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How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 24 Hours WITHOUT ARTICLES on PHP Script Tools.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 24 Hours
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Google AdSense has grown to become one of the most popular advertising networks for websites. 

By displaying relevant Google ads, website owners can earn money every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement. 

Many bloggers and site owners aim to join the AdSense program for easy monetization of their content. 

However, the Google AdSense approval process can sometimes be lengthy – requiring a site to build up substantial pages, good articles and traffic before getting accepted. 

This creates an initial delay before earnings can start and most times, you might not even get approved. 

But, the good news is that there’s a way to go about this and the goal of this blog post is to detail the method involved in getting Google AdSense approval within 24 hours, 

without needing to first write any blog posts or articles on your new site

This method involves using an affordable PHP script which can be gotten from CodeCanyon or designed by a developer 

which you can hire from Fiverr to set up a simple tool site which you can then use to get Google AdSense approval within 24 hours. 

The Steps involved are as follows:

Table Of Contents

Step 1; Getting Your Script From Codecanyon.

Getting Your Script From Codecanyon.

Getting the script for creating your tool site is the most important step in getting your domain approved.

 If you are a developer, you can develop one yourself, but if you don’t have the time, or you are not a developer, There are two ways you can go about this.

The fastest and cheapest way is to purchase one from CodeCanyon at a very affordable price and the second option is to hire a developer on Fiverr to develop one for you. 

You can create any Web-based tool of your choice, some popular options include Calculator, Temporary Email Generator, SEO Tools, Domain Authority Checker, AI Content Detector and many more. 

To get this or any kind of PHP Script to create your tool site, Simply log on to CodeCanyon and locate the PHP Script section. 

From there, search for a script of your choice, add it to the cart and proceed to purchase and download by following the prompt. 

Step 2; Purchase a Domain and Hosting.

Purchase a Domain and Hosting.

Once you have purchased and downloaded your PHP script for your tool site, the next important step is to get a domain and hosting service where you will host the tool.

This is a little bit technical. Once you get your domain and hosting ready, log in to your web hosting cpanel, locate the file manager and proceed to upload your script if you know how to navigate the file manager properly. 

It’s highly recommended to seek the help of an expert to help you with the installation and set-up. 

You can easily find an expert on Fiverr to help you with that at a  very cheap price. 

Step 3: Add Necessary Pages To Get Google AdSense Approval

Add Necessary Pages To Get Google AdSense Approval

After the installation and your tool is live and working, the next step is to add those essential pages required by AdSense to further prepare the site for getting approved. 

Add the About Us, Contact Us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages to the menu and/or footer of your tool site. 

To further increase your chances of getting approved, you can decide to edit your own script/tool site a little to make it unique because that script is in the public domain and many people must have gotten and used that exact script. 

So, editing and Customising the script will further make your own tool unique and stand out thereby increasing your chances. 

Step 4: Signing up and Applying for AdSense 

Signing up and Applying for AdSense

The last and final step is to log on to Google AdSense, create an account and request for review for your tool site. 

If everything is done properly, there is a very high chance of getting approved within just 24 hours. 

Once you get the Congratulatory email, you might decide to keep the tool site and continue working with it. 

But, if you don’t want it, you can simply delete the script, and install WordPress to start your blog where you will start writing and publishing content.

This will cut short the time you have to wait before you start earning from your website. 


The outlined step-by-step process for quickly getting a new website approved for Google AdSense in just 24 hours without writing a single piece of content. 

How To Get Google AdSense Approval in 24 Hours

This involves:

  • Purchasing an optimised PHP tool script from CodeCanyon. 
  • Installing the script and setting up a tool site on cPanel hosting. 
  • Add necessary pages. 
  • Submitting the site to AdSense for expedited review. 

Once your AdSense application is approved after following these steps, there are a few tips to maintain your account standing:

You can then decide what to do with the site, either you keep it or you switch it to a blog and continue posting articles. 

Getting Google AdSense approval quickly allows you to start monetizing sites faster without needing existing content.

 This takes some initial effort but frees you from constantly writing blog posts before seeing earnings.

I invite you to try this method of utilising CodeCanyon scripts to get quick Google AdSense approval in under 24 hours!

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