blandchard, Commission Hero Creator?

Who Is Robby Blandchard, Commission Hero Creator

Robby Blanchard is often regarded as the number one Clickbank affiliate marketer in the world.

For those who are not very familiar with ClickBank, it is a massive marketplace in which affiliate marketers and other vendors can come together to form a joint venture.

Whether you’re a product creator or a just product promoter, the professionals on ClickBank earn about 6 to 7 figure incomes. Robby Blanchard is the Chief executive Officer of Blanchard Media with numerous clients such as Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret, and Jason Capital International.

His company offers services such as speaking engagements, ad campaign management, private consulting, and coaching or tutoring.

Unlike most of the super-affiliates, Robby did not begin in the “make-money-online” business. He first started a fitness industry, opening his gym after securing his MBA from Fitchburg State College. 

He ventured into Facebook Ads to gain more publicity for his gym and it turned out to be a big success, and this is where he harnessed his online skills to eventually become Clickbank’s top affiliate and the developer of Commission Hero.

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Is Commission Hero A Scam

Commission Hero is 100 % legit, that doesn’t necessarily imply that Commission Hero is the right product for you, some people have used it and didn’t like it, or that you’ll be earning $1000 every day as Robby does. But, since he’s fully aware of what he’s teaching, you will be off to a good start.

Certain individuals have paid for various courses that over-promised and under-delivered before, and although they weren’t scams, they took the money while giving their students information that was either incomplete, outdated, or useless. 


This often makes people skeptical about commission hero, even if it has been proven to be legit over time.

There are various flat-out scams that just receive your money and run, and then there are also some questionable products that some people might refer to as “half-scams”.

Some well-known examples are internet marketing products like the Secret Affiliate Machine that offers you a somewhat legit system but conceal the fact until after you’ve joined that you’re going to require a lot more money to partake in additional courses, tools, and most importantly, traffic to make it work.

The additional expenses run into the thousands that weren’t budgeted for.

But luckily for us, that’s not the case with Commission Hero. Robby is totally upfront on everything about his system using paid traffic. 

Another of the shady tactics used by a lot of these scams are high-ticket upsells. You will join for a few hundred bucks or less, get some of the basic information that just woos you with possibilities… and then you find out the actual good stuff is going to cost you thousands of dollars more. In some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.

Commission Hero Testimonial 2021

At that moment, what you see is what you get here. It can’t be said for certain that there will never be upsold that goes along with Commission Hero, but for now, it’s a complete course that covers everything, from beginner to advanced strategies, and it is totally legit.

How Does a Commission Hero Work?

How Does A Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero is organized in a way, similar to systems like 30 Minute Workday, it renders step-by-step instructions on how to set up a highly profitable sales network and sends traffic to it by making use of Facebook Ads.

Commission hero’s course outline starts with a ‘Getting Started’ section that explains most of the basics and instructions on some advanced strategies such as link tracking and scaling your campaigns and you can also obtain access to the specialized Commission Hero Facebook Group and a very wonderful series of teachings called The Inner Circle Coaching when it is available.

Commission Hero Pricing and Payments

Commission Hero Pricing And Payments

The current price of Commission Hero is approximately $997. It is to be paid one-time but there is a split payment option. One of the common questions that seem to be getting asked, is how exactly does Commission Hero pay you?

Commission Hero has an affiliate program that pays you a stipulated commission when you successfully recommend it to others… your main source of income does not come from Commission Hero.

Commission Hero educates you on how to find other people’s products through affiliate networks such as ClickBank, MaxWeb, and A4D. Whenever you promote and sell those products, you gain commissions which are therefore paid by one of those affiliate networks, the payment doesn’t come from Commission Hero.

 Another common misunderstanding about Commission Hero is that because it’s heavily focused on Facebook Ads, is that it’s one of the “task” based systems that pays you to post Facebook ads? That’s definitely not the case.

The Facebook ads you would be posting are your ads with the aim of promoting the products YOU have agreed to sell.

This also means, there are no “guaranteed” payments.

If you are looking for a “task” type system, your easiest and cheapest options because they are free to join, are things like; online surveys with sites like, or watching videos, searching the web and visiting websites with

These sites will never pay you enough money to do anything substantial, but they are as mentioned, free to join, and for some people, they’re a very good place to start if you’ve never made money online before.

How do Facebook Ads work With Commission Hero?

How Do Facebook Ads Work With Commission Hero?

That is totally up to you because While Commission Hero teaches you how to do Facebook advertising, the total cost to advertise comes out of YOUR pocket.

And also the way paid advertising works is you run two or more campaigns against each other to find out which one performs better. You then keep the winner and drop the losers, this is the secret used by main affiliate marketers.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your winner is going to be profitable though. It simply means it did 

Better than the losers.

So, in order to make profits, you make more tweaks, create more and more campaigns, and run more tests.

They aren’t free though, each campaign you publish will cost you money, and the unfortunate reality is that most campaigns are losers.

Robby is going to give you your best opportunity to put together a winning campaign but the real truth is, winning campaigns cannot be “taught” or “copied”. They are massively earned through trial and error – by testing different audiences, products, landing pages, email follow-ups, and so on.

How do you get a refund using community hero? :

How Do You Get A Refund Using Community Hero?

For most people, $997 is a big investment. What if Commission Hero doesn’t work?

Can you get your money back?

You can, but it won’t be any time soon. This is their official policy…

Commission Hero runs a withdrawal policy, which enables anyone who isn’t satisfied with the one you got can easily request a refund and that is their policy.

Commission Hero wants you to take the course and put it to the test for a full 12-months with the utmost attention. If you don’t get results in 12-months you can then request a refund… but not before.

The catch of course is that you cannot just use it for a couple of weeks, abandon it for 11 and half months, and then request a refund. You must put it to the test.

The price for this program is $997. Like earlier stated it is quite high. This is not a program that’s aimed at just teaching you little things. It’s like going to college or medical school. 

You get everything you need to be a professional here and although it is expensive, it’s worth every penny.


Commission Hero Avengers FAQs

What is affiliate marketing?

This is a marketing system which is regarded as a performance-based system in which a particular business or organization rewards people who are called affiliates for brings new customers to patronize them, turning the new customers into affiliates, creating a chain

Is commission hero the best affiliate marketing course?

Simply yes! It is the best marketing training program you will get for affiliate marketing as far as results and efficiency is concerned. It isn’t perfect but it’s still the best. 

Is commission hero the best Clickbank affiliate training?

Again, yes! It is. It is the best training you would get if you want to go into ClickBank affiliate marketing. It covers all aspects and all parts of ClickBank marketing and it teaches you how to make a whole lot of money from it 

Does Commission Hero avengers really work?

Commission Hero seems to be the best course overall, a lot of students seemed to have been successful with it. 

Commission avengers Hero cannot be depicted as a scam because you are granted access to the training immediately you sign up, and there are many true reports and reviews of various students having success with the program. 

Is Clickbank legit for affiliate marketing?

ClickBank is totally legit and is in no way a scam. ClickBank has established itself as one of the biggest affiliate networks for marketers and bloggers all over the world. The company has never missed a payment in its Over 20 years of operation and that is a very wonderful record. 

ClickBank is one of the legit affiliate networks that you can make some serious cash with, and there are a lot of affiliate marketers who are earning large amounts of income with it.

What’s the price for commission hero avengers program?

The price for this program is $997. Like earlier stated it is quite high. This is not a program that’s aimed at just teaching you little things. It’s like going to college or medical school. 

You get everything you need to be a professional here and although it is expensive, it’s worth every penny. 

Can commission hero avengers be recommended for beginners?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, commission hero is a program every beginner should have and have access to if they want to use ClickBank because ClickBank is really making lives easy for many. 

If you want to get better at ClickBank or affiliate marketing as a whole or you just want to learn for the first time and you are looking for the right platform, then here it is, commission hero avengers.

Do commission hero have a warranty? 

Absolutely! You do have a warranty for 60days. This money-back policy gives you assurance of the quality of the service you would be getting and lets you apply for a refund if by any means you are not satisfied after 2 months. 

Does the Commission Avengers hero really work?

Absolutely yes! You will learn to make and make absolutely every penny you spent and a lot more. What you get using commission hero is out of this world especially with the number of possibilities available.

Does commission hero avengers give a discount? 

Sadly they do not. Their product is not discounted and it is worth about $1000. There are no referrals programs on this one of anything you can do you get you a discount on the product 

Commission hero pricing and payment 

Commission Hero avengers  Pricing And Payment

There are two ways you can pay for the commission hero avengers program. There is a one-time fee of $997. Then there is an installment fee of $597. 

This must be paid twice which amounts to a total of $1194. This would mean that you would have to pay $197 if you are going to pay installments for this package. Many can argue that the price is a bit overboard and it’s a bit too expensive but, when you know the value you would be getting from any given product then the price isn’t a problem. product then the price isn’t really a problem

Final Commission Hero Avengers Review Thought 

Clickbank affiliate marketing might be very frustrating if its not done in the right ways, I mean copying and applying successful proven method to your business, I know what most you beginners do faced out there because I was once an affiliate marketer beginners, ranching from wasting money on paid ads that are not converting, putting all effort on promotion of product but ending up not getting sell. 

Being one of the Robby Blanchard students i have a lot, does and don’t  of clickbank affiliate marketing that is the reason why i can boldly recommend commission hero to you if start up affiliate marketing or you want to scale up your earning with paid ads.

I know you would love to build passive and autopilot business around Clickbank, in that wise, I will be giving away free bonuses such as my secret method of “product launches jacking, free targeted traffic secret and other exclusive case studies” to get this exclusive bonuses worth $3k send a receipt copy of the purchase to [email protected] and it will be delivered to you within 24hour.

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