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How to Get VidIQ Pro For Free – (VidIQ Crack Trick Works)

How to Get VidIQ Pro For Free
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Have you been searching for how to get VidIQ Pro for free?

 Then you have landed on the best webpage that elucidated all you should know on how to get VidIQ Pro for free.

Are you new to VidIQ? VidIQ is one of the best tools that is designed for YouTubers that will help you to get titles, keywords, searchable tags, etc. 

that people are searching for on the YouTube platform.

With VidIQ you can be able to get lots of views, likes, shares, and comments on your YouTube videos.

Moreover, VidIQ has lots of advanced features which include VidIQ Score, Viral Sharer as well as Community Engagement Meter.

If you have VidIQ tools (especially the pro version), you will be able to optimize your YouTub video to get more engagement and also go viral.

In this guide, we will teach you how to get the VidIQ premium version for free, including step by step guide with screenshots.

Hereunder, if you are new to YouTube, with this guide you can skyrocket your video to outrank your enemies on YouTube.

You don’t have to bother about anything. All you need is to read this guide to the end.

Table Of Contents

What is VidIQ Pro?

What is VidIQ Pro?

VidIQ is a tool that is designed for YouTubers to help them do keyword research (finding relevant and high search video topics that people are searching for).

With VidIQ, YouTubers will be able to have lots of views, likes, shares as well as comments on each of their videos.

VidIQ is a popular YouTube-certified platform that allows YouTubers to grow their channel with ease.

This tool help creators find topics and keywords that they can use while creating their content. 

VidIQ has an extension for Chrome and it comes with lots of SEO features that focused on helping YouTubers to scale through in their business.

VidIQ automatically creates titles, tags, and descriptions that are SEO and keyword optimized. While using VidIQ, you don’t have to spend much time doing keyword research for your YouTube videos.

Moreover, the free version of VidIQ is quite limited as those advanced features that will help you scale through your YouTube channel are not available in the free version.

Moreover, the pro version comes with advanced features such as advanced keyword research and also video marketing features for YouTube video optimization.

By using VidIQ Pro, you are sure of getting more views, likes, and shares on your videos. Also, your videos will rank high on YouTube searches.

Why Upgrading To VidIQ Pro & It’s Pricing

Why Upgrading To VidIQ Pro & It’s Pricing

Although there is a free plan when using VidIQ, users should have in mind that free things have some limitations – either they will not last or you will be restricted access to lots of features.

For instance, in VidIQ free plan, you will only be allowed to add up to 3 competitors to track, have access to VidIQ basic email support, a live stats bar, limited trend alerts, and a few other features.

Moreover, in VidIQ Pro plan which costs starts at $7.50 a month will give you access to more analytics and unlocks the ability to research keywords.

Also, it allows connectivity for one user or one channel and it contains all the features in the free plan.

Some of the features that are available in the VidIQ Pro plan include tracking up to 6 competitors, chat support, YouTube description campaigns, keyword research, historical analysis, comparing views for any video and playlist, etc.

Meanwhile, upgrading to VidIQ Pro is quite advantageous as the secrets of optimizing YouTube videos will be delivered to you with ease.

We recommend that you upgrade to the Pro plan if you wish to enjoy most of the advanced features of VidIQ.

In as much as this, we will show you a trick that you can use to get VidIQ Pro for free for 30 days. Let’s get started.

How to Get VidIQ Pro For Free – Step By Step Guide with Images

In this section, we will teach you to step by step guide that you will use to get the VidIQ premium version for free.

Before we kick start, navigate to the VidIQ website which you can access through to see what you will get for free with this guide we are giving out to our noble readers for free.

Below are the steps you should follow. Ensure that you go through each step and understand how we get to the step.

Meanwhile, we provided images to help in the virtual understanding of our content. Let’s get there.

Step 1: Create a Temporary Email Address

Although there are lots of websites that give free temporary email addresses to users, in this guide we will be teaching with 

Okay! So from your browser, visit 

I will be explaining more in this step one with images. So follow the arrows in the image below and the description that is below it.

Create a Temporary Email Address

From the image above, you can see what looks like.

By default, once you open the website, they will generate an email address for you. So you need to undergo processes before you can generate a new email from this website.

From the image above under the place I labeled #1, you will be able to see your email inbox. 

If you scroll down you will be able to see your inbox which is on auto-refresh and probably your inbox will be empty because you have not used your generated email address to sign up on any platform.

The place I labeled #1 is your generated temporary email address that you can use for our VidIQ guide. 

While the #2 from the image above is a “copy” button that you can use to copy your generated temporary email address.

Moreover, you can still use your normal mouse to mark it and copy it.

This step #1 is all about generating a temporary email address. Once generated, move on to step #2.

Note: Don’t close any tab in your browser that we recommend that you should open while following this guide.

Step 2: Create an Account with VidIQ

Navigate to the VidIQ website which is 

Once the webpage finished loading, click on “Sign up” to create a new account.

When you click on “Sign up,” you will see a drop-down where you will be asked to put your email address and your password.

Now in the email section, paste the temporary email that you generated from

See the image below for a virtual explanation.

Create an Account with VidIQ

From the image above, you can see where I pasted the temporary email I just generated in step #1 above.

Next, choose a password that you can easily remember and hit the “Sign up” button to create your account.

Step 3: Welcome to VidIQ

When you click on the “Sign up” button, it will take you to 

From the welcome page, you will be able to see what VidIQ will do for you, and also you will see a button asking you to add your YouTube channel.

As we said earlier, VidIQ is an AI platform that is designed for YouTubers.

See the image below.

add your youtube channel to vidiq

When you click on “Add your YouTube Channel,” you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to sign in with your email address.

Moreover, if you are signed in with the Google email address that you used to create your YouTube channel, you will be asked to choose a YouTube channel that you want to use for your VidIQ account.

signed in with the Google email address

After choosing your YouTube Gmail account, you will be prompted to confirm what VidIQ will perform on your YouTube channel.

But before that, if you have multiple YouTube channels, you will be asked to choose the YouTube channel you want to integrate with VidIQ.

When you have chosen your desired YouTube channel, just click on “Allow” to proceed. 

Next, you will be taken to the VidIQ onboarding page.

Step 4: Choose your VidIQ Plan

On the VidIQ onboarding page, you will be asked to choose your preferred plan.

Since this guide is a trick to get the pro plan of VidIQ, we recommend that you click on the “Continue to vidIQ It’s free” button. See the image below for a virtual assistant.

Choose your VidIQ Plan

When you click on the box that I circled above, it will take you to a new page where you will be prompted to complete five (5) steps.

Here we recommend that you complete only step 1 which is mandatory. Step 1 said that you should confirm your email address.

You can skip the remaining 4 steps that you will see in the pop-up window from your screen. See the image below.

video welcome success instruction

Step 5: Confirm Your Email Address

To confirm your email address, go back to your browser tab where you opened

If there is no message from VidIQ yet, just refresh your temporary email inbox or the browser tab+ to see the latest messages in your inbox.

Confirm Your Email Address

From the image above, you can see where I labeled #1 and #2.

When you open the tab where your temporary email was created, the first thing you should do if you did not see any message in your inbox is to refresh your inbox. 

Although the inbox is on auto refresh – so you may not need to manually refresh it.

Moreover, if you have seen the message from VidIQ in your inbox, open the message by clicking on it.

Then click on the link in that message asking you to confirm your email to get your email confirmed.

When you click on the confirm email link, you will be redirected to a new page that will look like resemble the second image in step #4 above.

Right here on the page, just close the pop-up window using the close button. By doing this, you have skipped the remaining four steps that they recommended for you.

Step 6: Click on Subscribers Boost

After closing the pop-up window, click on “Subscribers Boost” which is located at the top of the web page that you are taken to.

 Click on Subscribers  vidiq Boost plan

From the image above, you can see where the “Subscribers Boost” is located.

From the next page that will be opened to you after clicking on “Subscribers Boost,” you will notice that you don’t have access to any of the features that are included in the Boost plan of VidIQ.

No click on “Upgrade to boost” which is located below the embedded video. See the image below.

Upgrade to boost

As we stated right from our topic, this guide is on how to get VidIQ Pro for free. So follow the tricks we elucidated below to see how we will unlock the pro version of VidIQ for free.

Step 7: Get a VidIQ Boost Plan for Free

After clicking on “Upgrade to boost,” you will be taken to another page where you will be able to see all the pricing plans that are available for VidIQ users.

The three available plans include Pro which costs $10, Boost which costs $49, and Boost+ which costs about $499 per month.

Now click on “Upgrade to boost” as shown in the image below/

Upgrade to boost

Moreover, we will show you to get the Boost plan for free. Continue reading the next step.

Step 8: Order summary

Here you will be asked to choose your mode of payment. Also, you will see a preview that will show you that you are about to boost 1 YouTube channel for $49.

We recommend that you select paying with a Debit or Credit Card because PayPal does not work on the method we intend to use to get this VidIQ Boost plan for free.

Now click on the “Debit or Credit Card” button.

input Debit or Credit Card

Step 9: Payment Info

After clicking on it, a new page will be opened for you and there you will be required to put your debit card details.

The reason why we recommend paying with a Debit card is that from the image below you will see that the promo code is not available with PayPal payment.

From the payment info page, click on the “Have a promo code” button. See the image below for a virtual assistant.

Payment Info

Upon clicking the “Have a promo code” button, you will see a form field where you will be allowed to type in your promo code.

Hint: Type “think” in the field provided for the promo code. Ensure that you remove the quotations. You should type think only.

Next click on the green arrow that is inside the promo code form field.

See the image below for a virtual assistant.

vidiq 100% promo code

Follow step 10 below to save $49 while enjoying all the features that the VidIQ Boost plan comes with. 

Step 10: Get a 100% Discount on the VidIQ Boost Plan

After following all the guidelines in step $9, you will notice that the “think” promo code comes with a 100% discount.

Here you will add your debit card details but you will not be charged for anything service.

Moreover, as stated in VidIQ terms, some little cash may be deducted from your debit card. This is to ensure that your debit card is valid.

Note: You will get back your deducted fund within 24 hours. So there is nothing to panic about. See the image below.

vidiq boost plan

As you can see from the image above, you will be charged $0.00 for the VidIQ Boost plan.

We recommend that you mark the date that you registered and set up this trick because it will help you to know when your free one month will expire so that you will log in to your account and either cancel your subscription or close your account.

Step 11: Cancel Your  VidQ Account

When your 30 days are over, you need to go back and either cancel your subscription or close your account.

To do this, follow the arrow in the image below.

Cancel Your  VidQ Account

After clicking on the close button, scroll down from the present page (that is “Plans & Pricing”) that you are and click on “Manage your plan.”

See the image below for a virtual assistant.

Manage your plan on vidiq

Step 12: Manage Your Plan

After clicking on “Manage your plan,” a new page will load for you. See the image below.

vidiq account setting

From the image above, click on your account profile account which I labeled #1 in the image above.

Upon clicking, a drop-down menu will open for you. Next click on “Account Settings” (I labeled it #2) in the image above.

Moreover, you can simply click on #3 from the image above to log out of your account.

Note: the shortest form of closing your account is to log out.

Recaps and Recommendation

How to Get VidIQ Pro For Free

Although this trick works perfectly when you use a fake email address to set it up, we recommend that you can use your real email address to register your VidIQ account.

During your free month, you can do all the necessary research you need to do as a YouTuber and document them.

Then when the 30-day 100% discount promo code expires, you can subscribe to the VidIQ Boost plan by renewing your subscription for $49 only,

since you must have started generating money from your YouTube channel if you utilize all the features that are included in the VidIQ Boost plan.

Although renewing the price is for those that don’t like stress and also they don’t like free things.

If you are a tech guru like us, you can map out 12 email addresses that you will use to get the VidIQ Boost plan for 12 months. Or you can easily use the website to generate a new email address each time you want to create a new VidIQ account.

So for one year, you will not spend anything on the VidIQ boost plan.


By following our tricks, you can be able to get the VidIQ Boost plan for free without spending any cent from your debit account.

Meanwhile, have in mind that you should always rush and cancel your account before the end of 3o days to ensure that your debit card will not be debited.

After following all the detailed processes, do well to tell your friends that are video creators on YouTube about this amazing webpage by sharing the page link with them.

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