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Google Core Web Vital Scores: Easy Tool to Fix Very Slow WordPress website.

Google Core Web Vital Scores- Easy Tool To Fix Very Slow WordPress Website
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 A Google core update occurs whenever Google makes a significant and broad change to its search engine algorithm systems. 

These updates are created to improve certain aspects like search experience for users, provide more trustworthy, useful, and relevant content. 

Most often, these core updates occur several times in a year and they receive confirmation from Google. 

Google often tends to announce these updates a few days or weeks before depending on the rollout of users. 

Speeding up your WordPress website has numerous benefits, which include: search engine optimizations, overall user experience, and increased website traffic.

 If your WordPress website is able to load in a few seconds, it can furthermore lead to a greater impact on conversions and also increase the overall user interface. 

Experts have discovered that a delay of as little as a second in the load time of a page can lead to a decrease in conversion by almost 10%. 

It’s also been discovered that more than 70% of users leave a website if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Core Web Vital Scores: Easy Tool To Fix Very Slow WordPress Website

This will frustrate your visitors, and you have little or no opportunity to convince them. 

So it is very essential to speed up your WordPress website if it’s taking a lot of time to load.

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What is The Ultimate Ranking Factors In 2021: 

What is The Ultimate Ranking Factors In 2021

According to MonsterInsights, there are over 200 Google ranking factors. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. 

And is known by almost every human around the globe. For those wondering what are the most important Google ranking factors to take note of, here are a few: 

Content is King of All Marketing 

Content is King of All Marketing

There is a widely known saying that content is king, I am here to tell you that statement is very correct. 

In the case of Google ranking factors, content is most definitely the greatest.

 If you are able to create content that is super helpful to users, unique, educative, Google will rank your website higher on its search engine page results better known as SERPs. 

Google also pays close attention to the quality of your content. 

No matter how professional your website looks, if you don’t have valuable content Google would not rank you very high, so do not expect higher rankings from Google.  

I’m sure you are already wondering what type of content you can put on Google to help you rank higher. 

Well here is a hack for you, Google takes notice of contents that are new and unique.

 So when creating posts, be sure to create content that is useful and educative to your readers, originates from you, and adds value to their life. 

If you have a habit of duplicating content or making similar content with other web pages, you are at risk of bringing a negative impact on your SEO. 

Google might not even index or give your page any rank to start with.

 So it is highly required of you to create content that is not only different but better than other websites that are also available for Google rankings. 

Mobile-Friendly and Responsiveness 

Mobile-Friendly and Responsiveness

 a very important factor to take into consideration when trying to get good rankings on Google is whether your site is mobile responsive or not. 

Since 2019, Google has placed mobile-friendly as its top priority, which means that Google will use the mobile version of your website when choosing a website for their rankings. 

It is very important that your website is mobile-friendly. 

So if you want to boost your website rankings, you are best advised to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. 

To start with, you can pick a WordPress theme that is mobile responsive, you can also make use of different plugins and make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. 

Domain Authority – Backlinks

Domain Authority - Backlinks

Also, domain authority is one of the most important factors you need to work on if you are planning to get higher rankings for your website.

 It shows your website’s brilliance about a specific topic and its ability to rank on search engines. 

It is important to note that the higher your domain authority, the higher your website would rank on Google.  

There are multiple ways in which you can create a boost for your website’s authority, the first is by creating backlinks of very good quality. 

However, sometimes having a number of backlinks doesn’t guarantee a higher ranking. That is why it is very necessary to create wonderful and valuable content that pertains to your industry. 

If you are conflicted on what topics you like, you can use MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins to discover the most popular pages on your website. 

Website Speed: Speeding Up Your WordPress Website With MonsterInsights 

Speeding Up Your WordPress Website With MonsterInsights

Very important in helping you get a good place on the search engine rankings. 

Google made a decision to start using all website speed as a factor for the search engine rankings in May 2021 and it also uses it to measure the type of experience your visitors get on your website.

For those enquiring on how to know whether your WordPress website speed is fast or slow, below are the steps to take to determine your WordPress website speed: 

The most effective way to check the speed of your WordPress website speed is by using MonsterInsights.

 It shows a report on site speed inside your WordPress dashboard, so you don’t have to leave the website to check its performance, it helps you save time.

MonsterInsights has been verified as the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin because it helps you set up Google analytics without any editing code.

 Apart from that, you can use the plugin to add advanced tracking features like eCommerce tracking, file download, form conversions, and many more with just a few clicks. 

To begin, download and install MonsterInsights on your WordPress browser. After that, link your Google Analytics to WordPress using its unique setup wizard. 

I have written a complete tutorial guide on how to install MonsterInsights on your WordPress website check it Here

Once it is logged in, go to insights and click on reports and then click site speed. 

You’ll be presented with an overall score of your website load time for both desktop and mobile platforms in the report. 

Aside from showing site speed, the report also presents you with other ways to speed up your WordPress website,

Along with a goal and procedures to improve each metric and make your website load much faster and operate better overall. 

Easy Tools To Speed Up Your WordPress Website Performances 

There are various ways and hacks you can speed up your WordPress website speed and performance.

 Some of these include: 

Choosing a Good and Fast Hosting

Choosing a Good and Fast Hosting for WordPress website

Website hosting is one of the most important tools in determining the success of your WordPress website.

 It is where all your website files and content are being kept. 

Using the right type of hosting can help you speed up or slow down your website, depending on what you desire.  

You are highly advised to use fast hosting services like A2 hosting and Cloudways to ensure that you get the best overall performance from your website and also that it loads quickly. 

Read this My Namecheap Hosting Case Study

I Spent $494.17 On Namecheap EasyWp Hosting (SEE MY RESULT)

However, it comes with a little disadvantage, in the sense that using shared hosting means you are liable to the same server resources as other websites. 

This means that, if the other websites garner a lot of traffic, they would need to use the resources more than you will.

 As a result, there will be bad effects on your WordPress website speed. However, you can bypass this issue by switching to a managed WordPress hosting. 

This gets you server resources according to your needs and they are private and won’t be shared with any other websites. 

Furthermore, managed hosting also offers advanced benefits like automatic updates, advanced security features, backups, and many more.

 But you have to choose the best option out in the market, I personally recommend cloud ways

Use MonsterInsights Plugin to Determine the Current Errors that Need to be Fixed to get Fast Loading Website:

Use MonsterInsights Plugin To Determine The Current Errors That Need To Be Fixed To Get Fast Loading Website:

 MonsterInsights has the sole ability to automatically set up advanced tracking that you will not be able to carry out using Google analytics. 

After installing and creating an account with MonsterInsights, they proceed to track and determine all the current errors in Google analytics.

 To find all your errors all you have to do is log into your analytics account and then go to behaviour, click on-site content, then click on content drill down, there you will see all your errors if there are any. 

Use a Caching Plugin like WP Rocket to Speed Up the WordPress Website: 

WP Rocket To Speed Up The WordPress Website

A caching plugin reduces the load time of your website and improves the server response time. 

For those asking how this is possible, each time you get a visitor on your website in a browser, WordPress receives data from the database and proceeds to run several steps to generate a web page.

This however slows down your website when a significant amount of people visit your website at the same time. 

However, a caching plugin solves this very issue, caching stores frequently requested information temporarily hence quickening your website speed. 

Hence you used WP Rocket to cache your website 

What the caching plugin does is to copy the web page after the first time it’s loaded and then take the cached version to the user whenever they open your WordPress website. 

This enables WordPress to bypass a lot of steps and it saves time because you don’t have to generate each of its pages from scratch. 

 The most recommendable plugin for you is WP rocket because it offers premium services. 

It is user-friendly, which makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals, 

it allows you to cache your website with a single click instantly and offers various amazing features that help you speed up your WordPress website. 

Different WordPress hosting services also offer caching solutions. 

 And if you’re using a managed hosting service, then there’s no need to download a plugin separately, as the caching feature is built-in and active by default. 

Use CDN Like Cloudflare To Speed Up Your WordPress website 

Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Also, you can use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up your WordPress website and always see that it loads in seconds for visitors, 

irrespective of wherever they are located around the world.

 It should be known that the location of your web hosting server and the location of your visitor can largely impact your website speed.  

For example, if your visitor is situated in Australia and he visits your website, if your website is located in Poland, the visitor will experience a much slower loading time compared to a visitor that is located in Poland. 

However, a CDN service for WordPress has created a solution for this problem. 

It serves as a network of serves located in different directions, which cache static content of your websites like fonts, style sheets, and images.

 Whenever a user then requests to view your websites, a content delivery network delivers the cached content from the nearest server available and loads your website without any fuss or delay.

Do Not Use lots of Custom Fonts:

google font for WordPress website

 you should be familiar with the fact that fonts play a very vital role in skyrocketing the speed of your WordPress website.

 Having fonts that do not need visuals can largely improve your website, as users do not have to wait for the visual elements to load. 

However, making use of too many custom fonts can drastically slow down your website. 

That’s why it is highly recommended to pick one single font that you would like to use for your website and proceed to use it throughout your design. 

This will reduce the time taken for the website to load each custom font hence, providing a fast user experience. 

There are also premium and free custom fonts on various websites for example Google fonts. 

If you go through the guide on how to add custom fonts on WordPress, you might be able to find a suitable font for your website. 


In conclusion, it is very important to speed up your WordPress website. 

There are numerous benefits attached to it. One of the most important being Google rankings. 

We hope this article has been of help to you and we urge you to visit more often to get more help concerning any issues you may have on your website.

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