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I Paid Fiverr To Do Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services [See My Result]

Paid Fiverr To Do Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services
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I am someone that has purchased Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services on Fiverr to promote my YouTube videos. 

From my experience as some that have tried these video marketing services on Fiverr, 

I will be walking you through a detailed review of the Fiverr YouTube videos promotion. 

So that you will be able to decide on whether or not you should use it to grow your YouTube channel.

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So, What Exactly Is Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services On Fiverr? 

What Exactly Is Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services On Fiverr

You know Youtubers struggling to get your videos to go viral on YouTube, you uploaded the videos and it’s not doing great. 

You might be tempted to find a way to increase your views, comments, subscribers, likes and watch hours very quickly. 

Most time you will consider hiring some freelancer on Fiverr that are offering YouTube video promotion to drive organic audience and grow up your channel

Most Common Ways Freelancer on Fiverr Used To Promote Your YouTube Videos. 

You need to understand that most freelancers always trick YouTube algorithms to gain you more visitors and views on YouTube videos. 

Here are most of the methods used by freelancers to trick YouTube algorithm to gain more views;  

  1. Google PPC advertising campaigns:  (Google ads/YouTube ads)  It helps to drive more traffic and engagement to your video and help organic growth.
  1. Backlinks: The Freelancer sends tons of backlink from high traffic websites and blog posts which relate to your video niche.
  1. Sharing YouTube Videos on social;  This method includes sharing your video on different social media posts and social ads to encourage people to check your channel and videos.
  1. Embeds And iFrame Embedding; it’s Included Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services package on Fiverr, the freelancer promised that your video to be embedded into millions of socially active audiences to get viral.

My $150+ Experience With Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services on Fiverr (The Results)

Paid Fiverr To Do Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services

I really love youtube traffic because it converts better than Google search, 

From my testing I discovered most people get to know about a product or service on Google search, banner ads inside articles, and social media etc 

But almost 65% of the buyer are not going to buy the product instantly, they are going to check out Youtube to see its Reviews,

Products demonstrate, case studies, tutorials, and how to use such products and buy instantly with the link recommended by the YouTuber 

That is the main reason why I decided to promote some of the best selling products on Clickbank

Using YouTube, and the organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services offered by Fiverr Freelancers. 

So I quickly create my unique and high converting YouTube sale script with a clear Call to Action [CTAs] using article forge

Then quickly order a video content creator gig on Fiverr to turn the script into high-quality videos for the promotion of the Clickbank products. 

organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services

Within just a few days the video was delivered, It’s now to promote the videos using organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services offered by Fiverr Freelancers to gain more views and more sales. 

How I Used Fiverr gigs To Promote YouTube Videos Organically.

After publishing the video I ordered to YouTube, then I search for the best organic YouTube Promotion services on  Fiverr,

I was able to find a seller that would offer an organic video promotion with google adword or Google ads, he promised in his gig that he will deliver 10,000+ YT views at $35. 

offer an organic video promotion with google adword or Google ads

Yeah, it’s a great deal, right? I negotiated with him and paid him $28.38 for the 10,000+ views. 

I am really excited about this offer because imagine if I run the ads myself, the cost for 10,000+ is going to be higher than $28.38. 

I know you are very anxious about the outcome of this paid YouTube video promotion. Firstly let me share my screenshot of the video. 

You can see, this video has gotten 2,661 views, from Skippable video ads, but to my surprise, there is no single click to my affiliate link. 

second video has gotten 236 views,

And also the second video has gotten 236 views, from the same Skippable video ads, without any single click to my affiliate link

Since I understand how affiliate marketing works, I know there is something wrong with the views and ads campaigns. 

Let’s imagine that with a 1% conversion rate of a total of 2,897 views, the video is supposed to convert at 28.97%. And make some sales. 

 But I didn’t even get a single click to my affiliate link. Not to even bother about sales coming through. 

So I double-checked if it’s truly the views and traffic source from YouTube advertising, YES confirmed


So I decided to question this seller concerning this YouTube video promotion service, there is sometimes fishy going on the ads campaign. 

 I am indeed gaining views but I am not getting any clicks to my affiliate link. 

considering the goal of skippable video ads is to get more clicks after watching 5 sec of the video ads. 

Is Fiverr Good for YouTube Videos Promotion?

Before you will order any organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services on the Fiverr marketplace, you need to determine your goals. 

Is it to gain more YouTube Subscribers or engagement, or to promote your brand and gain more awareness or just to gain more views. 

Irrespective of the bad experience I have with Fiverr, a YouTube promotion seller Fiverr remains a reliable source for YouTube marketing and video promotion. 

There are several on Fiverr like YouTube SEO Services, to optimize your video and make it searchable on YouTube search. 

YouTube SEO Services, to optimize your video

And also YouTube Videos Ranking Service to get videos on the first page of YouTube search engine etc. 

These recommended services will help you grow your YouTube channel on long timebases without hurting your channel. 

Are YouTube Promotions On Fiverr Legit?

You know after seeing the disparity between the views I am getting from the organic YouTube promotion service and the click to my affiliate link, 

So I decided to contact the seller, and request the screenshot for the ads campaign setting, which includes the final landing page of the campaign. 

Oh gosh! The seller replied, with this annoying response! 

Sir it’s not possible to put a landing page on an ad campaign, and actually the link page is also not part of our gig, but I still asked my team for the link page whenever they send me. I will send you. our team refused to do any landing page” 

What does this really imply? the seller is using my own video to promote their own ClickBank products, or what he is trying to do, let me know your opinion in the comment below. 

Does YouTube Promotions Worth It?

I immediately cancelled the order and asked for a refund, and contacted another organic YouTube promotion & video Marketing Services seller on Fiverr 

I wanted to be sure if there is a better seller that will use my video to promote youtube videos, and also added my affiliate link or my website links inside the ads campaign. 

To be frank, using Fiverr gig organic promotion to promote affiliate products isn’t worth it at all. 

Can you imagine, see what this other seller said about organic YouTube Promotion & video marketing services on Fiverr. 

The seller responded about its promotion services. 

It’s not possible to add your website landing page link in your ad, you need to add your link in your video description box where the viewer can go to your page. Otherwise, in google Adword there is no option to add other links in skippable video ads views” 

Let me ask what you think about Organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services?

 I will love to hear what you taught about the gig in the comment below. 

Organic YouTube Promotion & Video Marketing Services Pros & Cons

Let start with its Pros

1. Traffic from Real and Targeted People Only – No Bot; if you need this service, the YouTube promotion through Adword is one of the best because the audience is a real human. 

And it’s highly targeted to your niche and not just random bots viewers. 

2. Massive Boost in Ranking Organic & Engagement; if you have published a video on YouTube that is not ranking or getting more views,

It’s probably that you didn’t get more eyeballs on the video when you published it. 

Suppose you promote it to get more views, likes, shares and comments when you freshly publish it, there is a tendency of getting the video to go viral on your YouTube. 

So you can hire freelancers on Fiverr that can help you promote through TrueView video discovery ads. 

As said earlier the goal of the video should be to get more views, likes and comments, Probably fewer sales on the video. 

3. Distribution of Video Across Social media; it’s really tedious work for small YouTubers to film videos, do the editing, YouTube SEO and then started sharing to different social media, 

But you can hire freelancers on Fiverr to share the YouTube Video on their various sites to help you connect with a greater number of audiences.

4. Youtube Backlinks And Embed Video; it works just how Google SEO works, the higher your quality backlinks to website the chances of getting ranked in SERPs,

likewise on YouTube, the more embed and backlinks, the chances of ranking on both YouTube Search and Google search

Organic YouTube promotion & video Marketing Services sellers on Fiverr can embed your video into hundreds of web 2.0 private properties so you can be sure your video gets a lot more exposure!

5. 100% Compliance with YouTube Terms of Service;  The reason why most YouTubers gain millions of views within hours of publishing a video on YouTube.

Is because they learned and understood how the YouTube algorithm works, they trick the algorithm to get more views on YouTube.

The truth about YouTube is that you have to send external traffic to YouTube videos if you are a small Youtuber, but it’s not necessarily that you have a lot of subscribers. 

By doing this, you are sending strong signals to the Youtube algorithm that you have the best videos, and your video should be ranked and recommended very fast. 

And almost recommend the organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services on Fiverr are in 100% compliance with YouTube terms of service


1. The first Con’s or disadvantage I will like to mention about this youtube video promotion using Fiverr is that you might not make a profit in the long run, why? 

 Because YouTube works in such a way that it rewards someone who is very consistent on YouTube publishing good content daily. 

Imagine I got almost 3k views to videos without getting any click to my affiliate link, which even results in sales. 

I would have invested the money in creating more video content that will help my audience. 

2. Also using Organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services on Fiverr might result in your channel not growing organically, because Google loves some that are willing to spend on ads to grow their channels. 

And also YouTube algorithm rewards and ranks videos with longer watch time, consistent YouTubers

The untold truth is that most of the targeted audience through ads might watch the entire videos. 

You know, videos that are ranked organically by the YouTube algorithm tend to perform better, 

gaining more visitors to your links, more views, more engagement, more watch time and subscribers. 

Unlike you paying through Google ads, or method hacks to get them. 

3. Finally, if you hire the wrong organic YouTube promotion & video Marketing Services seller on Fiverr by any chance. 

And he involves himself in an activity that is not in compliance with YouTube Community guidelines,  its own action can get your YouTube channel suspended. 

Wrapping Up The Case Study On, Is Right to Buy and Use Fiverr for YouTube?

Case Study On, Is Right to Buy and Use Fiverr for YouTube?

We have walked you through detailed reviews of the organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services. Its pros and cons. 

I think it will be obvious YES you can use this service to grow your YouTube channel, but you need to define the goal you intend to achieve at the end of the promotion. 

Fiverr Gig like YouTube SEO Services worked for me, and a bunch of other people as well and I don’t see a reason why it won’t work for you.

So, YES If you decided after you see its Pros and Cons decide you want to hire the Best YouTube Video Promotion Service on Fiverr 

I will recommend you go on Fiverr to hire only the best one’s out of the freelancers on the platform. 

I want you to save money on all your orders, so just use this special coupon link so that you’ll get a 20% discount while paying. 

You can CLICK HERE and go over to the Fiverr marketplace when you’re ready. (It’s a coupon discount link)

I really appreciate you taking the time to read the article till the end. I will be glad if you can share this article on your social media platform,

 So that most people will know before ordering organic YouTube promotion & video marketing services on Fiverr. before buying it. 
 You can also read about the best way to build a faceless channel using only Fiverr gig

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