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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for Beginners -Strategies for Success

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When it comes to high ticket affiliate marketing, anyone who masters it is certainly on his or her way to riches.

Imagine making $1000 to $3000 per sale. If you only made a sale in a day, it could amount to $30000 in a month and over $300,000 at the end of the year.

what is affiliate marketing

Quite different from low ticket affiliate marketing as you do not need to make a lot of sales to make a lot of money.

So how do you start promoting high ticket affiliate products and be on your way to earning high ticket affiliate commissions, that is what we are going to be exploring now.

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Find a High Ticket Product to Promote.

The first step as you should know is finding a high ticket product to promote.

You can find such products on affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank or Jvzoo.

I will always advise you to go into the big earner’s categories which are health and fitness, business and money and finally relationship and self-development.

big earner's categories which are health and fitness, business and money

These niches amount to over 60% of human spending and have the ability to make you extremely rich in a very short time.

When you find a product you like and offer a reasonable and promising commission, you can apply to be an affiliate and you will be given your affiliate link.

A smart tip I usually tell people is to go into the most competitive niches, Go for the highest sold products. Don’t let competition scare it.

When a niche or product is competitive it is a good sign because it shows that there is a lot of money there.

Now we got our high ticket affiliate product ready, let’s dive into the various ways you can promote them.

Free Ways to Promote Your High Ticket Affiliate Products

Free Ways to Promote Your High Ticket Affiliate Products

When we are talking of free Ways, we refer to how we can get people to know about the products without paying a dime for ads or publicity.

There are a couple of ways you can do so.

Use Social Media For High Tick Promotion

Use Social Media For High Tick Promotion

There is hardly anyone that can’t be found on social media these days and being that you are selling online affiliate products that can be purchased anywhere across the globe. 

And it becomes the vendor’s responsibility to ship and deliver the products (in the case where they are digital products), you have nothing to fear.

All you have to do is post frequently about what people who might buy your affiliate product may be interested in.

This lures them to your profile while you promote the product to them. You can easily make a promotion post and pin it to the top of your timeline.

Must social media like Facebook and Instagram have such features now? This will ensure that anyone that comes to check the contents of your post sees your affiliate offer.

I have a complete affiliate marketing guide on you can drive targeted traffic from the following;

  1. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Affiliate Marketing With YouTube
  3. Affiliate Marketing On Quora
  4. Instagram Affiliate Marketing
  5. How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Medium
  6. TikTok Affiliate Marketing

Use Online Forum To Promote High Tiket Product

Use Online Forum To Promote High Tiket Product

This is also another sure way of getting people to your affiliate product.

The first step is to find niche forums that mainly talk about what your potential buyers may be interested in.

For instance, if you are promoting a make money online product, you should consider forums with topics such as riches, make money online and internet marketing.

You get the gist, right?

Once you locate a set of popular forums in your niche, go ahead and create an account.

Firstly, you won’t want to spam the platform as a lot of them have mechanisms that will detect and kick you out.

So here is my approach.

Begin by creating value. Post relevant questions as well as provide comprehensive answers to questions that have been discussed in the forum.

Do this for about a week or two and you are good to go.

Start out by adding your affiliate link in your bio. It’s quite legal to do so, therefore the bots won’t raise any flag at it.

Furthermore, when answering questions, you can refer to the link by telling them to check out the link in your bio.

I guess you see that statement all the time even on Facebook.

Buy Solo Ads Traffic 

Buy Solo Ads Traffic 

Solo ads simply mean paying people to get your message to their email list. There are a lot of people out there who have a database of email subscribers as well as an ezine.

All you need to do is find one that has a list of subscribers that suit your dream buyers. An easy way of doing this is using a platform like Udimi.

Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where you get to meet advertisers as well as track the performance of your ads.


Now you got it right in your hands. It really doesn’t matter how many sales you make a day because you are dealing with high ticket products; therefore the commissions are quite sustainable.

So it’s time to grind. Implement and earn some hard affiliate commissions.

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