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Temporary Disposable Email Address in 2023 – Top 6 Free Temp-mail Alternatives

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The Internet can be scary to communicate with and send sensitive information.

Unfortunately, using your real email address can leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other malicious activity, especially when it comes to online shopping or money transfers.

That’s why it’s important to use temporary email addresses that provide extra privacy protection.

Temporary emails are used to sign up for websites or services that require you to provide an email address, but you don’t want to use your primary email address.

It’s also useful when you don’t have an email address or want to protect your privacy online by using a temporary one.

A temporary email address works like a disposable email address; it does not share your real identity and only lasts for the amount of time that you select beforehand.

Temp-mail works just with any service or website that allows you to enter an email address, including Gmail and other email providers.

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What is the Temporary Emails Generator?

What is the Temporary Emails Generator

The Temporary Emails Generator is an online tool that allows you to generate temporary, disposable email addresses.

You can generate up to five new, temporary email addresses with each click of the button.

Most of these tools are completely free to use and have no limitations on the number of emails that you can create.

Here are the top 6 free temporary email address alternatives you can use in 2023!

Here are the best ways or websites to get a disposable address and it is available at any time. 

So you don’t have to worry about setting up anything or registering ahead of time.



TempEmailGen is a service that lets you generate disposable email addresses for free.

Just copy the email displayed on the homepage. You can easily click on Change if you want to generate a new email and you can easily delete those emails once you are done with them.

If we should imagine this world of the internet where our personal information like email address, phone book, etc are scraped from the web. 

The temp email identifies us as the users instead of our personal email addresses

Still, until then this service offers us some protection from spam and hackers. 



Emailondeck is a free service that allows you to create temporary email addresses. This platform requires you to generate a new email with just two steps. 

Prove that you are not a robot by solving the puzzle and then clicking on generate to get a new email.

The service also has the added benefit of being able to send and receive emails from your temporary email address, without having to give out your real address.

Once again, it’s free! You can use one for yourself or a friend or family member.

Emailondeck Pros

There is no signup needed and all you have to do is solve a puzzle and then click on get new mail.

Emailondeck Cons

 The downside is that if someone needs access to an account, they will need both the username/password pair and the name associated with it.



This is the best temp-mail provider we could find. It’s very unique and has some amazing features.

What’s awesome is that they not only offer you a free temporary email, but they also offer you a free temporary custom email free of charge. 

They have been up and running for a while, so you know they’re trustworthy.

Plus, fake mail offers some cool features that many other providers don’t have like having your custom temporary mail and password that are valid for 60 minutes. And it is all for free!

Fakemail Cons

  •  On the downside, the email is only valid for 60 minutes and cannot be retrieved.
  •  So it’s advisable not to use this particular service for something that will stay up to 24 hours.



Tempail provides its users with the ability to create temporary email addresses so that they can use them without exposing their personal information.

Log on to the site and copy the displayed email or click on refresh to generate a new one. 

Copy and start using it instantly.

Tempail Pros

  •  The great thing about these emails is that they don’t require any other registration or lengthy usernames.
  • All of the emails will be valid for 60 minutes, at which point they expire.

Tempail Cons

  •  The only downside is that once you copy an email and start to use it, there isn’t anything else to do on the site aside from logging into your email account and checking out what messages are waiting for you.
  • If you’re just looking for an easy way to generate disposable emails, then Tempail should be able to meet your needs.



Mohmal is an online service that allows you to get temporary disposable emails. 

You can generate email addresses, name them, and set the desired expiration date. The Mohmal service has been designed with the user in mind and it’s simple to use.

This is one of the main benefits of using this temporary email address service, as opposed to other options out there.

 It’s easy to start from scratch if needed. You can choose a customer email or generate a random one.

Mohmal doesn’t require any registration and does not keep any information about the users who use their free disposable emails.

All data is deleted after 24 hours or once all emails have been used up.

Mohmal Pros

  •  There’s no sign-up required and everything happens via a web browser, which means you don’t have to download anything on your computer or mobile device.
  • With Mohmal, receiving OTPs, verification links, making a one-time purchase online and many more require just a few clicks.
  • Mohmal offers a very good option if you want a temporary disposable email without signing up or providing personal details such as a phone number or an ID card number.
  • Unlike some other temp mail services, they do not store any of your data.



Temp-mail is the leading provider of free disposable email addresses with over 200 million emails sent to date. 

Once you open the homepage, you will be provided with a unique disposable email address that you can use for any purpose for up to 10 minutes before it expires.

If the need arises for another temporary email address, then you simply log in and click on refresh to generate another one.

Temp-mail Features

All emails received at this temporary email address will also go to your regular inbox so you never miss important information.

You should always delete these messages after reading them just to avoid cluttering your inbox.

Additionally, there are no advertisements on the paid version of the website so you do not have to worry about ads interrupting what would otherwise be productive time spent checking your email.

There are pros and cons to using Temp-mail.

Temp-mail Cons

  •  On the downside, recipients may suspect that you don’t want them to reply because of the short lifespan of your email.
  • They may also question why you created such a short mailbox address when many other free temp-mail services provide a longer lifespan.

Temp-mail Pros

 On the upside, this service could be useful if someone knows they will only need an email for 5-10 minutes and doesn’t want their other inboxes filled up with emails they might not even read.


After all, it’s not just the email you need to worry about. You should also be cautious when filling out any surveys or downloading any files.

The only way to protect yourself is by using a disposable email address. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

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