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Instagram Affiliate Marketing – 3 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On Instagram

Hey there! Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

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Instagram over the past two years has grown to become one of the most influential for Instagram Affiliate Marketing and traffic-driving social media in the world.

With over a billion users across the globe, it is becoming a must for every business that is serious and desperate to get more customers as well as interact with their customer base.

For brands and small businesses, Instagram affiliate marketing would serve as a way to get a content influx of clients and customers.

While for Instagram influencers, affiliate marketing can serve as a major stream of income for most of it.

All they have to do is drive as many qualified followers through their affiliate link to the merchant’s website.

Today, we shall be focusing on the affiliate marketing aspect of Instagram affiliate marketing. 

And will be showing you three ways and strategies you can use the Instagram platform to drive sales to your affiliate offers and earn a bulk of affiliate commission doing so.

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How Does Instagram Affiliate Marketing for Affiliate Marketers Work?


If this is your first time hearing the word affiliate marketing, this section would be very useful and detailed.

Affiliate marketing in clear terms means referring people to a business or product and getting a cut (commission) of the profit made.

So to get started, you have to consider what kind of products and services your audience are most likely to purchase.

This is very important because it would absolutely make no sense to promote web hosting services to stay queens.

I guess you get my point?  If No, here is another example.

Imagine you are a pastor with a huge following on Instagram, which automatically makes you an Instagram influencer and a majority of your followers would definitely be religiously inclined people.

This way, the best set of products that you can promote will be products that would feed their spiritual wants like spiritual books, seminars and conferences.

Promoting them a sex toy and I bet you would make very little sales not to consider the criticism that may follow.

So once you find the proper product to promote, you sign up for their affiliate program (for most of the affiliate programs, it is absolutely free and can be done within 20 minutes).

Once you sign up, you would be assigned an affiliate link that is unique to just you.

Therefore the machine will match any sales that come via your affiliate link to your account.

You can then utilize the bulk of ways I would be revealing to you below to get your audience aware of the product they will buy.

The Instagram Post Link Limitation

Unlike other social media that give you the ability to post links, Instagram for reasons best to them doesn’t allow you to do so.. Mine while you can grow your followers with Tailwind to enable post Instagram story.. Mine while you can grow your followers with Tailwind to enable post Instagram story.

So how do you promote your affiliate offer?

Don’t be too in a hurry, I would tell you.

But first, let’s looks at

List of Top Affiliate Programs for Instagram Affiliate Marketers.

Yeah, I guess you are currently thinking of what product to promote to your audience.

The truth is, if you flop once, you are going to lose the trust of most of them and you know what that means.

Also, here are three basic guidelines to follow when picking affiliate products to promote to your audience.

Pick Something They would be interested in.

I can’t overstress this enough. If your followers don’t feel happy to see your affiliate offers, if it annoys them, if they scroll over it rapidly, then you are not doing it right.

Pick products they would surely need.

You do this by examining who exactly are your followers and if you have a generic group of followers. 

 You can promote products that are most likely going to be appealing to a majority of them.

Never Promote Scams Products

It is very advisable to only promote products you have personally used.

This would go a long way to prevent complaints of scams.

The last thing you would want is your loyal followers thinking you are a partner with a group of businesses out there to scam them.

Never promote inferior products irrespective of the affiliate commission.

Don’t go above the 30% Promotion and 70% Content rule

Instagram Affiliate marketing  70/30 Rule Content

The mistake I see so many Instagram affiliate marketers making is that; 

once they start promoting affiliate offers and seeing some results, they go all out and wear off their audience with offers.

The truth is that your audience would only stick with you because of your content and not your promotions.

So getting the line drawn between your promotional frequency is very important.

30/70 should be the highest you get to maintain optimum results.

Now that we got all those points in place, let me show you how you can use your affiliate links on Instagram and get people to see them.

3 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products (links) on Instagram

Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on instagram

There are a lot of ways you can promote affiliate links on Instagram but I would be sharing with you the three most effective strategies.

1. Buy or Start Fresh Instagram Acount

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Start an Instagram account from scrap, or buy an already existing Instagram account or repost other people’s content on Instagram. 

Here come two paths for you to take if you are looking for success on Instagram.

You can either choose to start an Instagram account from scratch and grow your following by yourself over time or you may decide to buy an already grown Instagram account.

Although buying an already well grown verified followers Instagram account presents you with an ample opportunity to start making sales as soon as possible,

 It also increases your chances of failure especially when you are a complete newbie to Instagram affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliate marketing Instagram Influencers

If you do not want to go through the stress of growing a following or building the reputation of an Instagram profile, you can pay Influencers to help you get your affiliate link to their followers.

This is kind of a paid Method but it works absolutely well as you can start getting results immediately.

However, you need a product that has the ability to convert very well to strike a profitable margin using this model.

After finding your products to promote, you make a rigorous search for an Instagram influencer in that niche with a great reputation and following, after which you can happily pay them to promote the offer.

The disadvantages of this method however are, if your offer doesn’t convert well, you lose the money spent in hiring the influencer

3. Run Paid Ads on Instagram

Run Paid Ads on Instagram

With currently over a billion users worldwide, the reach of Instagram ads is definitely something you would want to use.

With as low as a budget of $5 a day, you can get your offer backed with your affiliate link seen by hundreds of people who are interested in such things.

With the Facebook ads manager or Instagram ads interface, you can target Instagram users based on their interest, behaviours and following and get the most out of your ads budget.

If done well, you can build a system that repeatedly multiplies your money.

Conclusion Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways to make passive income without you having to deal with shipping or owning your products. 

The only cons of affiliate marketing are that it requires time and effort if you are using freeways and it requires a lot of money if you are using a paid method. 

That concludes our simple Instagram Affiliate Marketing tips, it’s now your turn please kindly drop your suggestions or what method are gonna use first?.

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